November 20, 2014

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Elyria’s Reaser family reaches TV deal for outdoors show


From left, Dan, Danny and Shannon Reaser, all of Elyria, have reached a deal with a nationally broadcast television channel to show “The Outdoor Options,” which will chronicle their outings hunting and fishing around the United States. PHOTO PROVIDED

From left, Dan, Danny and Shannon Reaser, all of Elyria, have reached a deal with a nationally broadcast television channel to show “The Outdoor Options,” which will chronicle their outings hunting and fishing around the United States. PHOTOS PROVIDED

ELYRIA — A well-known Elyria family is about to share its faces, names and a portion of its life together with a potential audience of millions of cable and satellite TV viewers.

But the family of Dan Reaser won’t be relying on beards or ducks for their appeal.

“We love the comparisons to ‘Duck Dynasty,’ because we believe our show promotes and believes in a similar message about families that spend time together and work to help and support not only each other, but those around them,” Pat Doyle, a Nashville, Tenn., resident who serves as executive producer for “The Outdoor Option,” a new weekly show focusing on the outdoors, hunting and fishing, and good stewardship of the land and wildlife.

The 13-episode weekly series is set to debut at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 4 on the Sportsman Channel and 9:30 p.m. Jan. 6 on the Pursuit Channel.

Both channels are available on satellite’s Direct TV and DISH Network, while Sportsman Channel is carried by Time Warner Cable.

The format of the show sees dad Dan Reaser, owner of Elyria’s American Hood Systems, joining his son Danny, now 21, a former Elyria Catholic football standout, and daughter Shannon, 16, a current athlete on the EC volleyball team, as they travel around the country to showcase the beauty of nature while sharing quality time together hunting and fishing.

The outdoor adventures of Danny, Shannon and Dan Reaser of Elyria will be shown on the Sportsman Channel and the Pursuit Channel.

The outdoor adventures of Danny, Shannon and Dan Reaser of Elyria will be shown on the Sportsman Channel and the Pursuit Channel.

“We want to show people that it’s cool to spend time outdoors with family and friends,” Danny Reaser, the show’s chief branding officer, said.

Shot in full HD with Go-Pro cameras and other cutting-edge equipment, the show has a slick look and solid production values as evidenced by clips of the program the family shared.

“It doesn’t look like a first-year show,” Doyle said.

Produced by Dannyboy Productions, a local company founded by Dan Reaser, the series has made extensive use of state-of-the-art TV production and editing facilities and broadcast media and arts and humanities students at Lorain County Community College.

The elder Reaser, who has served on the LCCC Foundation board, said the college will host a big “Outdoor Option” premiere party 3 to 5 p.m. Jan. 5 inside Stocker Arts Center.

“They expect 400 to 500 people,” Dan Reaser said. “They’re really going all-out for us.”

Unlike some outdoors shows that concentrate on “getting the biggest buck or trophy hunting,” according to Dan Reaser, “The Outdoor Option” is as much about the bonding and memories built among the family during their treks to hunt turkeys in Tennessee, elk in Colorado, deer in Kentucky or fishing for trout in Colorado.

Both Dan and Danny Reaser talked about major decisions each made based on their lifelong passion and respect for wildlife and the outdoors.

Dan Reaser worked for a time many years ago at Moen Inc. before leaving to eventually start his American Hood Systems, which produces and sells exhaust hoods, fans and fire suppression systems to restaurants and other businesses.

“I work to hunt and fish,” Reaser said. “I knew I had to be in business for myself to have the flexibility I wanted.”

As for his son, who holds every Elyria Catholic passing record, Danny Reaser opted to pass on football scholarships at Indiana University and West Virginia University to stay home, pursue a business degree at LCCC, and have the time to continue hunting and fishing with his family.

“I lived and breathed football 24-7 in high school, but when it came to college and I realized how much of your life is taken away (to achieve success), I knew that was not the road I want to go down,” Danny Reaser said.

“Now I get to sit in a tree stand at first light and watch the sun come up,” the younger Reaser said.

In fact, the program’s title was taken from Reaser’s “option read” offense in high school.

A varsity EC cheerleader and soccer player, Shannon has four bucks to her credit, each being taken in a different state.

“I get to do this with my best friend,” Shannon said, referring to her older brother.

The program also has a segment detailing dad’s bagging of a black bear with a crossbow.

And unlike some programs that stage sequences for dramatic effect — especially those built around explosive confrontations or petty bickering — there’s no squabbling or hysterics by anyone.

Looking to stress good wildlife management, the series points out most of the deer harvested wind up on dinner tables of needy families, with local homes selected by Second Harvest Food Bank.

The series also promotes catch-and-release for fishing.

Still, the family expects some blowback from those opposed to hunting.

“As outdoorsmen we’ve dealt with that all our lives,” Dan Reaser said. “But we’ve had very little negative feedback so far.”

With reruns, the show is expected to be aired eight times each week to a potential audience of 76 million households between the Sportsman and Pursuit channels.

