October 23, 2014

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Videos: Family members, William Dembie speak at sentencing

William Dembie Jr., 45, was found guilty by county Common Pleas Judge Mark Belteski earlier this month of murder, felonious assault and domestic violence charges for the Aug. 11, 2011, slaying of Holly Dembie at the estranged couple’s Cowley Road home in Grafton Township.

Betleski, who had cleared Dembie of a more serious aggravated murder charge, sentenced the former Lorain County Jail guard to 20 years to life in prison at the conclusion of Monday’s sentencing hearing.

Holly Dembie’s family members spoke at the sentencing.

Holly Dembie’s uncle tried to charge William Dembie Jr. after he criticized his slain wife’s mother, Cheryl Foldes. WARNING: CONTAINS PROFANITIES

  • Kim Thomas

    Couldnt they just execute his a** after the verdict was made. He shows NO remorse. A man that has an education in criminal justice and who worked as a correction officer should have been made an example of not given 20 yrs for something as brutal as he did. We dont kill people because we cant control them or make them love us back!

  • Macdaddyoh

    Harsh, heartless, cold blooded just as the man was saying as he exited the court. Our system, all though it works, isnt the best system. I do feel he should be taken to the showers, turn the water on and put a bullet in his head. In a split second nobody will have to read about 700 pages from this coward killer.

  • Mark B

    Notice how scared he looks when he heard the scuffle , he is going to be cute when he is wearing Kool-Aid Make up for his new boyfriend.

  • Jr Phoenix

    defender of women and children…really? pot calling the kettle black

  • Jr Phoenix

    defender of women and children?….strong man?…case of the pot calling the kettle black perhaps?