October 21, 2014


Former Shopway owner indicted

Thaer Mustafa

Thaer Mustafa

ELYRIA – Thaer Mustafa, the operator of IMT Wireless and former operator of Shopway, was indicted by a county grand jury for allegedly engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity.

IMT Wireless was raided by police on Dec. 5. Police said a search uncovered illegal gambling, counterfeit sales, drug trafficking and building code violations.

The building was closed until repairs are finished to bring it up to code.

Mustafa, 28, was charged with counterfeiting, gambling, three counts of drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. His employee, Ernest Anderson, 52, was charged with trafficking marijuana, two counts of drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia after the search.

Mustafa is the former operator of Shopway, which was shuttered by a county judge who declared the business a nuisance. Mustafa is facing charges of selling spice, a synthetic form of marijuana, at that business.

Police also accused Mustafa, while at Shopway, of food stamp fraud at the business while it was open.


  • Donmega

    Go back to your own country.

    • Triston Henderson

      And how do you know this isn’t his country? How do you know where the man was born?

    • starbright

      he don’t know… he knows nothing about this man, he don’t know that if your family didn’t have nothing to eat he would’ve gave him food fron his store without judgment…. smh

  • John Davidson

    These are the people who help make Elyria and Lorain such wonderful places to reside.

  • Phil Blank

    Wait a minute, doesn’t the law say that if drug trafficking is in a building or a home, that property is forfeited to the police, state or city?
    Or do we have to wait until after he is sentenced?

  • Bob Sweatt

    Ok again I ask. Where are all the people that were defending these fools when Shopway got closed down??? It seems some of us were right. Doesn’t it??