November 27, 2014


Lorain woman charged with assault of 70-year-old man

Lindsey Collins

Lindsey Collins

LORAIN — A woman who allegedly forced herself into a friend’s apartment and beat her friend with a metal pipe was charged for the assault on Saturday.

Lindsey Collins, 30, of Lorain, was charged about 3 p.m. Saturday with felonious assault, aggravated robbery, breaking and entering and theft in Lorain. The arrest followed a Nov. 8 incident when a Lorain man said Collins and another man beat him with a metal pipe and stole his television.

Michael Clark, 70, told police Saturday that Collins was a friend of his and had stolen his wallet when she visited his house the night before. About 2:30 p.m. Nov. 8, Collins came to Clark’s house, saying she would return the wallet, according to the police report.

Collins arrived at the apartment driving a white SUV with an unknown man. Clark told police that the man forced himself into the apartment and pushed Clark to the ground. The man continued to hold Clark to the ground while Collins beat him with a metal pipe wrapped with duct tape, which had been lying nearby, according to the police report.

After beating him, Collins stole his television and cell phone, Clark told police.

When police arrived, Clark was covered in blood and there were blood stains on his floor, according to the report.

Collins was charged after a police officer saw her walking down a street in Lorain. In addition to the charges for the Nov. 8 incident, Collins incurred an additional theft of motor vehicle charge for an Aug. 16 incident in which Collins and Brian White, 25, allegedly broke into the locker room in Mercy General Hospital and stole a nurse’s keys. They used the keys to steal a car from the hospital parking lot. The car was found later that day being driven by four teenage boys in Elyria.

Collins is being held at Lorain County Jail on a $50,000 bond until her hearing Monday.

  • Ralph Davis

    Looks like she got hit by the Ugly Train and sat up for every car!

    • Ruby Thomas Kloss

      Meth head….that’s what it looks like

      • Joe Smith

        Nah, its just the new pricker bush facial scrub they have out now.

  • grannyof6

    What the heck is all over her face? She looks like a full blown AIDS patient. She’s been hit with the “ugly” stick. I wonder just what else she has stolen from a 70 yr. old man. Throw the book at the biotch and her boyfriend! This is sickening.

    • Phil Blank

      Looks like a meth problem to me.

  • Jennifer Williams

    Wow she is on some major drugs and looking at her face she has been on them for quite a while. Sd Prayers for the 70 year old man.

  • Joe Smith

    It’s the before picture of a clearasil commercial

  • Phil Blank

    Is this the “Knock-out” game that’s sweeping the nation?

    From another web site and in our TV News
    “”Only in today’s sick culture could a game like this happen. The Game is called Knockout, and unfortunately it’s becoming very popular in urban areas around the country.

    The Game, if it can even be called that, has mobs of young thugs randomly targeting innocent people on the streets. The sick ba$5trds pick a target and then try to knock the person out with a series of vicious blows to the victim’s head.

    The object of the game is to try to knock the person out with one punch, if that’s not enough another teen comes in with another vicious blow until the person falls to the ground.

    The Knockout trend has now been reported in at least six states, leaving people seriously injured, crippled and in some cases lying dead on the street.”"

  • Don Grantzki

    How did the 70 year old know for sure she beat on him? He would have had to be blind to let her inside his home in the first place.

  • Bill Brown

    Looks like her face caught on fire and someone tried to put it out with a pitch fork!!

  • Sue

    I’m sure her daughter is proud. Hopefully she doesn’t follow in her footsteps.

  • stop ur whining

    winner winner, chicken dinner.

  • Brandy Lynn

    Ewe wtf is wrong with her face???

    • FireFlyJAM

      Meth and heroin cripple your immune system, making you more vulnerable to acme, staph, and MRSA infections, to name a few. The later of the two run rampant in the poor and people with no medical insurance here in Lorain county.

      • Zen Grouch

        **making you more vulnerable to acme**

        …the roadrunner’s a tweeker and the coyote’s on junk.

