October 22, 2014


Board of Elections certifies LCCC levy a winner

Students, teachers, administrators and supporters met on Tuesday to wait for results regarding Issue 2 at Lorain County Community College.

Students, teachers, administrators and supporters met on Nov. 5 to wait for results regarding Issue 2 at Lorain County Community College. CHRONICLE FILE PHOTO

SHEFFIELD TWP. — Lorain County Community College’s levy victory expanded when provisional and some absentee ballots were counted, but not enough to push the results out of the range of an automatic recount.

The Lorain County Board of Elections on Tuesday certified the results of the Nov. 5 election and those results show that 28,855 voters, or 50.2 percent, cast ballots in favor of the levy. Another 28,615 voters, or 49.8 percent voted against the levy.

Only 240 votes, or just over 0.3 percent, separate the two numbers. On Election Day, the levy was only passing by 72 votes.

An automatic recount is required by state law if the results are within 0.5 percent, but elections board Director Paul Adams said the results are unlikely to change significantly in such a way that would cause the levy to fail.

He said although some optical scan ballots prepared by voters might change, the vast majority of ballots are cast using electronic voting machines and the results don’t change on those machines.

Tracy Green, the college’s vice president for strategic and institutional development, said she was relieved and pleased by the results.

“We’re obviously delighted with the final results and the community support for Issue 2,” she said after the election was certified.

The 1.5-mill renewal levy with a 0.6-mill increase is expected to bring in $12 million annually for expanding faulty, technology and programming in the college’s University Partnership. It will be in effect for the next 10 years.

Green said she and other college officials believe low voter turnout of around 29 percent played a role in the election.

“It’s about as close as it gets,” she said. “But we feel the closeness is related to the low voter turnout.”

The recount will be held on Dec. 3 and Dec. 4, with the elections board meeting on the second day to review and approve the recount results.

It won’t be the only recount held in the county on those days.

Adams said boards of election in Ashland, Medina and Lorain counties will have to recount the results of the Black River Schools’ board race.

In the six-person race, Tim Clifford, who received 698, or 24 percent of the vote, will definitely fill one of the two seats that were up for election.

But only 10 votes separate the second-place finisher Timothy Simmons, who received 576 votes, or 19.8 percent, from Janet Eichel, who finished in third place with 566 votes, or 19.4 percent.

Bruce Goff, Patrick Boyle and Tom Brown, who were also in the races, aren’t statistically viable candidates in the recount.

Adams said that under recount rules, only the votes for Simmons and Eichel will be reviewed.

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  • oldruss

    Unfortunate for all the taxpayers in Lorain County. LCCC duplicates a number of courses with four-year universities in this area, such as its now “probationary” nursing courses, which are also offered in a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program by Cleveland State University.

    • ClevelandBill

      You mean four-year universities, some distance away from Lorain County residents, are duplicating the less-expensive, more convenient services offered at LCCC???

      • oldruss

        Yes, I know it’s such a long, long, drive into Cleveland State. I did it myself several years ago, but that’s really beside the point. And, “less expensive” for whom? Taxpayers always have pay more and more and more. The LCCC levy was specifically to support LCCC’s expanding university program. It is duplicative, in this case, duplicative of CSU’s nursing program. This is a community college, which should be focusing on its associates degrees, and not trying to replace CSU, the Univ. of Akron, Bowling Green State Univ, etc., all of which are already supported by the taxpayers too.

        • Zen Grouch

          **This is a community college, which should be focusing on its associates degrees, and not trying to replace…**

          Some one ought to bullwhip that uppity school!

  • Bob Haas

    Maybe now they will take down the levy signs that are still up all over the streets in Lorain

  • stop ur whining

    People move to your city because it is safe, affordable, and they have great schools for their kids. Elyria has slowly been cleaning up the schools and trying to making all of them, LCCC included, top notch. Now just clean up the trash plaguing the streets and watch new families move back to the area. Long way to go, but Elyria is on its way.

    • Bob Haas

      The problem I have with LCCC is it is a business! It is a business owned by the county. It should not be subsidized by property taxes if taxes at all. It amazes me how people will vote against a regular school that does not charge a tuition but will vote for the college. Another problem I have is every time the college expands they need more money to run it.

  • JoyceEarly

    I don’t trust the board of elections for the recount. Sorry i don’t. The levy was going to win whether it won or not.

    • Zen Grouch


      How can you expect a fair local election when you got a Kenyan in the White House and are totally powerless to do a thing about it?

      Damn Liberals! :)