November 29, 2014


Attorney General Mike DeWine sues Avon Lake builder

Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine

AVON — Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is suing an Avon Lake contractor, alleging that the company performed shoddy work and refused to deliver services.

Mark Walker, of Avon, is accused of failing to complete home improvement services that were offered by his Avon Lake business, All American Restoration, which is now closed. The business advertised to offer major home improvement services, including room additions and roofing projects, received an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau after a series of complaints against the business.

According to the Better Business Bureau, 15 complaints were filed against All American Restoration, 10 of which weren’t resolved.

Police began investigating the company earlier this year after several complaints by Avon, Elyria and Lorain residents, who said they paid for roofing services but never received it. One Elyria resident told the BBB he paid the firm $6,500 in October, after which he made repeated calls to the company’s offices that went unanswered, and when he stopped by the office, it was empty.

DeWine, who filed the lawsuit on the basis of an alleged violation of the state’s consumer protection laws, alleged that All American Restoration accepted deposits on contracts without the proper registration, permits or licenses to perform the work contracted for.

The reported losses, detailed in 28 complaints, totaled $135,000, according to a news release.

Walker could not be reached for comment, and the number listed for All American Restoration was disconnected.

In response to a letter sent to Mark Walker, owner of All American Restoration, by the Cleveland office of the Better Business Bureau, he told the agency he was facing a cash flow crisis caused by not being paid about $40,000 he was owed for a major commercial job and other work.

DeWine also sued Wayne Given of Silver Lake, doing business as Basement Waterproofing Solutions, after three consumer complaints that services were not provided.

In both lawsuits, DeWine is seeking restitution for consumers, injunctions to stop the businesses from further violations, civil penalties and other costs.

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  • Macdaddyoh

    Com’on Mark…I know you, you’re better then that. Stop eating the pills and pay the people.

  • tickmeoff

    Mike DeWine. I guess you have to do something other than just shuttin down internet cafe’s.

  • LAB1660

    Since so many municipalities require contractors to register with them before they can perform services in those communities, you’d think that the public would be aware that they can find out from their own municipalities if there are any complaints against contractors before engaging them.

  • Aimee Goins Garcia

    He did work on our home and my garage roof leaks worse than it did prior to him fixing it! Sent him pictures and his comment was well the roof was pretty messed up. Plus he charged us extra for the repair on the roof.

    • Aimee Goins Garcia

      Oh and unfortunately when I looked him up on the BB he had a A rating !!

      • Amy

        That is terrible. Well mark and Denice live in red tail. If you look her up online she has a horrible past as well. They are always seen arm and arm riding in their golf cart together, laughing and kissing. Neither one have jobs, they milk the system. Unfortunately, mark will attempt to bankrupt this company like he has all his other companies. You and everyone else will never ever see a penny in restitution. Mark and Denice think they have done nothing wrong. They won’t be stopped. They need to be taken off the streets and they need to be in prison before they steal from more people.

  • Amy

    He is a thief and a criminal. He has always been. He lives in our neighborhood and him and his wife are a disgrace. He spent all the money on heroine. His wife is just as much to blame as he is. She spends the money as fast as he can steal it… No questions asked. Many people told her what her husband was doing and the drugs and she just smiled and kept on spending. They both belong in prison.

  • BobLewis

    This guy is a pill popping heroin junkie. I worked for him and never was paid. He didn’t pay anyone. He didn’t pay suppliers,employees, Mexican roofers. No one.

  • Gypsy

    This guy has been scamming people for years. He is a complete loser.