September 19, 2014


Development of 49-home Creekside Place in Avon moves forward

AVON — Plans are underway to build a 49-home subdivision on the northwest corner of Jaycox and Riegelsberger roads, despite complaints from some residents who fear that the construction will cause more flooding.

The development, Creekside Place, is proposed by Garland-Griffin Homes, and plans have been moving forward since it first was presented to the Planning Commission back in April.

At that time, Richard Bancroft, representing Garland-Griffin Homes, said the project would encompass 57 acres and be built in two phases, the first connecting Queen Ann’s Drive with Livingston Drive and the second being an extension of Schwartz Road.

After the proposal became known, anonymous letters were sent to the media and city officials saying that the homes were proposed for an area known to flood.

City Planning Coordinator Jim Piazza said engineers and experts have examined the property and found no major flooding concerns.

The letters did, however, raise a concern that was on point: The development failed to follow the city’s Major ThoroughFare Plan, and it requires a change to go through.

The housing proposal shows Schwartz Road connecting with Livingston Drive, and there is no such connection, nor is one spelled out in the city’s master plan for roads.

Piazza said the subdivision plan was tabled until the city can amend the Thoroughfare Plan. He said changing the Major Thoroughfare Plan would not require a vote from the people, as the anonymous letter writer indicated.

“We’ve modified the Major Thoroughfare Plan in the past,” he said.

Piazza said the city has carefully considered residents’ complaints on flooding and do not believe construction will be problematic for surrounding residents.

“It will not impact the surrounding flood plain. In fact, it may improve the flood plain issue,” he said. “We didn’t take this lightly. We had multiple engineers study the site.”

The plan will be discussed during the Planning Commission’s next meeting Dec. 18.

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  • K Gi

    Oh, hooray! More houses we don’t need in Lorain County. There are hundreds of houses in Lorain County that are bank owned foreclosures (including very nice houses)… why do we need more?

  • Don Grantzki

    Of course the dimwits found “no flooding concerns”. There presently are no dwellings on that particular patch of land. It presently serves to absorb rain from occasional storms that if it’s purpose is defeated, will cause flooding in other areas south of that land. Since Avon considers that not their problem, all is well just as long as the new places don’t flood.
    If the other idiots ever get done squandering tax dollars trying to see who will hate us the most after the civil wars in the middle east, perhaps we can spend some money building aquaducts to see to it the flood water gets into the damned lake where it longs to go.

    • Bonnie Pickett

      The Avon planning commission some years ago decided to let builders build a housing development off Kinsel Rd. right in the middle of the proposed relocation of RT. 83. N.Ridgeville and Avon Lake wanted it to go forward and Avon (those homeowners were upset) refused. Thanks to Avon, anyone traveling down 83 has to endure traffic nightmares. We could be driving on the new widened 83 now if it were not for them. I hope they received something from that developer.

    • atdietz80

      Mr. Piazza is really putting his reputation on the line with this proposed development. “It will not impact the surrounding flood plain. In fact, it may improve the flood plain issue,”

      In this day and age, it is risky to make bold statements. especially with mother nature. If one flood claim comes back after this gets put through, Mr. Piazza will look extremely bad. I hope he’s right, for his sake and the rest of us who live here.

      Also, this is a peeve of mine…better parking lots for new commercial projects. The Martin’s Deli plaza is extremely tight and the Marc’s plaza is a master stroke of lunacy. How did these projects get approved the way they were? I thought a city planner was supposed to try and plan things out. Those parking lots were not well planned. I respect that it is a difficult job, but we deserve better. I do not wish to bash the job you’ve done, I just do not want one headache after another with these projects. Short term thinking = long term problems.

  • Fiberqueen

    And this is why we moved out of Avon. I rest my case. Knew this development would get out of control once Avon Commons was built. And they said taxes would go down, did they? Good Luck Avonites.

  • Brandy Lynn

    Reason I left Avon also, do NOT like all of the building/construction/over population. The lot of land they are building on is a HUGE flood zone. I grew up on Keller and that lot of land was pretty much my backyard, every time it rains, it insanely floods, enough so that we used to take rafts out and float around. Good luck to the people that end up purchasing those homes. They WILL flood.

  • mdr12372

    I hope these won’t be more ugly, souless McMansions.

  • G nim

    Piazza doesn’t care about the residents and never will, he’s always about the building developer, wonder why, ha. He had some land in Avon he sold before where he made a bunch of money, he’s clueless, just look at what he did to the residents and how he handled the situation with the Avon Oaks Country Club dome. There is a state investigation coming his way from that one, corruption at it’s finest.