November 27, 2014


Chase suspects evade police

ELYRIA — A car chase that started in Elyria ended in Sheffield with the suspects remaining at large.

According to Elyria police, an officer observed a silver Nissan around 11 a.m. Friday near the Econo Lodge Hotel in the 500 block of Griswold Road.

After running the license plate, it was verified that the license plate belonged to a black Subaru rental car from Enterprise.

Elyria police Capt. Chris Costantino said the officer observed the car exit the hotel’s parking lot and go west on Griswold Road.

“The officer pulled behind this vehicle and attempted to stop (the driver) for the fictitious plates,” the report stated.

The driver of the Nissan failed to stop and headed east on Interstate 90 as the officer continued the chase.

Avon police were notified and set up stop sticks along the highway.

However, the Elyria police officer observed the vehicle exit I-90 and head east onto state Route 254 and then enter the high-traffic area.

After approximately 10 minutes, a Sheffield police officer found the vehicle parked in the Sam’s Club parking lot on North Abbe Road.

The suspects were not located and remained at large Friday night.

Officers from Elyria, Sheffield and Avon provided mutual aid during the search.

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  • Razorback Twou

    What? When I watch the show “COPS” the people never get away.

    • Phil Blank

      Because they don’t want you to see that part.

    • averagejoe

      These suspects got away because of bad police work.I watched as no less than 10 cops from 2 cities lingered around Sam’s club,while 2 or more other cops searched and handcuffed a Sam’s customer who was there get ting a tire repaired,even after Sam’s employees told officers this guy had been there since 10am ,he was placed in a police cruiser for well over an hour while cops searched his car and viewed surveillance videos which proved what witnesses had already told them. Hope these cops aren’t future detectives.

      • WTFnext

        I think they would have to compensate me somehow for that unlawful detainment. Especially since they had been informed that the person was a customer who had been there.

        • ekwaykway

          Yeah, just try getting that compensation. Cops detain innocent people all the time regardless what they’re told. And with no compensation at all for the detainee.

  • ekwaykway

    Put down the donut and the coffee, you might catch them.

    • FireFlyJAM

      Racist stereotype. Beaner.

      • Mark B

        How can that be “Racist”

        • FireFlyJAM

          Um, because he is basically implying that every police officer who couldn’t apprehend a fleeing suspect, was eating doughnuts and drinking coffee, as if all police officers eat doughnuts and drink coffee. It’s not prejudiced, it’s not discrimination. It’s a racist stereotype remark that’s directed at all police officers, not a select group of police officers. When you get to your 6th grade class, in the morning, ask your teacher the difference between: Racism, Prejudice, and Discrimination.

          • Mark B

            There is nothing that was said that implies RACE. Stereotype yes , but not RACE

          • FireFlyJAM

            It’s still a racist stereotyped remark. For example, if he’d typed lazy, gay, doughnut eating, coffee drinkers. Would that be a stereotype? No. It’d be a racist remark. But, because he didn’t use the term: lazy and gay, it’s just a stereotype? No. It’s still a racist remark, because he implied that all police officers drink coffee and eat doughnuts, he classified them all together, so it’s racist. He did not discriminate, he was not prejudiced, he was racist in his implication. He insinuates that all police, everywhere, world wide, eat doughnuts and drink coffee. An if they are doing this during a pursuit the suspect gets away.

          • WTFnext

            DUH!!! Being a police officer is not a race of people. You sound stupid. The comment made was stereotypical not racist.

          • ekwaykway

            The he you are jabbering about is me. And no , I was not making a racist remark. It was meant to be a joke. It also flew right over peoples heads on this message board!

          • FireFlyJAM
          • Triston Henderson

            You cant be serious with these comments. Black, white,asian, these are races. Neither gay nor cop qualifies as such. Either your trolling or just a complete noob.

        • FireFlyJAM

          You need to pay attention, in English class tomorrow too. It should read: How can that be racist? With a question mark at the end. And there was no need for the quotation marks either, an racist shouldn’t be capitalized.

          • ken

            you should also pay attention in class, “and” is spelled A-N-D

          • ken

            you must like playing the race card

          • WTFnext

            You forgot the “d” at the end of the word “and”.

          • ekwaykway

            When you call somebody out on their post, make sure yours is correct first. Duh.

          • ken

            a police officer is not a race dumb a$$

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  • ekwaykway

    Wow, I guess I should have kept my mouth shut.