November 28, 2014


North Ridgeville coach facing charges over altercation at basketball game

ELYRIA – Police have charged a North Ridgeville coach who allegedly kicked a spectator during a basketball game at Elyria Catholic High School on Sunday.

Brian Chrosniak was arrested and charged with assault on Monday after turning himself in to the police station.

Chrosniak, a basketball coach at St. Peter School in North Ridgeville, allegedly “mule kicked” and “butt bumped” a spectator during a basketball game against Our Lady of Angels School in Cleveland.

The alleged victim, Lizabeth Buescher, told police that she and her husband were watching their 13-year-old son’s basketball game at Elyria Catholic High School when she was approached by Chrosniak, who accused her of making noises during a foul shot. Buescher said Chrosniak continued to yell at her, although she denied making the noises, according to a police report.

Buesecher said Chrosniak also yelled at her son, and kicked her once in the back leg, causing her to lose her balance on the steps leading up from the playing floor. She said after Chrosniak pushed her with his buttocks, she fell down five steps, hitting her head and landing on her tailbone.

Police spoke with three people, who said they witnessed Chrosniak use his buttocks to push Buescher down the steps, according to the report.

Read Friday’s Chronicle for more on this story.

  • mdr12372

    good grief!

  • Mike wowk

    Because of a stupid game….. unbelievable

    • Bill

      Got it wrong their Mike. Because of a couple stupid people or at least one it ruined a great extracurricular activity game of basketball being played by youths.

  • Guest

    Funny…. I know MULTIPLE people who were there and gave a MUCH different story than what is reported here. He did not do what is reported. Both she and the OLA coach started a brawl that led the crowd to push and shove from all angles. NOT by only one individual. I hope that all of these witnesses do the right thing and come forward and tell the police the truth.

    • Razorback Twou

      Fat chance that.

  • Mike wowk

    Whomever was involved. Bad enough the “sports parents” act out the way they do and add that to the fact that it was 2 Catholic Schools makes it that much worse.


  • Ralph Davis

    Never hit a woman when she’s down….kick her – you’re less likely to throw out your back bending over.

    • Larry Crnobrnja

      That’s an ignorant thing to say. Are you proud of yourself?

  • Bob Sweatt

    GOOD GOD. So does this mean that all Elyria sporting events will become audience free.

    Why are people in Elyria so anger all the time??

    • Stan K

      Where do you start? No jobs? a booming crime rate? a city run by failed leaders,Tons of money thrown into the school system only to produce more degenerate youths. Rising property taxes,home values dwindling, Section 8 housing and welfare running strong.Not to mention a poor outlook for the future.

      • Bob Sweatt


  • Zen Grouch

    I wonder if they play football in heaven and basketball in hell?

  • thestingisthetruth

    So the prosecutor thinks they have a case… Anyone who gets a half decent lawyer, even Sherman will do, will throw out all the hearsay and be left with he said she said.

  • scott allen

    this man is a class act and a very charitable man to the elderly in our neighborhood.He is a great neighbor and one of the most trustworthy men I have met since moving here to North Ridgeville. Let all the facts be told before judging this man.

  • Spec440

    The headline is a bit misleading CT. He was a St. peter’s coach. Not a North Ridgeville coach. Whatever though. Pesky facts.