November 28, 2014

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Government official says ‘everybody needs to buy in’ to ObamaCare


Brenda Delgado, a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services official, speaks about ObamaCare to a group at Lorain County Community College learning center at St. Joseph Community Center in Lorain on Wednesday. STEVE MANHEIM/CHRONICLE

Brenda Delgado, a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services official, speaks about ObamaCare to a group at Lorain County Community College learning center at St. Joseph Community Center in Lorain on Wednesday. STEVE MANHEIM/CHRONICLE

LORAIN — Despite long initial sign-up delays due to website problems, ObamaCare will be a success, a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services official said Wednesday.

“This is comprehensive, quality health insurance for everybody,” said Brenda Delgado, a spokeswoman with the department’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Chicago office. “We’re not trying to just skew towards the younger, healthier people. We’re not trying to skew just towards the people who don’t have pre-existing conditions. The concept is: everybody needs to buy in.”

Delgado is touring the region promoting the law, officially known as the Affordable Care Act. She spoke to about a dozen people at the Lorain County Community College satellite campus at the St. Joseph Community Center. Questions ranged from how a man could reduce the $500 per month he pays to cover his sick wife under his health plan, to how a woman could get the best coverage for a her 19-year-old daughter, to how a mother could get her son signed up when he is released from jail.

An inability to reach the ObamaCare website marred the rollout of the program. However, Marilyn Tavenner, Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services administrator, said Monday that 800,000 people are expected to be enrolled by month’s end and 7 million by the end of enrollment on March 31, according to the New York Times.

“By the end of November, there’ll be no more bugs. Everything will be seamless, running flawlessly,” Delgado said. “I just went on it this morning and its 100 times better than it was two weeks ago.”

While the law’s individual mandate requiring everyone sign up for health insurance was modeled after a 1989 plan by the conservative Heritage Foundation — “each household has the obligation, to the extent that it is able, to avoid placing demands on society by protecting itself,” the plan said — conservatives say the law deprives people of freedom.

Liberal critics say the mandate guarantees windfall profits for insurers while not addressing administrative costs that would be eliminated under a single-payer system like Canada’s. A single-payer system would cut annual administrative costs by $350 billion, enough to cover the approximately 40 million uncovered Americans, according to the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Delgado wouldn’t comment after the meeting on whether single-payer, in which the government reimburses hospitals and physicians, would be less costly and more efficient than ObamaCare, which the Center for American Progress estimates will save $190 billion over 10 years . She also wouldn’t say whether President Barack Obama had been disingenuous in saying that people could keep their health care plans if they liked them.

However, Delgado said health insurers who have canceled plans did so because they don’t meet the minimum standards of ObamaCare, such as guaranteeing people can’t be dropped for pre-existing conditions. Or they didn’t provide maternity care or prescription drug care.

The canceled policies involve the approximately 15 million people who buy health insurance rather than receiving it through their employer. Consumer Reports calls many of the plans “junk insurance” because they provide minimal coverage and have high deductibles

Delgardo said ObamaCare will provide better coverage and taxpayer subsidies will cover people who can’t afford it. She said “navigators” will soon be employed at Lorain County Health and Dentistry to help people sign up.

“We want you to take your time (and) understand what the plans are,” she said.

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  • Linda Groves


    • ken


  • reallyoldfarts

    Yeah. Like you are going to tell people to NOT join a plan that YOU developed! What else would you expect?

  • rocky

    Another form of socialism.

  • MZee

    she is as brainwashed as many democrats are. “Trust us, we got this, it’s good for the people”. And as is par for the course, they’ve screwed this up royally. But golly, the insurance companies – the ones profiteering from the onset – are surely likely to have it 100% correct.

    The government has no right to have it’s hands in this business, let alone directing it. They can’t even do their job with a semblance of correctness, and that is where they need to be focused. Once they get their menial job duties correct, maybe they can expand. Til then?

    “everyone needs to buy into this”. Sounds like Stalin. For those of you not up on your history, he was a communist forcing people to “follow the governments rules”. You know, “buy into this”.

  • Lord Anoobis

    How ANYONE can think Obama is a good President just blows my mind. Not ONE Republican voted for this debacle. IMO, the government should have never gotten involved. This is just another example of the government slowly taking away our freedom. We’re being FORCED to buy insurance or pay the penalty.

