November 29, 2014


UPDATED: Police say parents, students, coach involved in fight at Elyria basketball game

ELYRIA — A fight between students, parents and a Strongsville coach during a girls basketball game on Saturday may have been started by a 6-year-old who used a derogatory word toward a group of Elyria High School students, police said.

Police were approached by a Strongsville parent during a game at the Elyria High School gymnasium. The spectator said some of the Elyria High School students were being disruptive and had made obscene gestures to a Strongsville fan’s children, who were 6 and 8.

The students were upset because the 6-year-old child had allegedly used a derogatory word toward the group, according to a police news release.

Police said the incident appeared to be settled, but at the end of the game, a group of Elyria High School students and a parent of one of the students became involved in a verbal confrontation with a Strongsville spectator, and one of the Elyria High School students had to be restrained.

A female Strongsville coach, who was not named by police, approached the group and allegedly pushed an Elyria High School parent, which led to a physical altercation between the two, according to the news release.

Sources at the game told The Chronicle-Telegram that Elyria parents were vocal and negative toward Strongsville players from the start of Saturday night’s game.

One or two Strongsville players wore cosmetics, and those players were referred to derisively during the game as “Miss Maybelline” and “Cover Girl,” according to a witness.

Police Lt. William Pelko said police are investigating the incident, and charges are expected to be filed. He said police are still working to identify the people involved in the confrontation.

The Elyria-Avon Lake girls’ basketball game scheduled for Monday night at Elyria High was postponed because of the incident.

Officials at Strongsville Schools did not return a call for comment Wednesday.

Elyria Schools spokeswoman Amy Higgins said the Elyria Police Department is primarily handling the investigation, but those involved in the fight could be subject to the district’s discipline policy.

She reiterated that no Elyria High School players or coaches were involved in the confrontation.

The district policy demands that anyone on school property abides by laws and building regulations, which include bans on assaults and foul language. That policy applies to anyone on district property, including all athletic officials, coaches and visiting teams.

Those who violate the policy will be asked to leave the property and, should the person refuse, law enforcement officials will be called. The administration cooperates in any prosecution pursuant to the criminal laws of the state and local ordinances, according to the policy.

Under the policy, students who are removed from extracurricular activities may be banned from all extracurricular activities.

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  • Bob Sweatt

    WOW really?? Grow up people.

  • Jennifer Williams

    Glad all of these adults are such wonderful role models for todays children…. SMH! WTH!

  • zdubb78

    the coach came at the group and physically touched someone………..he should be fired immediately and charges pressed against him
    and A Strongsville kid using a offensive term??? One wonders what it could have been……good job mustang parents

    • Bob Sweatt

      More then likely it wasn’t an offensive term, but a term that isn’t politically correct.

      • Kelvin Gray

        Hmm…and just what might that be? I’m wondering and waiting for your wonderful political correct answer.

        • Bob Sweatt

          The way stupid people are so sensitive now-a-days. The poor kid probably wished them a Merry Christmas and they took offense to it.

      • AdamsCafe

        It was a 6 year old. If it wasn’t the politically incorrect term, then I’ll bet the kid got it right. Elyria embarrassed themselves.

        • Bob Sweatt

          It was the “N” word. But here is the funny thing. I hear African Americans calling each other that all the time. I guess people can pick and choose when a word is offensive to them now-a-days.

          Just saying.

          • Kelvin Gray

            I wasn’t there at the game and obviously you proving the point that night neither were you. A parent that was there at the game has already stated what the child said. And in order for the 6 yr old to use that type of language she had to one, hear from someone else, and to probably was told to say it. And to address your silliness about using the N word. Lol!!! I try not to use the word when I addressed people of color. I assume by your comments and statements that you are a person lacking skin pigmentation. To me the N word its just like a family nickname. You don’t have permission to use it if you don’t know me, or you’re not in my family. So if you’re not a person of skin pigmentation, you don’t have a right to use it. Other people can call themselves the N word, they can call their friends the N word. I bet if you were to use it in the presence of “some people”, the outcome wouldn’t be too pleasing to you either. :-) And like Forrest Gump, that’s all I got to say about that.

          • Pete

            Hey Bob, did you hear the N used there? Were you even at the game or is this you reading into something that isn’t there?

        • Kelvin Gray

          Ever wonder where the younger one’s get it from? Setting up a perfect example right now. So innocent white child in the far future is gonna get more than their feelings hurt because some overly intelligent parent didn’t tell them that’s probably not a good idea to call black use the N word. Not only that, if you’re going to be that stupid, maybe you should do it when there’s more white people around then it is black people. Then maybe your number ratios will be much better then if you do it the other way around. I’m just say.

          • Bob Sweatt

            Man you are to funny. You are even more prejudice then you think this kid was. WOW!!!

