November 28, 2014

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LaGrange nursuing home sued over death

LAGRANGE — Keystone Pointe Health and Rehabilitation is being sued over a resident’s death.

On Tuesday, Mary West, the personal representative of the estate of former Keystone Pointe resident James Asbury Jr., filed a lawsuit against the nursing home claiming the home was negligent in their treatment and care of Asbury. West claimed the inadequate care contributed to Asbury’s death.

The lawsuit calls for $25,000 compensation for the estate and next-of-kin of Asbury.

“He was permitted to become very ill, his injuries and his illness was not treated properly and his physical condition was permitted to deteriorate,” according to the lawsuit.

West alleged the “negligence” and “recklessness” of both medical and non-medical caretakers at the nursing home was to blame.

Keystone Pointe is on 383 Opportunity Way in LaGrange and is a certified nursing facility for the elderly with 121 beds. Representatives at the facility declined to comment Tuesday on the pending lawsuit.

  • ken m

    I had my father here for awhile and they were nothing but the best!!

  • Bob Sweatt

    Ok I hate to sound like a butthead. But if the family was visiting this man on a regular basis. Wouldn’t they had made sure something was done sooner. So their love one didn’t die??

    Just saying..