November 27, 2014


Dead man only suspect in Lorain woman’s fatal shooting

Catalina Ortiz

Catalina Ortiz

LORAIN — Two months after Catalina Ortiz was fatally shot, police have released few details on the homicide.

However, William Taylor Jr., the man whose home where Ortiz’s body was found, is suspected.

“We’re not looking for anybody else,” Detective Buddy Sivert said Thursday.

Taylor, 32, died at Mercy Regional Medical Center, shortly after being arrested. Lorain County Coroner Stephen Evans said Thursday that Ortiz’s death was a homicide.

Evans said it was initially believed that Ortiz was shot with a pistol and shotgun, but only a pistol was used.

Evans wouldn’t say what caused Taylor’s death. Evans said he wanted to wait for police to release more details, which he said might happen today.

Police haven’t released their report on the deaths despite multiple requests by The Chronicle-Telegram.

Police spokesman Lt. Roger Watkins didn’t return a call Thursday.

William Taylor

William Taylor

Shortly after the Oct. 13 early morning shooting, Taylor crashed through a window of a home on West 17th Street around the corner from his home at 1618½ Washington Ave.

Residents in the home said he was distraught and was stunned with a Taser, which emits a 50,000-volt shock, by police when he was handcuffed.

Police denied shocking Taylor.

The motive for the homicide is unclear. Sivert said Ortiz, 21, of the 1600 block of East 29th Street in Lorain, knew Taylor, but described their relationship as casual. Sivert said that police are awaiting ballistics test results from the state.

Taylor’s relatives described him as a loving father and family man who wrote poetry.

However, Taylor had problems with the law. His criminal record includes convictions for assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and possession of cocaine.

Ortiz’s relatives couldn’t be reached Thursday. Crystal Pirkle, who said she was Ortiz’s best friend, said they were coping as well as could be expected and trying to raise money for a headstone for Ortiz.

Pirkle, 21, described Ortiz as outgoing, a good listener and a good godmother to Pirkle’s 11-month-old daughter and 3-year-old son.

“She always wanted them,” Pirkle said.

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  • Rachel Kazmierczack

    Did I really just read this??? Won’t say what caused his death, Not looking for anyone else… Haven’t released the report 2months later??? Anyone following this story can see it’s changed waaaayyy to many times. The motive for this is very clear to me,, How about those bullets were meant for him and it went wrong.. RIH William.. F*** this nightmare and everyone involved in the lies. Truth will always be told Amen

  • im heartless, so be it

    long story short.. they were in bed, somebody tryed to climb through the windo to rob dude, dude seen what was going on and shot her for setting him up for the robbery, ran to his boys house for a place to hide, cops shocked him and his heart stoped due to them “MOLLYS”… you can call me chronic TELLAMAN..

  • im heartless, so be it

    cops dont wanna say anything till they can cover up the tazer zap

  • im heartless, so be it

    im jus asyin, thats what the hoodrat from the block told me the next day.. she knows it all

  • im heartless, so be it

    sorry LPD… spoiler alert

  • KZ14

    Another piece of crap takes an innocent life

    • Guest

      Yeah.. Are you sure about that? Why do you think nothing else has been said in 2 mths… 1+1=2, not 3… Everyone is left wondering what happened since there are so many unanswered questions. I hope there is no gun powder residue on his hands… LPD will be where they are now.. Square one! U must not have known him…