November 21, 2014

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Woman reports armed robbery after Craigslist sale

Lorain police are looking for two males who robbed a woman at gunpoint after a Craigslist sale.

Rhianon Mason, 34, of Lakewood told police she found an iPhone 5 advertised on Craigslist for $300. She arranged a meeting at 5:30 p.m. Thursday with the seller, who called himself Jason, in a parking lot at 2120 Lorain Drive, Lorain.

Mason told police she gave him $100 for the phone and told him she would see if it worked and then return with the other $200. She told police she went to the store and found out it didn’t work, so she called the seller and asked him to return her money. She said the man agreed, and they met at the same spot soon after.

Mason said she was waiting in her car in the parking lot when the seller walked up with another man. She said the seller had his face concealed and pulled a small black gun when he approached her car.

The seller told Mason to give him everything, and she gave the two men the phone, $50 and a purse, she told police.

The men then fled northbound toward 19th Court, according to Mason.


  • KZ14

    Hello is this Verizon in a parking lot? Where does this women get the money and why is she so stupid?

  • WTFnext

    The details don’t add up. She was originally supposed to pay $300 for the phone. She gave them $100 and was to return with the other $200 if she could activate the phone. Why then was there only $50 in the purse they stole from her? What happened to the other $150?? Lorain Drive is in the projects. I surely wouldn’t go there to do any type of transaction. Her story just sounds strange. It’s also really funny that they got the phone back too so the police can’t even try to trace it.

    Truthfully, given the location and the contradicting details, I would venture to say it was a drug deal gone bad.

  • MZee

    Sad that some people make it so simple. Never go alone, and always go to a very public place.
    And if an newer style electronic device is priced too good to be true, it is.