    Wake up people. Voter turn out was low on Tuesday and that’s such a shame. People want to complain about the system, but do nothing about it or keep re-electing the same people that contribute to the mess we’re in.

    *Sigh* I just people would start to see what’s going on around them. We have a debt of almost $17 trillion and our inept leader decides to implement a health care plan that will cost hundreds of billions.

    I don’t want a health care system like Canada. It’s socialist. If you want to see what social medicine has done in other countries then read up on it. Knowledge is power! Put down your cell phones for a moment and try reading a book.

  • Phil Blank

    If you are former member of the military, you don’t need Obamacare.

  • alreadyfedup1

    Nine words that you don’t want to hear” I’m from the government and I’m here to help” and in this case this is TRUE.

  • Phil Blank

    Remember the IRS problems back in 2007, CGI built that system too.
    And then raked in all kinds of overtime to fix the problem that they created!


    “…..The concept is: everybody needs to buy in.” IT’S AMERICA!!! WE HAVE THE RIGHT AND THE FREEDOM TO DECIDE.

    • Conservator440

      Not for much longer. Keep on voting “D” and it will happen sooner than later.

  • Marcy Novak

    I love that this article uses “disingenuous” instead of LIED. Getting screwed sounds so much better when you use fancy vocabulary.

  • JoyceEarly

    So much money being paid to promote this train wreck, it’s amazing!

  • Don Grantzki

    Why should anybody be expected to “buy into” a program that it’s main supporter doesn’t even know what it’s “rules” entail? I am patiently awaiting word from my healthcare insurer whether my policy I have paid for out of my pocket will manage to offer the lofty expectations required by Obummercare, or NOT.

  • bigmacky

    if its affordable – why have subsidies that other people have to foot the bill for? hello ????? MCFLY??????

  • SniperFire

    Except government workers such as her, of course.

  • Smira29595


  • stargazer2012

    Obamacare is NOT about healthcare and never was!! It’s about CONTROL!! The Obama administration and his buddy socialists had to find a common denominator, something that everyone could agree on and that was ‘health reform’. It’s all a bunch of lies!! The IRS will have access to your checking and savings accounts and to all kinds of very private information that is none of their damn business …. and what are they going to do with this information … hold it against you somehow …. blackmail you with it ?!? Thanks, but no thanks!! If it is so great why did Obama and Congress opt out?!? Why are the Unions all trying to get out of it?!? Because it’s NOT healthcare!!

  • Beentheredonethat

    Wow I can’t believe everyone so far thinks like I do about goverment control!
    The Chronicle and the rest of the main stream media isn’t going to like this!

  • Heath J

    Sure, that garbage website will work “flawlessly” in 3 ish weeks.


  • Mike

    That woman is a complete and utter moron…

    • Conservator440

      It comes with the designation after her name.

  • Conservator440

    Just say “The government knows best, I will do whatever it tells me to do.”

    Yes, the president has “apologized”, now time to get him out. If this is not a high crime or misdemeanor, I do not know what is. If a republican had done the very same thing, the media would be asking for his head on a pike.

    • Smira29595

      He is only sorry he was caught.

  • oldruss

    Delgado is just a mouth piece for HHS and by extension a paid shill for Obama. Don’t forget, it was HHS Secretary Sebelius who wrote the regulations that have meant millions and millions of Americans have lost and are going to loose their insurance, insurance that Obama said everyone could keep if they liked it. This dog and pony show, brought to you by HHS, and paid for with your tax dollars, is as disgraceful as the spectacle of Sen. Landrieu (and other Democratic Senators) all parroting Obama’s lies in the run up to the passage of Obamacare in 2010.

  • LookBackTwo

    So, we taxpayers paid to bring in this government shill to speak to 12 people on how they can use taxpayers’ money to provide free or taxpayer subsidized health insurance by raising our health insurance costs? Our federal government at its best!

  • Joe Sandor

    What do we expect from a Black, pro-Obama, government employee, paid repreentative who endorses/proselytizes/promotes/hypes ObamaCare?
    Does she even care the tiniest bit about a) people paying higher rates if ineligible for subsidies, b) how much subsidies will cost the REAL people with jobs who pay taxes, c) the HUGE projected increase in insurance rates when all the healthy young folks don;t buy-into the insurance or the hype, d) the rising costs of medical care and health care, and e) the future costs of ObamaCare when the healthcare costs increase after the 2014 Grace Period ???