November 23, 2014


Concealed carry license numbers soar

The number of concealed carry licenses issued in Ohio in the third quarter of 2013 has almost doubled from the previous year.

On Friday, Attorney General Mike DeWine released a report of concealed carry statistics, which showed that from July through September of this year, 32,618 concealed carry licenses were issued in the state.

Last year, 17,396 licenses were issued in the third quarter.

Reports on gun licenses are compiled quarterly and yearly. Sheriffs from each county in Ohio must send the number of new gun licenses issued as well as the number of renewed licenses to the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission.

This year, Lorain County alone saw 194 licenses renewed and 95 new licenses issued from July through September.

Stuart Canfield, the records office manager from the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office, said the increasing number of licenses issued in Lorain County could be a result of easier accessibility.

This year, the Sheriff’s Office increased the number of license application appointments from 18 appointments a week to 11 application appointments a day.

Canfield added that many people are renewing their licenses this year. Concealed carry licenses must be renewed every five years and, since the ability to obtain a license in Lorain County started in 2004, many people are renewing their licenses for the third time, Canfield said.

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  • GreatRedeemer

    Well there is around 8 and half million adults in Ohio so
    while 32,000 is a large number its hardly even a statistic. What I found
    interesting is the level of effort to get this law passed from such a small percentage of the
    population, yet here it is. If only we could do this with jobs good jobs.

    • stargazer2012

      Great Redeemer, that’s 32,000 MORE. There is probably at least a half a million or more citizens in this State that have CCW’s, not including the ones that have guns in their own home for protection but don’t have a CCW Permit…. they should get one, it’s not that difficult. The problem is that there are more bad guys with guns than there are good guys, but at least the ‘playing field’ is being leveled somewhat.

      • GreatRedeemer

        That makes a lot more sense then. Thanks

        • stargazer2012


  • ken m

    looks like 32000 more people in ohio have decided not to be a victom of crime…when more people start to carry,ohio needs to advertise that most people in ohio carry a gun….wanna bet you ll see less crime….bad guys don t like to be shot!!

    • Phil Blank

      Keep the criminals guessing as to who has or does not have a gun.

  • Brandy Lynn

    It’s not a result of easier accessibility… That’s what happens when the drug rate is so high, so much more theft and crime, people have to protect themselves. People I know that have always HATED guns and always said they would never own one, now have them because of all the POS losers that like to rob everyone out there for their drug habits.