November 22, 2014


Former day care worker indicted for alleged rape of 4 children

Heather Koon

Heather Koon

ELYRIA — A 32-count indictment has been handed down against Heather Koon, accusing her of raping four children while she was working at ABC Kidz Child Care in Elyria earlier this year.

Koon, 25, could spend the rest of her life behind bars if convicted of 12 counts of kidnapping, four counts each of rape, pandering obscenity involving a minor, pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor and illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material. She also faces two counts of conspiracy and single counts of tampering with evidence and engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity.

Assistant Lorain County Prosecutor Dave Muhek said Koon’s fiance, convicted sex offender James Osborne, also has been indicted on roughly 50 charges, including complicity to rape and complicity to kidnapping. Koon’s indictment indicated that Osborne was engaging in the same pattern of corrupt activity as she was.

James Osborne

James Osborne

The exact charges against Osborne, 34, were not made public Thursday because he had yet to be served with the indictment, Muhek said.

Prosecutors have said that Koon raped the children at the day care center on Abbe Road at the behest of Osborne, who has a previous conviction for possession of child pornography.

Mike Duff, Osborne’s attorney, said the charges against his client are excessive.

“I’m sorry to hear that they’re overcharging and overindicting. I think it’s much simpler than that,” Duff said. “My understanding is that he did not actually participate in any molestation.”

Lorain County sheriff’s deputies and probation officers arrested Osborne on Sept. 26 when they went to Koon’s Blaine Street home in Elyria to investigate whether he was living with her rather than at the Oberlin address he had registered with the county. Duff has said Osborne spent some nights at Koon’s house but otherwise was living where he was registered.

Deputies seized an iPhone and a laptop computer during Osborne’s arrest and discovered electronic images of Koon engaged in sexual acts with children, and she was arrested Oct. 4. Duff has acknowledged that Osborne had an explicit image of a preteen girl on his phone but has insisted that image was downloaded from the Internet.

Prosecutors have said that the evidence they’ve found indicates that the child pornography recovered from the phone and computer went beyond being downloaded from the Internet.

Although deputies were initially able to identify two of the victims, a 1-year-old and a 2-year-old, Muhek said the video evidence recovered during the investigation led to two more victims, who were close to the same age as the previously identified victims. One victim was slightly older, he said.

All of those victims were from ABC Kidz on Abbe Road, although deputies have said they are investigating whether Koon may have molested children at other day care centers where she has worked.

“The investigation continues. It’s ongoing,” Muhek said.

Osborne sent a letter to The Chronicle-Telegram last month in which he complained that previous stories about the case haven’t noted that he and Koon are engaged.

“Heather + I have been engaged since March 2013 + and still are,” Osborne wrote in his letter from the Lorain County Jail, where he and Koon are being held.

Dan Wightman, Koon’s lawyer, said to his knowledge Koon and Osborne are engaged and that their relationship will likely be a factor in the case.

“It’s going to be important to determine the individual culpability of the defendants,” he said. “(Their relationship) had an effect on how she acted and what she did.”

Duff said the engagement had nothing to do with sexual abuse.

“Their relationship did not include molesting little children,” he said.

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  • Jaimie McGovern

    This is just sickening! How could they? If I were the parents of those kids I honestly wouldn’t know what to do…my heart goes out to them all!

  • SpaceTech

    The both of them need a bullet to the back of the head!
    Zero tolerance for this type of thing!

  • Guest

    I wish I could get my hands on her!! Who in the world would even try to defend such scum? I would have my own license pulled from the bar if I was a public defender assigned to represent either one of them… I bet they would feel different had it have been one of their children.. grandchildren.. Nieces or nephews…both of them are slobs! As gross as they come! Too bad I have to watch my french because there are alot more words I could lay out. As many people that feel they should have certain punishment for what they have done to these poor children there will be no such justice harsh enough for them. Lol someone will lock it down when them prison doors close! I bet they won’t feel any sort of pleasure about sexual acts ever again!

  • Jennifer Williams

    They both need to be tortured and raped daily while they are incarcerated.
    Locked up for the rest of their lives. Disgusting! Who could do anything like that to a child? Jim Osborne and Heather Koon are absolutely NASTY! I cannot say it any clearer and I went to school with that filth Jim!

  • Cheri Fleming

    they both should die!!! U cant “fix” a child molester

  • 1master

    We need the death penalty to be handed out to child molesters, rapists, and abusers. This won’t stop as long as we continue to give these animals minimal sentences which cannot scratch the surface of the physical and emotional damage they have done to the children and their families. I say this for all abusers including Jonna Winkler from N. Ridgeville who locked her stepchildren in that room in their underwear on bare mattresses.

  • Larry Crnobrnja

    I bet they hope Mark Betleski gets assigned the case. Then they know they’ll get off with just a slap of the wrist.

  • David France

    These 2 remind me of those bus drivers from Lorain.

  • casheetz

    There are people in this world that are so sick, so depraved, so evil, they don’t deserve the right to live. Anyone who harms a child needs to be taken out.

  • Jennifer Beyer

    I say stick them both in a cell with convicted rapists and let them have their way with those sick idiots. And then after that let the parents of those poor children at em.. An eye for an eye. Neither one of them deserve to live.

  • ken

    I agree with these comments but where are all the IDIOTS against the death penalty?

  • Razorback Twou

    It’s the Smith and Allen Show all over again in Lorain County. Will the players get it right? Will this one pass the smell test? Careful this time folks,lets get it right, for the children.

  • Bibiana

    She is a monster. I hope her fellow inmates give her what she deserves.