November 28, 2014


Teen allegedly threatened mother, attempted to hang dog

ELYRIA – A 16-year-old boy was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill his mom and then attempting to hang the family’s dog with a belt.

Police were called to the boy’s Bell Avenue home at 3:42 p.m. Wednesday after his mother reported that the boy was causing a disturbance. She told police that her son was “out of control” and that she feared for her life and the safety of her animals.

According to the woman, the 16-year-old returned home at 2 p.m. that day and became angry when he realized that she removed several items from his bedroom as punishment for destroying the house the night before. She said she received approximately 30 phone calls at work from her son, who allegedly threatened to kill her and “slit her throat from ear to ear.”

The woman told police she returned home to find her son with a belt around the dog’s neck in an attempt to hang it.

Police questioned the boy, who denied the allegations, saying, “my mom is crazy, and I did not do anything.”

Police said the boy’s bedroom contained several knives and paramilitary attire. Police said there were holes in the walls, broken glass and food was thrown everywhere.

The boy was charged with domestic violence and cruelty to animals and taken to a juvenile detention home.



  • Phil Blank

    And how is the dog now?

  • Bob Sweatt

    This kind of stuff will keep happening as long as parents aren’t allowed to properly punish their children.

    If this kid would of had a belt to the backside a few times. Then he wouldn’t be the disrespectful kid he is now.

    • stop ur whining

      how says you can no longer beat your kids? almost every parent i know spanks or spanked their kids.

  • ken

    “not allowed” ha my kids got it when needed and they both turned GREAT! nobody would ever tell me not allowed!

    • stop ur whining

      agreed. when i reflect on every spanking i received as a child, each and every one was completely warranted, 100% had it coming. perhaps if jr was spanked as a young child he would have learned that type of behavior is not tolerated. that being said, no mention of a father. fathers usually carry out that role and at 16, you need a male to handle that, too big for mom.

  • stop ur whining

    where is the father? that is the problem. when i stepped out of line as a kid my dad was there immediately to straighten me out however was necessary. whether it was a hug, a lecture, or belt across my rear, he was there and the message was received.

    if i would have ever spoken to my mother in that manner he would have left work, come home and beaten sense into me and deservedly so. that being said, i never would have gotten that out of control as i was raised, by my parents that certain behavior was unacceptable, another message reinforced by my father when necessary.

    • Larry Crnobrnja

      Family? We don’t need no stinking family!

      • stop ur whining

        yea that seems to be the new american model. sad really.

    • banshee70

      Some of us aren’t that lucky. I recently filed for divorce because the husband was doing more harm than good. He refused to discipline the kids, and he would actually sit back and laugh every time they disprespected me and/or called me names. (The very same things he would say and do, they modeled his behavior.) And yes, I am sure there are mothers like that out there, before people go accusing me of being a “man-hater.” It sucks, but it’s not always feasible to have a mother and a father in a kid’s life, especially if one of them is emotionally and verbally abusive.

      • Brandy Lynn

        I agree with you, but i think (and dont quote me) that stop ur whining is talking about the POS moms out there that do not discipline nor care what their child is doing and all the trash out there that have baby after baby with no father present and end up on welfare. Sounds like you’re a good mom, and got away from their father to better your children.

      • stop ur whining

        you are the minority and i feel for you. brandy was correct, i was speaking of all the woman out there that have numerous children with multiple fathers and none are in the picture.

        • banshee70

          thank you for clarifying. :)

  • DonMega

    That kid needs a timeout.

  • Zen Grouch

    The mother’s version of the story doesn’t ring true to me…

    If the kid really wanted to hang the dog, wouldn’t he just snap a leash onto it’s collar and hoist it up in a closet, David Carradine style?

  • Angela Fuller

    wheres the dad?

  • Misty Marker-Stanley

    You ARE allowed to punish your children. Corporal punishment is allowed in Ohio and the police are not only the ones that told me that but they told me at one time to beat my kids a$$ when she was unruly and disrespectful. The parents need to step up as parents and stop letting the TV and the neighborhood babysit. Know where your kids are, check up on them, talk to them and follow through on your consequences and if none of that helps then counseling and maybe even a psychiatrist. But if our children don’t have someone to lead them they will fall.

  • Shelley Miller

    Thank God this mother had the courage to call the police on her son.. I think her “story” rings totally true. The kid was furious at her and decided to punish her by killing her dog… he needs some serious help!

  • Mike wowk

    All this talk of beating the poor child…. just awful! Its gonna take a village to properly raise these childen. That and Government funded health care.

    • Heath J


      Well played.

    • banshee70

      Actually, yes you’re right because dude needs some SERIOUS mental help. Your attempt at a joke failed.

      • Mike wowk

        I don’t disagree that perhaps the kid does need mental help. I’m sure that you will also agree with me when I say its just as likely that there was no discipline for this lil creep and they allowed it it get to this point. Its also possible that no matter how hard a parent( I was raised by a single mom after my dad died of leukemia In 1971) that some kids are just evil. And I’m not talking about any Holy Roller Devil nonsense. There are just bad adults in the world that usually start out as bad kids.

  • teeky

    from the animals standpoint….another indicator why animal abuse should be bumped up to felony charges……just another correlation between violence and animal abuse here