November 27, 2014


Case dismissed against woman who was accused of helping teen run away



ELYRIA — The case against Wilmary Saez, the child-care worker accused of helping a teen run away from a girls’ residential treatment facility, was dismissed Wednesday due to a lack of evidence.

Saez, 30, was charged with interference with custody, dereliction of duty and obstructing official business after it was reported that she helped a 14-year-old girl run out the front door of Pathways on April 7.

Saez worked as a relief employee at the facility until she was fired for failing to report that she had been charged with the crimes, as required by law.

The girl, who had been sent to Pathways for chronic truancy, was found and taken back to the facility later that month. She told police that Saez picked her up at an Elyria gas station and took her to her Lorain home, letting her stay the night in her daughter’s room.

She said Saez asked her to babysit her daughter during that time and also dropped her off at school.

Elyria Prosecutor Scott Strait said the case against Saez was dismissed after three witnesses came forward and testified they were with Saez during the time the teen said she was with Saez. Strait said there wasn’t enough evidence to prove the case against Saez beyond a reasonable doubt.

“Given (the teen’s) situation, she had some credibility issues,” he said. “That’s not to say I personally don’t believe one person or the other.”

Strait said additional charges through juvenile court against Saez also were dismissed.

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  • Jennifer Williams

    So does she get her job back? Probably not.

  • Wilmary Saez

    No I will probably not get my job back. I was put through months of humiliation, and scrutiny because of allegations made against me. The sad part is that my side of the story my never be told. It was said that I was fired because I didn’t report to my supervisor that I was arrested but why would I when my supervisor called me in for a meeting and as we were sitting there supposedly waiting for another supervisor so that we could clear the air about the allegations, the deputy came in and arrested me. I had a child at home waiting for mommy to come get her and I couldn’t do anything. I was arrested, booked, photographed and placed on the front page of the paper for everyone to assume that I was guilty until I am found innocent and I couldn’t even get a job because of these charges. It has been hard but my family and I are more than happy with the outcome. I thank god, my family and friends who stuck by me and now I must find some way to get back on track again. If only the Chronicle or the Morning Journal cared to post about both sides instead of the side that they are obligated to entertain because they believe them to be right, then people would know the whole story.

    • Zen Grouch

      You were arrested in front of a supervisor, and nobody ever bothered to ask for any details, such as, whether or not you were charged?

      Then what… nobody asked, so you kept that detail to yourself?

      If you did report that you were charged as required by law, then you got yourself a good law suit for wrongful termination.

  • DonMega

    Looks like she ate a teenager.