November 22, 2014

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Body found in field identified as missing man

Elyria police and detectives investigate the scene where a body was found in a field on West Ridge Road in Elyria. BRUCE BISHOP/CHRONICLE

Elyria police and detectives investigate the scene where a body was found in a field on West Ridge Road in Elyria. CHRONICLE FILE PHOTO

ELYRIA — The body of a man found in a cornfield a week ago by a farmer has been identified as Jeffrey Cannon, 46, who was last seen in September.

Lorain County Coroner Stephen Evans said he believes Cannon died from hanging himself around the time he went missing Oct. 1.

“It appears to be suicide,” Evans said, adding that an autopsy completed on Friday didn’t show signs of trauma on Cannon’s body.

A farmer found Cannon’s body in the cornfield on the 8700 block of West Ridge Road on the morning of Dec. 11. The body looked as though it had been at the scene for a while, according to Elyria police Capt. Chris Costantino.

Costantino said that when Cannon was reported missing Oct. 1, he had been accused of sexual abuse.

“He was a suspect in an alleged sexual offense involving juveniles,” Costantino said.

The investigation was in its beginning stages when Cannon went missing, and he had only been questioned by police a few times, Costantino said.

While the autopsy points to suicide, Costantino said police will continue to investigate Cannon’s death to determine whether he went missing voluntarily.

“We look at all possible scenarios,” Costantino said.

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  • Cheryl R

    So, he hung himself out in the middle of a field? Something doesn’t sound quite right here.

    • Sharon Covelli-Wysong

      Sounds perfectly logical to me. aren’t cornstalks strong enough to hold a full grown man’s body weight? *sarcasm*

    • Kim Van Heuveln

      Same thing I was thinking.

    • Melissa Kane

      That’s what I have been saying its also funny he was accused of juvenile rape. Someones dad killed his a$$ and the police are saying its suicide to cover it up

    • Roger Canterbury

      It didn’t say in the middle of the field and there are usually trees along the edges of fields.

  • Tammy Blevins-Wearsch

    How the heck does someone hang themselves in a cornfield? Wasn’t he found on David Drive beaten and bloody in his car on Sept 30th? I thought I read that in the Chronicle.

  • al hardy

    i don’t believe for one second that he hung himself.

  • Macdaddyoh

    Animals dragged parts of him into the field. At the edge of the field there are a line of trees. He attached the rope to a tree, tied the noose around his neck, hyperventalated half dozen times or so and knelt down to the ground. This slowly makes you pass out. Once passed out….you know the rest. The body decayed and swelled over the weeks and eventually disconnected from the head. From there coyotes, fox, coons, buzzards and cats scattered the remains.

    • Razorback Twou

      Sounds as if you may have helped him out.

      • Michelle F

        That’s funny, I was thinking the same thing, I just know there were a minimum of 2 people the police were looking to question over the situation, and one of them said to the wrong person” Watch them find him in a cornfield” Hmmmm sounds a bit suspicious doesn’t it?

      • Michelle F

        BTW what the heck kind of CATS do we have in OHIO to scatter human remains? I’ll never get a cat for the rest of my life, I know people who died in their house and sat for a week or so and their cat nor dog even touched their remains…come on Macdaddyoh???

        • Tristan Tysdal

          Cats will absolutely eat a dead person especially if that body already has previous trauma caused by other animals or anything else. Not to mention not all domestic animals are well taken care of unfortunately =(

        • Macdaddyoh

          Next time you see a racoon in your neighborhood do a double take. You might be looking at one of them feral cats. Feral cats dig up graves and eat the remains of people. You didnt know that?

          • Michelle F

            You guy’s really intend on making me look stupid, I have never seen any cat eat any human remains, and I hope I never get into the situation in which I ever do, I was just making the point that here in “Ohio” we do not have large or “BIG” cats such as Bobcats, Tigers etc…Can’t anyone take a joke anymore nowadays? I am replying to you and I will never dwell on this or bring it up again, You guys’s dwell, I’m done! You are way too serious for me…geez…

          • Macdaddyoh

            My bad. Not trying to make you look stupid. Happy New Year!

