October 31, 2014


Grafton store owners indicted for allegedly selling fake pot



The Grafton owners of a chain of head shops have been indicted on federal charges accusing them of selling illegal synthetic marijuana out of their stores, including one in Elyria.

According to a news release from the office of U.S. Attorney Steven Dettelbach, Sean and Sherry Lightner, both 38, were selling the synthetic drugs, known as spice or K2, at their Twilight Boutique stores.

They also were selling drug paraphernalia such as bongs and rolling papers out of the shops they operated themselves. They also had franchised a Lakewood location to Dale Drummond, 39, of Cleveland, which he operated and also sold synthetic drugs out of, according to the news release. Drummond also faces charges in the case.

Prosecutors also alleged that the Lightners presented laboratory reports to others, including their employees, that indicated that the synthetic drugs were legal.

Also charged in the case are Mark Picard, 32, of Whittier, Calif., and Nathan Albright, 28, of Glendale, Ariz., who allegedly sold synthetic drugs through their out-of-state companies.

The news release said prosecutors hope to seize $225,000 and property in Grafton from the Lightners.

Read Friday’s Chronicle for more on this story.


  • http://PricesKarate.com/ DavePrice

    legalize and regulate. We are wasting as much on this fake war on drugs as we are on the fake wars in the middle east.. let ” We the People” get mad at the stupid and quit pointing fingers left and right and let us move America Forward.

  • Joe Smith

    Legalize real weed and they won’t be selling the dangerous fake stuff

  • Heath J

    More from The War on (some) Drugs.

    Legalize it and be done. Did we learn nothing from Prohibition? ( rhetorical question)

  • John Davidson

    Good, more dealers off the streets. If you want your drugs go live where they are legal. Good people are being robbed so people can buy illegal drugs, that did’nt happen during prohibition.

    • Higher Learning

      ya instead people were gunned down in the streets. read a book. Prohibition is one of the most crime riddled periods in american history. read a book. lol

    • tickmeoff

      John, people were killed for the illegal drug alcohol. Remember Al Capone, the untouchables, Elliot Ness, The barrels being broken open with an ax.
      The speakeasies, the password to get in? Any of this ringing a bell?
      Being in Ohio, we are a conservative state by nature, We are not a bellwether state, so when legalization does come, we will be one of the last.

      • John Davidson

        I agree that that there were the problems that you mention but at least innocent people were able to walk down the streets or use a bathroom in a restaurant without the fear of being mugged for money to buy liquor. I am speaking for the innocent not the dealers or the sellers of either drugs or back then the alcohol.

  • Arietta Sullivan

    illegal synthetic marijuana known as spice or K2 it’s name has to because of the texture,the look,but the effect with real marijuana does not make u hallucinate