November 25, 2014


North Ridgeville begins contract talks with employees union

NORTH RIDGEVILLE — No sooner had the city and its firefighters reached an agreement on a new contract then talks started with 70 to 80 people employed by the Service Department, French Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant and City Hall.

City Council approved legislation Monday to extend the employees’ current contract two months from Jan. 1 to Feb. 28 to grant more time for negotiations to continue.

“We normally do this … granting an extension a couple of months at a time so everyone working under the old contract isn’t without one,” Mayor David Gillock said.

The current three-year pact for Local 3442 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Union expires Dec. 31.

It had included a 75-cent hourly pay hike that was agreed to by both sides under a wages-only re-opener clause put into the package for 2012. That pay increase was approved following re-opened talks on salary in January of this year.

It was the first since a 2 percent increase was approved in 2009 and was designed to offset givebacks the AFSCME chapter agreed to as part of their current contract.

Anthony Oliva, president of the city’s AFSCME chapter, said the union waited to begin talks on a new contract until firefighters and the city came to terms on a two-year contract calling for raises of 4 percent this year and 2 percent in 2014.

That contract also negotiated an increase in firefighters’ monthly insurance costs from 10 to 12.5 percent.

“I have been very consistent in trying to get everybody at 12.5 percent on their insurance,” Gillock said, ading the same increase is being discussed with AFSCME negotiators, whose local also covers some recently added city employees in the Building and Engineering departments, as well as personnel with the Parks and Recreation Department and city senior center.

“We’re just starting, it’s been pretty slow so far,” Oliva said of the few bargaining sessions held so far.

Wages and insurance are front and center of those sessions.

“We’re not trying to go crazy here,” Oliva said. “We understand the (economic) times we’re in.’’

Should terms on a new contract not be reached by the end of February, another extension of the current package could be enacted, Gillock said.

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  • stop ur whining

    ahhhh unions…crippling america for decades. all a union does anymore is guarantee an under qualified person receives more than they are worth and can pretty much do whatever they want and still not lose their job.

    Nothing quite like protecting those that are to ignorant and lazy to protect themselves. I, for one am tired of seeing union employees with little to no education get great jobs with amazing benefits. Today i a high school diploma means you should never make any more than about $35,000. When a ford worker with a GED is making $50k, 60k it is simply embarrassing. I knew a retired gentleman that worked at Ford. His last 3 years he made $85K and all he did was break down boxes all day.


    • Bill Love

      So because someone don’t go to college they should not make more than 35,000 dollars a year that is retarded

      • stop ur whining

        No sir, it is not. Our country has evolved from a blue collar to white collar world. All those blue collar jobs require little intelligence and less work. More and more are being replaced by robots. If you want more money, get educated and go get it instead of getting more money bc “you deserve it”

        and btw…”so because someone don’t go to college….” Its doesn’t go to college. Thanks for clarifying which end of the spectrum you reside.

        • Bill Love

          I make 50000 a year I’m not in a union I went frm being a electrician when the work slowed down to doing fire alarm and security systems and door access systems had to learn a new job all over again it took six years but I’m back to making good money again. I didn’t have to go to college to make 50000 a year I just dedicated myself to my job to learn everything I could. Second I like how u judge me by a post as beinguneducated l love keyboard tough guys sit in mommys basement y the rest of us ork. Ps I hate unions too

          • stop ur whining

            bill good for you to have drive and initiative. wish there were more like you. that being said, how old are u? in your mid to late forties, early fifties? if you answer yes, then you got into a blue collar job when, at that time, a bulk of america still was. But since then, those jobs have been eliminated and more education is required to be a success then 20 years ago. today, a bachelors degree is what a high school diploma was 20 years ago. It is a fact that today you need more education. Further more, although i applaud your salary and work ethic, what is you salary ceiling? $60, 70K. Maybe more if you have your own business. Sorry to burst your bubble, “tough guy” but i make that now 7 years out of college. you are just as guilty as i am for judging, the only difference is that my opinion, you need to be educated to make money these days, is supported by facts, numbers do not lie. You, are an exception, and again, most likely hail from a time when blue collar was in abundance.

          • Bill Love

            Wow sounds like we are what America is all about you. went to school to make a good living I I work hard and dedicated myself to make a good living now if morepeople did that we be a lot better shape and I’m only 32 years old

          • stop ur whining

            unfortunately we are not what america is about. we are what america used to be about. too many now would rather someone else take care of them.