November 27, 2014


North Ridgeville police chief’s wife jailed

Elaine Freeman, shown in November 2012

Elaine Freeman, shown in November 2012

ELYRIA — Elaine Freeman, the wife of North Ridgeville Police Chief Mike Freeman, was ordered jailed for 10 days on Tuesday for her September shoplifting arrest.

Avon Lake Municipal Court Judge Darrel Bilancini also ordered Elaine Freeman to remain on house arrest for 30 days following her release from custody. She was also fined $250 after she pleaded no contest to theft during a court appearance Tuesday.

Defense attorney J. Anthony Rich said Freeman, 42, is undergoing counseling and has repaid the Kohl’s store in Avon for the clothing and shoes she was caught stealing.

“She’s taken responsibility for this,” Rich said. “She obviously feels terrible for what she’s put her family through.”

The Sept. 16 arrest at Kohl’s was Freeman’s second in less than a year. She was first charged with theft on Nov. 19, 2012, when she was caught shoplifting health and beauty products at the Avon Target.

In both instances, Avon police reported that Freeman’s young son was with her when she was caught.

After his wife’s arrest last year, Mike Freeman drove to the Avon Police Department and became upset that his wife was booked, Avon Police Chief Richard Bosley has said.

Mike Freeman has denied he was upset because of his wife’s arrest, but rather that Avon police kept his wife and child together in a holding area. North Ridgeville Mayor Dave Gillock determined the chief’s reaction was unbecoming conduct and reprimanded Freeman, ordering him to undergo anger management counseling.

Elaine Freeman pleaded no contest to theft in March for her November arrest and was fined $250.

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  • Larry Oldfield

    its a sickness

    • stop ur whining

      ii really hope that is sarcasm

      • willlam

        Stop ur whining,”stop ur whining”!!!

  • Jennifer Williams

    Oh wow 2nd offense in a year she needs more then 250$ fine and 10 days in jail obviously she did not learn from her first experience. They should put her in for 30 days jail time and a year on house arrest. JUST BECAUSE YOUR HUSBAND IS A COP DOES NOT EXCUSE YOUR CRIME!!!! WHAT a role model for your son you are too. His first to field trips are to the Avon police dept. DUMB A$$!

  • im heartless, so be it

    yeah it sick how people canot keep their greedy a$$ hands off things that dont belong to them.. damn cops wife..

  • Mark B

    But yet there are many on the streets for breaking and entering that have received less of a sentence. If she would of went to ELyuria Courts she would of got a slap on the wrist and back on the streets to rob and steel again

  • jz

    Anger counseling. What a racket.

  • Chuck

    This story turns my stomach, that someone goes to Kohl that is under the age of 50.

  • bigmacky

    bada bada dude looks like a lady

  • bigmacky

    how she do on black Friday?????

  • modus

    it sounds like this might be a mental health issue, since its not like she can’t afford what she stole.

  • Arietta Sullivan

    counseling ordered? i didn’t read that.she has a disease so she’ll do it again.

  • shadow

    She needs some help. This is a symptom of some other disorder. I’m betting she’s a nice lady with a nice family and she is worth saving folks….she is a child of God too you know.

  • Joe Smith

    Hey I had a jacket just like the one she is wearing and its missing!……….just kidding

  • Phil Shiftley

    She’s a clepto and he has anger issues …great combo…save the kids!

  • Donmega

    Look at that old bat.Granny should be home with the grandkids.

  • GreatRedeemer

    Just in time for the holidays. Truth is if she was not the Chiefs wife, it would not be news. I believe public employees should be held to a high standard but she is not. Hope she finds her way back out of this. 10 days in jail is punishment not help,