November 23, 2014


Report finds Ohio fell short on monitoring day care centers

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A federal report says Ohio hasn’t always met its own requirements for annual, unannounced inspections of day care centers and could do more comprehensive background checks for employees.

The report Tuesday from the watchdog arm of the Department of Health and Human Services looks at monitoring of licensed providers that get subsidies to care for low-income children through the Child Care and Development Fund.

It analyzed 125 of Ohio’s 13,000-plus care providers for the 2010 and 2011 fiscal years. It found some required inspections were missed.

It also says Ohio didn’t include sex offender and child abuse registry checks of workers’ backgrounds.

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services says the state inspects day care centers twice annually. A spokesman says care providers undergo state and FBI background checks.

  • Paul Facinelli

    To do an adequate job of regulating and overseeing Ohio’s day care centers would take a commitment by the Ohio legislature. Lawmakers would need to provide adequate staffing and adequate funding to the agency whose task is to be sure the state’s children who come from low-income homes are protected and nurtured when they go to day care. Apparently this hasn’t been done. Is anyone as shocked as I am? Republicans are in charge in Columbus and Republicans say they’re committed to the well-being of children. And I think that’s true… all the way from conception to birth. With their support for food stamp cuts, their attempt to stop Medicaid expansion and now this, the evidence is clear that after a child is born in Ohio, the Republicans could give a damn. After all, they have to tend to the desires and needs of the monied interests and the corporations. The puzzlement to me, of course, is how these guys keep getting re-elected. Help me out here, OK? Those of you who vote for Republicans, tell me why you do. Please. What do they do to make government a positive force in your life so that they earn your vote?

    • stillsleepyeyes

      And why would you want the government in your life? for the free handouts………..and besides these day care centers are a business as so are to be run like one……..the people that run them should do a better job on the hiring and supervising them or not be in bussiness……………..not wait for someone to tell them how to run their business, But hey play the politic blame game but it starts with the people running the centers………….as for the politicians…….four year term limits ………………then get a job like the rest……………

      • Paul Facinelli

        I’m confident that you want government in your life, too, sleepy. We all want police and fire protection, water and sewer lines, good roads, safe bridges, well-run schools and agencies that help the less fortunate. Or do you do all those things for yourself?

        • stillsleepyeyes

          well now seems the government isn’t doing to well in those areas ether ….hence the smith case? corruption in the police department…………..or how about gardinnie union man in the school district…or how about the firefighter that took the sick day to work another job…………..over charged for water and sewer for those out of town people of lorain……….the list goes on…………but hey …no I can’t do those all myself…………but it seems the people there can’t ether……seems all thy can do is fill their pockets and there friends pockets too……….and just keep raising taxes…………but my point was that the daycare centers should do a better job running there center………they have rules and just because the gov lacks the capability to check up on them doesn’t mean they don’t have to follow the rules……………

      • Zen Grouch

        So you want to see day care centers take on more responsibility, ween themselves from gob’ment and become self regulating, like the banks?

        Just watch what you sign before you hand your kids over to ‘em…

    • Joe Smith

      They just want people to be responsible for their own and don’t want to support people cradle to grave, if you can’t afford kids keep your legs shut or keep it in your pants

      • Paul Facinelli

        Tell me, Joe, if adults don’t live perfectly according to your lofty standards or a woman with two kids gets out of an abusive marriage or a man abandons his wife and leaves her to raise their kids without him, what do we do with these innocent human beings? How, as a society, do we treat these children? What is the decent, humane and moral way for a society to behave in these circumstances? Do we punish the children for the sins of their parents? Or do we provide them with life’s basics, and perhaps a modicum more, so that they have a better chance of becoming productive adults? What’s your answer? Picture a couple of little faces looking up at you and tell me, what would you do? Finally, is that why you vote for Republicans, because they share your punitive views?

        • Joe Smith

          Don’t be stupid, I said nothing about being no exceptions for people who REALLY need it TEMPORARILY I am talking about the people who live generation after generation on welfare having child after child while on welfare or the people who are using their EBT card when they just got out of their Lexus have their nails done while talking on their $300 smartphones while buying steak and lobster with their cars.

      • Zen Grouch

        “…if you can’t afford kids keep your legs shut or keep it in your pants”

        That’s not gonna happen, never has, never will…

        …however, when it doesn’t happen, it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy proving that a certain segment of society is, for lack of a better word, “bad” and need to be dealt with harshly.

        The poor aren’t going anywhere, and like it or not, we can’t slaughter ‘em all and turn ‘em into Soylent Green.

        So, what are we gonna do to solve this “problem?”

        If you ask those on the political right, they will give a standard answer of, “Do anything other than what the murderous, leftie, Commie Democrats are doing!”

        But that’s not really an answer is it…

        I think they would like to kill and eat ‘em, but something on a very basic level tells ‘em this probably won’t work out well as far as final solutions go… at least not until they manage to throw society into a fear and anger fueled, messed up turmoil, so that Casper the Friendly Ghost can come down and kill all the godless Democrats.

        • Joe Smith

          Eat them?

          Soylent Green Is People!!!