November 23, 2014


Jury refuses indictment in Oberlin shooting case

Sean Woodings appears at a preliminary hearing on May 1 in Oberlin Municipal Court. CHRONICLE FILE PHOTO

Sean Woodings appears at a preliminary hearing on May 1 in Oberlin Municipal Court. CHRONICLE FILE PHOTO

OBERLIN — A Lorain County grand jury refused to indict an Oberlin man accused of shooting four men he said were harassing him.

The case against Sean Woodings, 25, was presented to a grand jury for consideration in August, and the grand jury returned with a decision that no charges were warranted.

Woodings initially had been charged with four counts of felonious assault by police.

He was accused of shooting Quan Jackson, 23, of Oberlin; Emilio Hernandez, 26, of Lorain; Anthony Lee, 22, of Elyria; and Isiah Richardson, 17, of Oberlin, on April 25.

All of the men were treated and released from the hospital with relatively minor injuries, including bullet wounds to the arm and lower extremities. One of the men was grazed in the head by a bullet.

Woodings’ attorney Edward La Rue did not return a call for comment on Thursday, but he had previously indicated that Woodings was harassed by the alleged victims before and after the shooting.

Woodings was in the process of obtaining a civil protection order against one of the victims, and a search warrant filed in Lorain County Court of Common Pleas indicated that one of the alleged victims, Jackson, had been threatening Woodings for weeks leading up to the shooting.

Police said the threats involved money that Jackson’s ex-girlfriend, Brelan Stevens, owed to Woodings.

Jackson denied going to Woodings’ apartment with the intention of confronting Woodings, but La Rue said a group of men were standing outside of the parking lot of Woodings’ apartment prior to the shooting.

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  • d c c

    too bad he didn’t take them all out

    • Svigor

      We didn’t get any pictures of the “victims,” so, lemme guess: 3 black guys and an “hispanic” guy? 4 black guys?

      Diversity Attacks.

      It seems like often the “sentence” for “crimes” like this is to be bled into bankruptcy via legal fees defending oneself from frivolous charges, a la Zimmerman.

  • Bob Sweatt

    I guess the grand jury realized that is was four on one and this dude was just protecting himself.

    • Bob Sweatt

      If you are going to blindly Vote down our comments. At least have the guts to say why.

  • Brandy Lynn

    He should have never been charged with anything in the first place.

    • Dave Sommers

      I agree 100%. Also nice picture you have there Brandy.

      • Brandy Lynn


  • therest_ofthestory

    If the authorities can’t do something about these punks, citizens are going to do what it takes to protect themselves!

    • Phil Blank

      Yeah, where is Charles Bronson when we need him?
      Oh, thats right, he passed.

    • Elfego

      Black on White crime is at epidemic proportions throughout the USA and local jurisdictions and the US Justice Department just dismisses it. Stand up or die a coward!

  • Gun toting cracker

    When are the Libs in Oberlin going to learn? The right to self defense is God given, and supported by the Second Amendment and the Ohio Constitution. Oberlin is not a Island outside of the United States or the State of Ohio. This is yet another example of their ignorance or stupidity concerning the laws of the land. First a lawsuit from OFCC, and now I’m guessing a civil suit for “malicious prosecution” and probably a half dozen civil rights.

  • Bob Honiker

    Woodings needs more practice!

  • BriKuz

    Funny, but this case was used to describe why firearms shouldn’t be allowed in parks, or even the entire burg of Oberlin. Now it comes out that a jury of his peers, with all relevant information, thinks that Mr. Woodings shouldn’t be charged… funny how that works, but this man’s firearm may well have saved his life, if not just saving him from a horrendous beating.

    • Svigor

      Libs think whites should take horrendous beatings, rather than defend themselves with firearms from “Diversity.” They also think that whites who can’t afford to live away from “Diversity” are losers who deserve horrendous beatings.

  • antoine

    If it was a African American that did this to four white guys he would have been charged with attempted murder!!!