November 28, 2014


UPDATED: Lorain police arrest 13 on burglary, theft charges

LORAIN – Police conducted a three-hour-long series of arrests Thursday morning, taking 13 people into custody for theft- and burglary-related offenses that occurred over the past year.

At about 8 a.m. Thursday, Lorain Police and the Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force served warrants on 12 adults and one teenager for burglary, breaking and entering, robbery or for their roles in those alleged crimes.

Twelve were arrested without incident, but the teenager tried to run from police, according to police.

The 12 adults arrested include:

  • Montana Michelle Johnson, 18, 3400 block of Grove Ave., Lorain
  • Lindsey Grace Collins, 30, 5000 block of Oberlin Ave., Lorain
  • Brian Michael White, 26, homeless
  • Kevin Robert Ford, 19, 300 block of Longford Ave., Elyria, who was charged and released on bond
  • Raymond Dennell Allgood, 21, 860 block of Hollywood Blvd., Elyria
  • Laurence Bates, 22, 1700 block of North Urban Circle, Lorain
  • Samantha Lynn Prieto, 20, 1000 block of Wellfleet Drive, Grafton
  • Shadow Les Paul Parsley, 20, 1600 Lehigh St., Lorain
  • Jeremy Isaiah Roldan, 20, 1800 block of East 37th St., Lorain
  • Tevin Earl Golson, 21, 400 block of West 34th St., Lorain
  • Justin Daquan Miller, 18, 1100 block of West 29th St., Lorain
  • Alexis Castillo, 31, 2000 block of East 30th St., Lorain

Police are still seeking three suspects — Shawn Michael Pabon, 19, 2900 block of Denver Ave., Lorain; Dominic Michael Bellamy, 22, 500 block of West 23rd St., Lorain; and Alexander Xavier Lee, 19, 2500 block of Oakdale Ave., Lorain.

According to a release from the police department, the suspects arrested face a total of 37 felony charges.

The crimes date back to 2012, Lorain Police Lt. Roger Watkins said. The arrests are the result of a year-long investigation by police into strings of burglaries and robberies in central and south Lorain.

Many of the people arrested on Thursday were part of burglary crews or groups, according to Watkins.

Police said the suspects generally entered homes through an open door or window and stole large screen televisions and game consoles. These suspects are believed to be responsible for more than 100 burglaries, and additional charges are expected to be added, according to the release.

Watkins added that the arrest sweep – named “Operation Grinch Grab” – was conducted before the holidays when he believes that many of the people arrested would have tried to commit burglaries again.

“I have no doubts that these people would not stop doing what they do,” Watkins said.

Police reminded citizens to be vigilant in their neighborhoods as the holiday season approaches and to report suspicious activity immediately by calling 204-2100.

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  • Phil Blank

    Two young cops in holey jeans and police vests were just in the Lorain library looking for someone about an hour ago.
    Even without the vest one could tell right off they were cops!

  • Mark B

    But the question is , can you keep them in jail past the holiday season. I bet many will be back on the streets in plenty of time to pilage the general public long before the hollidays are over

  • DonMega

    That has to be the dumbest looking list of crimals i ever seen-100 burglaries,100 years.

  • stop ur whining

    my fav is the hot chick that smiled for her mug shot. priceless.

    • Zen Grouch

      She probably works the fence end of the operation, ‘cuz she has that salesperson look about her… no matter what, keep smiling!

      Probably got into this line of work since telephone sales made her feel dirty.

  • taxpayer89

    Is that wolverine aka Jeremy roldan.

  • Angela Fuller

    they can try breaking into my house,i wont call the cops,but i will call the coroner

  • Angela Fuller

    what a sorry looking bunch

    • yep

      ya angela they wait until you’re home and then break in, idiot

      • Bill

        I believe there have been several incidents lately where they have broke into a house and the homeowners were in fact home. Why I believe not too long ago a burglar was shot and killed in Elyria when he broke into a home while the owners were there.

  • Judy Logsdon

    I recognize a few of them. They used to ride my school bus a few years ago and gave me a hard time, no doubt!

  • Bonnie Pickett

    I wonder if any of these people are involved with the theft of our gun safe that was taken the day after Christmas? We never recovered anything except a drilled out safe and are still missing guns, collection of coins and silver certificates and all of my expensive jewelry. Even offering a reward brought no leads.

  • AngieDawn

    that is a rough looking bunch