And there are discussions under way that could lead to the program being seen in millions more households over Canada’s Wild TV Channel, Reaser said.

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  • Bob Sweatt

    Well-known??? I have lived in Elyria for the past 10 years and I have never heard of these people.

    • Think_about_it

      Ever heard of Reaser Court where the E-Check place is? His business is at the end of that street =)

  • zdubb78

    WELL BOB……………….come out from under the ROCK

    • stillsleepyeyes

      You mean from behind the

  • Phil Blank

    There is one cable company that refuses to show any gun related TV shows.
    I wish these people the best.

  • Sampson Reaser

    Bob, stay under your Rock as you are better off than most of us who are related to people who walk over people with such disregard, who are cowards and surround themselves in their fantasy world that is polluted with lies. Hopefully their show will be successful enough that they move out of Lorain County!

  • rightwingnutjobsareaproblem

    I don’t know them personally, but from what I understand I’m glad I do not. I’ve heard the elder Reaser is a real a**hole. I’m sure the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Good luck to them, but I could really care less about this show.

    • Mikey

      My personal experience with the Reasers – 3 generations – has been fantastic. You should get to know them.

  • Sampson Reaser

    There are many victims of the Reaser wrath. (Our former mayor, anyone that tells them “no” and any one they can’t buy ). Outdoor option repellant – I’ll buy stock in that product!!!!

    • Mikey

      I have friends who work for Dan Reaser, and the man I’ve been told about couldn’t possibly be the same guy. Could you have an axe to grind maybe?

  • dumb show

    Hope the program touches on the time this family lived under a fake Avon address in order to play little league tournament baseball. Great values, hometown pride!

  • Sampson Reaser

    Dumb show , how about when Dan offered $15k to the athletic director to fire the football coach because he couldn’t be bought. Hats off to Brian Hoagland!!

  • Sampson Reaser

    From what I remember , the boy was offered a walk on position at West Virginia. Far cry from a scholarship choice. Guess money can’t buy you everything – some things must be earned!

  • westsider

    I never heard of this family either till I heard of the stuff he supposedly done at ec and like others have said its not anything I would be proud of or want my name attached to. Good luck tho… you will need it

  • Bill

    Sounds like a few people on here have a severe case of envy/sour grapes. Wonder how many are from the Grace camp and his followers.

  • Jeremy Richards

    Wow, this is how you can tell a town is full of hillbillies. One of them has a little good luck and the rest of them are jealous as hell. Good luck all you dumb hillbillies. You’ll never stop being anything other than a bunch of dumb hillbillies.

  • Sampson Reaser

    Bill, yeah that was another sign of Reaser strong arming -
    We all follow rules and file permits and build when granted permission. Because campaign money was given Dan thought he owned the mayor. Great job Mayor
    for standing up for what was right.
    Dan Reaser couldn’t buy his boy a scholarship or turn him into a college golfer so
    Sure, why not go shoot some turkeys and make a family show out of it. That’s fine and dandy but don’t preach values and morals. That whole clan is a far cry from that!

    • westsider

      didn’t he also buy new uniforms for ec football that were black or something and didn’t even get permission from AD or coach? Bill not sure why anyone would be envy of a guy like this but since we must be speculating about people, how much money did you make off Reaser, sounds to me you are in his back pocket. For the record I am one of the biggest anti Grace people in this city!

  • Sampson Reaser

    Dan, the wizard of oz, the man that hides behind a curtain when he maliciously hurts people but pokes his head out and screams his name when he wants praise. He hated that athletic director too , Salata, he couldn’t get her fired so he just did what he wanted like he owned the school (EC) and he wanted black uniforms instead of traditional green, so he bought them and have them to the players before they ran onto the field. Dan the big man, funny how in the end after all the bullying and undermining the goal of a division 1 scholarship couldn’t be bought with the Reaser Buck. Perhaps Danny boy productions will be the auccessful coverup to a major failure. Quack quack

  • Zen Grouch

    Don’t know of the family, so I’ll hold my opinion… until I see if they exploit the girl, via short shorts and wet tee-shirts while gutting fish.

    If half the opinions expressed here are true, it’ll be a cleavage fest.

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  • outdoorslvr

    Brian H.= a real zero. Dan could buy and sell Brian a couple of times over! One of these men is a successful business owner….. The other convicted of groping a barely legal girl at a golf event..

    • irishgal

      Not sure what Brian has to do with any of this. He has nothing to do with the article at all. The statement is also totally false about him.

      • outdoorslvr

        Irishgal, just because you have your record expunged doesn’t mean it didn’t happen…. I am guessing if you are attempting to defend this pompous idiot, you are either a relative or one of his many girlfriends….. Either way…. Sorry for you.

  • Bonnie Fox Kelly

    I have personally known the Reaser family for over 15 years and have known them to be a wonderful, kind and caring family. I wish them all the luck in the world as they start their new venture