          • Kelvin Gray

            Yep I was being funny. Instead of making stupid pointless comments how about using the comment section to say something worthy to read. This is why I typically don’t even read the comments section. So say what you wanna say about myself, that much I really don’t care. Because just like yourself I am well aware that you don’t know me and I don’t know you. But point being is that it still doesn’t take away from the fact of what initiated the incident, the response by the white child, and the end result. You still haven’t made a right yet. You need 4 lefts in order to make a right. And so far that was only 3.

          • Bob Sweatt

            Mr. Gray. All I am trying to figure out here is why it’s ok to use the word in a rap song and make it main stream. Then everyone gets offended when a child says it.

            Like George Carlin said, “It’s just as word. It’s the racist a-hole saying that you need to worry about.”

  • Edward Nonamaker

    I have been to sporting functions in the Elyria high school gym and it is no shock that parents and students of Elyria high were involved in a scuffle, some of the rudest and most drama filled people I have ever come across at any high school function camp out in that gym during such events.

    • Bob Owens

      Conversely, I’ve been to MANY other venues in Northern Ohio for eight years while my son played basketball and football. The other venues are almost always somewhat hostile and unfriendly to Elyria teams. Especially Strongsville and North Royalton.

  • stargazer2012

    Block the EHS ‘parents’! They can watch on a video screen somewhere far away from the actual game site! They don’t need to be there!

  • Zen Grouch

    Show ‘em what you’re made of Elyria!

    And -stay- Classy!

    • AdamsCafe

      They did…and they didn’t!

  • Kelvin Gray

    Maybelline…Cover Girl!!! These are very discriminative and derogatory names to call another player. So bad so that you should want to fight for being called 1of these names. But I’ve gotta ask a question…really? At last I checked I thought that you were to attempt to distract the other team as a fan of a team. But as long as you don’t take it to far. So if they had called the girls maybe Brittney Griner or Elaina Delle Donne or Tayler Hill, would that have been any different? I don’t agree with teenagers nor adults getting into a verbal confrontation with a 6yr old. But come on a 6 yr old in turn says something derogatory towards a teenager. What do you think that teenager is going to say? And just curiosity makes me ask what do you think that 6 yr old probably of a different race said to those teenagers?

    • Sybil Nelson

      Bob Sweat the N word is offensive

      • Bob Sweatt

        Oh really. Then way do African American call each other that all the time??

        I guess it’s only wrong to you becauseba kid of a different race said it. A 6 yo child who probably doesn’t know it’s wrong. But hey let’s yell at the kid and not the a-hole parent teaching him that word. That make sensw. Right?

        • Bob Owens

          I’ll tell you what Bob-go up to the next black person you see and call them the N word if YOU think it’s ok.

    • ProudGranny

      well Kelvin… we both know what the 6 year old said. What I find offensive is where did the child hear that word to repeat it. And heck you call me Cover Girl and it’s time to put the gloves on lol. j/k

      • Pete

        Granny, how do you know what that girl said?

    • Bob Sweatt

      One question. Because I am so confused about this part of the story. When did it become offensive to call someone a make-up company’s name???

      I am being serious.

      • Just saying

        ask the white person who thought that was offensive.much better way to heckle somebody than using the n word.

      • Zen Grouch

        Read the article again, then look up the word “derisively.”

  • ekwaykway

    Why don’t they just put the kids in charge? :-0

  • Kelvin Gray

    Huh??? I’m confused. How do you correlate monkeys with a 6 year old white child calling a group of black teenagers the N word? Wow shouldn’t you really be addressing how rude and disrespectful it is to allow a six year old to sit there and call a group of black teenagers the N word in their house. What type of upbringing is this child being allowed to witness? Wrong is wrong I will agree. But the way I see it, two lefts don’t make a right. 10 for you or anyone else to sit there and say that she got it right. Come on man!!! I’ll tell you there is non racism in the city of Elyria that exist any longer. Like my status if you agree.

  • Bob Sweatt

    You racist a-hole.

  • Just saying

    Quick answer for Keith I mean Bob Sweatt because when white people use the word its 9 times out of 10 used out of anger at black people why we use it amongst ourselves is something you would NEVER EVER understand!!!!!! So maybe you should just chalk the answer for why you cant use and we can up as a loss…that’s just the way it is have a good day.

    • Bill

      You’re right about one thing. At least as it implies to me. I can’t understand ANYONE who uses that word. I don’t care the color of your skin or the manner it which it is being used. In a song or from an African American to another. Help me understand how it is okay to use a word that is hated by most everyone and has been the cause for a lot of pain, both mentally and physically for a very long time.

  • Pete

    Am I missing something or what? I don’t see in this article where the girl used the N-word. Seems like by the reaction of the mom and students it could have been “ladies”, a word that they probably have never been called before or will ever be called.