  • stop ur whining

    ya know its funny when a junkie OD’s all you hear from the bleeding hearts of the world is “charge the dealer with murder” but when a junkie robs and beats a friends its “junkie is going to jail” “sure her parents are proud” and jokes about her appearance and what not. Well bleeding hearts…this is who you are defending. next time you blame a big bad drug dealer for selling smack think about that mugshot above and ask yourselves who am i defending? Face it, junkies are the problem and until we realize the real problem fixing it remains a pipe dream at best.

    • Mr. Copland

      Or they could all be a part of a vicious cycle, each feeding into the other, and as such both deserve blame? What are you suggesting, that we give the dealers a free pass and ignore their profiteering off the pain and suffering of others? Not all junkies are violent; the ones that are deserve punishment for their actions, but also should be treated for their issues in whatever institution they end up in. At the same time, the dealers are peddling a product they know is harmful/illegal and willingly making money off a group of disenfranchised populace rife with problems, and as such deserve scorn as well.
      Your statement makes no sense.

      • stop ur whining

        by no means should any drug dealer be free to conduct business. my point was all i read last week was about the OD’s and how the dealer should be charged with murder. there was such a defense of the junkies that it was intolerable. There is a large lack of personal responsibility and it is always someone else fault.

        Junkies make the choice to use drugs, it is not like the drug dealer is forcing the needle in their arm. As for a dealer preying on their customers…its the drug dealer answering the phone or the door, not the other way around.

        I would never suggest a drug dealer getting off scott free, just sick of the bleeding hearts wanting to hold a dealer responsible for another individuals poor decisions.

        • Angela Fuller

          i have no sympathy for either one as for a murder charge for a dealer selling bad heroin?I’m all for it,i mean heroin from my understanding is dangerous without adding anything to it,so selling it means that you are rolling the dice with the consequences ,my advice to all the drug dealers out there…stick to weed,at least i never heard of “bad weed” thats killing people or overdosing on weed

          • stop ur whining

            1) all those overdoses…they talked to the junkies and the area junkies KNEW they were getting something 100 times more potent. they didn’t care, just wanted a better high.

            2) when you buy an illegal narcotic from a seedy drug dealer any degree of trust and integrity gets tossed out the window.

          • Zen Grouch

            Sounds like a good argument for legalizing the stuff.

            Heroin is basically harmless… unless of course you take too much and go into a coma or die.

          • stop ur whining

            and i agree on the weed. just makes u fat

          • FireFlyJAM

            Marijuana is psycho active drug, it doesn’t just make you fat. Educate yourself please.

          • stop ur whining

            there is no evidence that marijuana is addictive. in fact most evidence points to the opposite

          • Joe Smith

            Not the weed, its the 35 Oreo cookies you eat after

  • stop ur whining

    haha. best one on here. hilarious.

  • Judy Offutt

    Ohhh she isnt on drugs at all , just look at that face ~!

  • K Gi

    Holy meth head!

  • ken

    they should have took a picture of the other end.

  • charla65

    STUPID SKANK. I hope the old gentleman is ok

    • Zen Grouch


      I hadn’t considered that.

      Just figured she was standing too close while her boyfriend was whipping the old guy with a pipe and caught some of the backswing.

    • Willie Jenkins

      Ain’t no skank LMAO

  • rlm_Lorain

    Are these people really so stupid that they don’t know the rest of the world can tell that they are on meth simply by looking at their faces???? The police did their jobs by locating this piece of trash; now let’s see if the judicial system will do theirs and lock her up to ensure the safety of other law abiding citizens!

    • Angela Fuller

      doubt it very much

  • Zen Grouch

    I’ll bet she’s always getting compliments about her lovely neck.

  • Darrell Antill

    I’ve heard the old saying bout having a face only a mother could love. I don’t think there’s a mother in their right mind that could love something that looked like that.

