June 28, 2016

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Avon Lake expected to name police chief

Lt. Duane Streator

Lt. Duane Streator

AVON LAKE — Police Lt. Duane Streator is expected to be named the new police chief in Avon Lake.

Chief Dave Owad, who said he will retire in January, said Streator scored the highest on a chief’s exam. Streator will take an interim police chief position and is expected to be officially named the new chief, according to Owad.

Owad said the Civil Service Commission must certify the results of the exam. Clerk of Council Barbara Dopp said City Council will then approve the interim chief position and is expected to approve the promotion when Owad provides his retirement date.

Owad said there will be an opening for the lieutenant and sergeant positions as a result. Testing is under way to fill those spots internally, he said.

“All of our candidates were exceptional,” Owad said. “I’ve always been extremely impressed by the caliber of our personnel and the abilities that they bring to the table.”