November 20, 2014


Girls basketball: Parents’ skirmish following Saturday loss to Strongsville means no Monday game for Elyria High

ELYRIA — The Elyria-Avon Lake girls basketball game scheduled for Monday night at Elyria High was postponed because of a weekend outburst and fight involving Elyria parents with fans and coaches from Strongsville.

Strongsville defeated the Pioneers 46-33 Saturday night in a Northeast Ohio Conference game on the Pioneers’ court.

No players on either team were involved, according to several sources.

These sources also said that, in the course of the conflict, the mother of an Elyria player struck a Strongsville assistant coach and that the coach’s husband demanded to press criminal charges.

Elyria police were called to the scene and took statements, according to witnesses. The witnesses included reporter Steve Walker, who covered the game for The Chronicle.

EHS athletic director Heather Beck did not respond to a telephone message seeking clarification. Amy Higgins, a spokesman for the Elyria school district, said by phone that she was not knowledgeable about details of the incident.

And veteran coach Brian Arth, in his first year with the Pioneers, declined to comment because the matter is unresolved.

But several sources said Monday’s game was called off while an investigation continues. The investigation, they said, is expected to result in the season-long exclusion from EHS girls games of any parents or other non-players who were involved.

Donald Boddy, longtime president of the Elyria Board of Education, said Monday night that he and his wife were in Washington, D.C., over the weekend and had not heard about the incident until informed by The Chronicle.

But Boddy confirmed that the exclusion from games of persons involved in fighting or other untoward incidents at school-sponsored events is consistent with district policy.

Walker and others said the Elyria parents were vocal and negative toward Strongsville players from the start of Saturday night’s game.

One or two Strongsville players, they said, wore cosmetics. These players were referred to derisively during the game as “Miss Maybelline” and “Cover Girl,” one source reported. This source described the behavior as inappropriate for a high-school sporting event and said it continued when the game was over.

Walker said that one of the Elyria women involved was interviewed by police in the school parking lot and was overheard denying she had played a role.

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  • It has to stop

    Way to show your Elyria pride. This is a perfect example of how our children turn out to be thugs by following the thug antics of their parents.

    • jz


  • d c c

    bar those involved from attending any future sporting events, charges should be filed, a very sad day for the players to watch adults act like this

  • Sue

    Keeping it classy in Elyria!

  • Christopher Carter

    I was just telling my wife how parents have been getting more aggressive at our kids soccer games and volleyball matches. You have to lead by example. Doesn’t matter where your from at all. This stuff is happening everywhere. The sad thing is the negativity it brings to the child at school. When I coached and was an Official there were times I had to give parents warnings and then had to ask them to leave with the sheriffs help. Living through your kids sometimes is not the best at hand. O did I mention there kids!!

  • Sally

    the other school shouldn’t call people the n word especially when most of the players were African American , they sure didn’t tell that part of the story .

  • Mike wowk

    As an ex coach of my sons T ball team…. Sports parents are the WORST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD! I may be exaggerating, but not by much LOL

  • proccw

    when our son played football we were playing Strongsville and as our players were getting off the bus there was a VERY large group of people standing there calling our kids the N word among other names so I can only imagine how this started. either way you are an adult and you should show nothing but the best example for not only your child but all of the children. SMH

  • Go Tribe

    These same Elyria parents were saying these same things at the District games last year at Elyria Catholic. They harassed a girl and parent from Amherst-Steele and the Westlake girls too. Fortunately, the Steele and Westlake parents had enough class to let it go. The same “Maybelline” and “Cover-Girl” comments were made about 50 times during the game. They were also relentless with their own coach. What was funny is that the comments did not come out one time when they were getting drilled by Magnificat.