  • FireFlyJAM

    now. Hate, hate, hate. That’s all I read. I just looked at this girls Facebook
    page. From what I can tell, it’s just another white girl, who’s been misguided from her family for not being around. Who then turns to under educated, lower
    income tax bracket, blacks & Latino’s for guidance ( which isn’t always
    bad, but most of the time it is), all because she no longer trusts white
    guys or women or there just aren’t any good ones around, and our society encourages,
    promotes, and makes this the attractive choice. Then her “friends”
    take advantage of their trophy white girl (who they are secretly jealous of and
    despise, because she is white). Once they have her hooked on whatever they
    give her, she listens, believes and does everything they say. Orgies,
    prostitution, and other crimes, you name it. She’s theirs. She was (and
    still could be again) a beautiful young lady, but I doubt it. She will turn to
    undereducated and misguided blacks and Latino’s again, once she is
    incarcerated, she will have to, that’s the way it is, unless you want to join
    up with the bigoted white women in jail/prison, and last time I checked they’re
    a minority nowadays, so she’s screwed. They will prey on her. She is doomed
    most likely. Once others see how corruptible she is, they will inflict their will
    and uneducated beliefs on her. Is that acne on her face, or are they vampire
    kisses? Tell me I’m wrong, as you sit at your CPU with your solutions, advice,
    and judgments. It’s not racist if it’s true people. How many black and Latina
    girls do you see all messed up, because of their white friends? I’m not saying
    it doesn’t happen, but it happens far less, and you know it’s true. Shame on
    all of you who commented for being so mislead and believing otherwise. You
    know it’s sad, but it’s also true. My advice to her while she’s in prison,
    convert to Islam, and join that crowd for as long as she’s in prison. Then we
    she gets out forget most of that religion and how it encourages children to
    marry at 9 years old, and move on.

    • Proudmama

      “Trophy white girl” are you kidding me…she sure isn’t a prize any person would want to win!! Your racist comments on “Blacks and Latinos” make you ignorant to the world around you. How dare you get on this public forum and spew your hate. You are a pathetic attention seeker and are obviously uneducated yourself. Crawl back into your trailer.

      • FireFlyJAM

        Look at her facebook page, she use to be pretty. An nothing I said wasn’t true.That’s life and those are the facts.

        • FireFlyJAM

          Keep on living in denial, and reminisce on the times when gas was cheap and politicians were noble. Hag.

        • colgatebrite

          For your information, it is heroin and crack she is addicted to and it was her WHITE exboyfriend that started her on both. She was clean for almost a year while she was enengaged to a black man. But, thank you for reminding us that ignorance has no ethnic boundaries!

          • FireFlyJAM

            That’s a lie.

          • FireFlyJAM

            For her sake, I will no longer state any more facts of the case.

          • Lindsey Collins

            Thank You Vision, Thank You.

    • charla65

      You talk too much

      • FireFlyJAM

        “You talk to much.” With a period.

  • DonMega

    Dag all the good comments are taken but she is ugly.

  • MCL

    1,000,000,000,000,000.99999999% sure that is a Meth face.

    • Lindsey Collins

      Unfortunately it was Heroin.

  • Zen Grouch

    Soooo judgmental!

    Let he who hasn’t gotten really high, then tried to get at the bugs under his skin cast the first stone.

  • Lindsey Collins

    I have made a lot of mistakes I am not proud of. Taken a road of destruction I cannot mend. However, Today I am Seeking Help and Guidance to Cope with the Wrongs I am Trying to make Right. Unfortunately, This is The Only Image You Have of Me. I Know Who I Was, Am and Who I Will Become. My Children and Family Do Not Need To Be Brought Into This, I Have Done Enough To Them Myself. They Love and Accept My Change. Freedom Of Speech, I Get It. Addiction Is A Disease, One I and Countless People Have To Battle EVERYDAY, ONE DAY AT A TIME, Sometimes, ONE MINUTE AT A TIME. Believe Me I Know. So until You Have Walked In My Footsteps, Which I Would Not Wish On My Worst Enemy, Just Pray For Me and My Recovery.
    “Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone”
    God Bless You and Your Families
    Thank You….

    • Zen Grouch

      I hope you find sobriety and peace…

      …in prison, after they send you there for a very long time, for the “MISTAKE” of whippin’ a 70 year old “FRIEND” with a pipe after you steal from that person.