April 16, 2014


Oberlin girl says stranger offered her a ride

OBERLIN – A girl told police that she was approached by a driver who asked her if she needed a ride while she walked to a friend’s house from Langston Middle School.

The girl was walking southbound on North Pleasant Street when she was approached around 4:50 p.m. Thursday at the intersection of Pleasant Street and state Route 511, according to a police report.

She could not provide a description of the driver, because she ran to her friend’s house after the incident.

The girl told police, after she denied a ride, the driver asked, “Are you sure?” She told police she said, “yes” and ran away.

The girl said the vehicle may have been blue or turquoise.



  • Catawold

    With all of the gun nuts in town, I am surprised this has not happened sooner.

  • John Demirjian

    why does a seemingly honest gesture to give someone a ride have to be turned on its head to be an act of sexual perversion?

    • Bob Sweatt

      I was thinking the same thing. It was like 11 degrees yesterday. The person probably felt sorry for the poor thing having to walk in this weather.

      But you never know.

  • Kim

    Are you nuts?! A grown man has no business offering a girl he doesn’t know a ride. In this day and age with so many kids missing that makes him look suspect.
    Smart girl!

    • Nicole

      Nowhere in the article does it state that the driver is an adult male.

      • Abbie

        Heather Koon is not a male.

  • Abbie

    THREE REASONS A CHILD DOES NOT ACCEPT A RIDE FROM A STRANGER: Gina, Michelle and Amanda! For a 4th reason – a young girl was taken from a playground around the corner from there and horribly assaulted in recent history. The girl did the right thing here. The adult did NOT. This needs to be published so that the community is aware of this stranger danger.