November 28, 2014

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Additional charges filed in day care center rape case

Heather Koon

Heather Koon

ELYRIA — Heather Koon and James Osborne are facing additional charges for their alleged involvement in the rape of four children at ABC Kidz Child Care in Elyria.

An 80-count indictment against James Osborne and a 40-count indictment against Heather Koon were released Thursday. The indictments supersede previous indictments, which listed fewer charges, according to Lorain County Prosecutor Dennis Will.

“There was additional evidence,” Will said, but he would not elaborate.

Koon, 25, faces four counts of rape, 16 charges of kidnapping, four counts of pandering obscenity of a minor, four counts pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor, eight counts of illegal use of minor in nudity-oriented material or performance, one count of tampering with evidence, one count of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity and two counts of conspiracy.

James Osborne

James Osborne

She is accused of raping four children while she was working at ABC Kidz Child Care earlier this year. Prosecutors have said Koon raped the children at the behest of Osborne, her fiance, who has a previous conviction for possession of child pornography.

Osborne, 34, faces 12 counts of complicity to rape, 48 counts of complicity to kidnapping, seven counts of pandering obscenity of a minor, eight counts of illegal use of minor in nudity-oriented material or performance, one count of tampering with records, one count of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, one count of failure to register a change of address and two counts of conspiracy.

Lorain County sheriff’s deputies and probation officers arrested Osborne on Sept. 26 when they went to Koon’s Blaine Street home in Elyria to investigate whether he was living with her rather than at the Oberlin address he had registered with the county.

Deputies seized an iPhone and a laptop computer during Osborne’s arrest and discovered electronic images of Koon engaged in sexual acts with children, and she was arrested Oct. 4. Osborne’s attorney, Michael Duff, has acknowledged that Osborne had an explicit image of a preteen girl on his phone but has insisted that image was downloaded from the Internet.

Prosecutors have said that the evidence they’ve found indicates the children were from ABC Kidz on Abbe Road, although deputies have said they are investigating whether Koon may have molested children at other day care centers where she has worked.

Will would not say whether prosecutors found evidence of additional victims.

Koon’s attorney, Dan Wightman, and Osborne’s attorney, Michael Duff, said they had not had an opportunity to review the indictment and could not comment on it when contacted on Thursday.

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  • Jennifer Williams

    release them to general public they will be taken care of in a torturing manner like they deserve! Why protect these disgusting human beings while they are in jail. They both sicken me!

  • im heartless, so be it


  • Bob Sweatt

    What about the person at ABC Kids who wanted the parents to keep quiet?? How come we aren’t hearing anything about them??

    Just wondering.

    • Jennifer Williams

      Obviously that lady is spineless from the get go. She deserves to be jailed as well. That is not something you keep hush hush… Crazy people!

      • Bob Sweatt

        That is what I am getting at. Why isn’t that person in jail too??

        • Bill

          Would probably just be an obstruction charge (misdemeanor). Hopefully she has since been fired and everyone involved in the hush up will be sued till they have nothing left. Not a big fan of lawyers and their lawsuit happy clients but not this time.