      • Macdaddyoh

        It’s total speculation. What else makes sense? The corn stalks sure the hell won’t hold you up. IF HE DID molest someone…then he paid with his life.

    • Harley1949Vet

      Forgot Tigers , Lions And Bears Oh My !!!!

      • Michelle F

        Nice add on to the coyotes, foxes, coon’s, foxes, buzzards and CATS LOL! OH MY hahaha WTF is this the Wizard of Oz? hahhaah Merry Christmas Harley1949Vet!

    • esther harris

      you are real stupid and this is no joke for my family while you are commenting on something you know nothing about

      • Macdaddyoh

        My apologies for being so insensitive. Please enlighten me how a person draws a card to be investigated for child molestation? Is this trumped up?
        I do have an open mind. Some people are wrongly accused. Is this molestation thing made up by some disgruntled lovers daughter or neighbor? Please educate me so I’am not so stupid next time.

        • Michelle F

          I’m not offended Macdaddyoh, I just personally never seen any cats eat human remains, and boy Ms. esther harris sure had a lot of meaning to the little amount she said, I never joked about the families that their children were possibly molested, and I don’t think you made it a joke neither, and actually I recall making a post saying that I was sorry for the families and their victims, Now, USUALLY if someone is accused of CHILD MOLESTATION, someone is gonna be really really pissed that their family member was molested, so I am not going by accusation because it had to be somewhat true if he was killed right? I know innocent till found guilty, Either he knew the charges were coming and he took off to hide or a victim of the molestion or a family member of the accusing molestation got him, I’m sorry to see him go out this way, because I don’t believe MURDER is right, but if he would have went to jail for molestation his life would have might as well been the electric chair, from what I hear they don’t care for convicted molester’s too much in jail??? I am not insensitive at all…Usually those accusations don’t come out from numerous different people unless something is really really wrong!!! Right Macdaddyoh??

  • bigmacky

    hardy corn stalks this year apparently – maybe he was strangled out there by an angry parent?

    • Neley

      My thoughts exactly.. they prob know it but dont want anyone implicated..

  • Sheri Wooddell

    how do you hang yourself in a cornfield???

    • Roger Canterbury

      There are usually trees along the edges of cornfields and trees have limbs.

      • Michelle F

        LOL Roger….

  • ken

    if he was a child molester GOOD RIDANCE!!!!!

    • Josh Watkins

      It said he was “accused”, not that he was. People like you… smh

      • ken

        if you read my reply I said ‘IF’…… SMH

    • Michelle F

      I do agree with that, he didn’t deserve a normal life, but the coon’s didn’t do it hahaha!

  • Michelle F

    I know for a fact he didn’t hang himself, he was in a messed up scenario with probably someone’s parent’s in which he molested and I tell you what they probably tied him up and he may have asfixiated himself trying to get out of the situation, but I heard a rumor that the police were looking for a couple people that may have additional information….This is not a made up comment! I know people are being questioned, so HOW could he hang himself, as a matter of fact I heard his arms were tied to the fence also…and a few other things no need to give any more details, and I’m sorry to hear that it was over child molestation, I thought maybe he went missing over drugs or something, Sorry for the children and their families…God Bless those families and get those children in counseling asap because if they realize or were old enough to realize what happened then they need help to cope with this horrible ordeal or their future will not be so bright! Merry Christmas to all the victims of Jeffrey Cannon!

    • Roger Canterbury

      Michelle, The only way you could know for a fact that he didn’t hang himself is if you were there to witness his death. I also noticed you have convicted him of crimes that he hasn’t even been charged with. What happened to a persons right to a fair trial?

      • Michelle F

        Roger, I never in my life would be a witness nor hang around of someone of this sorts, and allegations. I just know for a fact that someone was working at a specific place in which I will leave to your imagination, when the police came in looking for 2 people whom possibly know something about his death because they had talked about Jeffrey Cannon by saying “Watch them find him in a cornfield” and it came from an honest person, whom which never fabricated anything to me in my life…Just making a statement…