October 25, 2014


Unemployment benefits scheduled to end

Mary Lou Roberts, of Elyria, a laid off file clerk from Lorain County Children's Services, gets emotional as she talks about her experiences being unemployed. STEVE MANHEIM/CHRONICLE

Mary Lou Roberts, of Elyria, a laid off file clerk from Lorain County Children’s Services, gets emotional as she talks about her experiences being unemployed. STEVE MANHEIM/CHRONICLE

Mary Lou Roberts choked up last Thursday when she recalled being among 14 workers laid off from Lorain County Children’s Services in February.

“It was ugly,” said Roberts, of Elyria. “Everybody went around crying and hugging. We couldn’t believe it. We were all in shock.”

Roberts is one of about 1.3 million Americans — including 52,000 Ohioans, 1,600 in Lorain County — whose unemployment insurance expires Saturday due to Congress not renewing benefits.

Roberts, a 58-year-old mother of three grown sons who lives alone, receives $357 in weekly benefits. She said the last two years have been a rollercoaster.

A file clerk and receptionist at Children’s Services that was hired in 2006, she was first laid off in June 2011. Roberts was recalled in October of that year and thought her job was safe, but more budget cuts occurred in February. “I got called back and things were great and (then) it wasn’t,” she said.

Roberts, who earned $17.80 per hour in her job, found a temporary job in April with United Initiators, an international chemical company with an office in Elyria. The job paid $15 per hour, but only lasted through July. Roberts then resumed receiving unemployment benefits.

Roberts said her job search has been frustrating. Online employment website applications frequently lead to calls from for-profit colleges trying to get her to enroll, while calls from employers are infrequent.

The odds of Roberts finding work are against her. Conditions have improved since the official end of the recession in June 2009 when there were 6.2 unemployed people for every job. However, the job market remains tight. In October, there were nearly three unemployed Americans for every job, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

While national unemployment dropped from 7.9 percent in October 2012 to 7.3 percent in October, Ohio’s jobless rate increased from 6.9 percent to 7.5 percent in that period, according to the bureau.

Finding work is harder for unemployed people older than 50, like Roberts. Workers between 50 and 61 were a fifth less likely to find work between 2008 and 2011 than those aged between 25 and 34, according to the Urban Institute, a nonpartisan think tank.

The 4.1 million people unemployed for six months or more also fare poorly. A Northeastern University study found workers unemployed for six months or more received a callback rate from potential employers of about 2 percent, compared to about 16 percent for short-term unemployed people.

Given the job picture, proponents of extending benefits more than 26 weeks — first enacted in 2008 — say it’s the wrong time to pull the plug. While extending benefits for a year would add $25 billion to the deficit, they argue the cost is more than offset by the effect of not exending the benefits will have on the economy.

Because they are usually spent rather than saved, unemployment benefits have traditionally been seen as an “automatic stabilizer” on the economy. The U.S. Department of Labor found that every dollar in benefits spent had a $2 “multiplier” effect on the economy.

Benefits during the recession reduced the decrease of gross domestic product — the total of all goods and services produced — by 18.3 percent, according to the department. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates extending benefits would increase GDP by 0.2 percent by the fourth quarter of 2014 and create at least 200,000 jobs.

The Senate plans to vote on an extension in January, according to Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada.

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Cleveland, is on board.

“We must do everything we can to support those who are struggling following the worst crisis since the Great Depression,” Brown said in a Dec. 9 news release. “These are hardworking Americans — many with children — who have fallen on tough times.”

However, U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, R-Cincinnati, said he would only support an extension if it were paid for with cuts to other programs to avoid increasing, “our nation’s burdensome debt.”

Lorain County’s House Republicans, U.S. Rep. Bob Gibbs, R-Lakeville, and U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Urbana, contend cutting off benefits will help jobless people. They say extensions beyond six months hinder an employer’s ability to find qualified workers because employers have to pay more — maximum weekly benefits in Ohio are $413 — and pay more in taxes to extend benefits.

Gibbs — who said he’d consider voting for an extension if there were offsetting cuts — said long-term benefits may foster dependency. Gibbs said some employers have told him workers were reluctant to take jobs until their benefits elapsed.

“I’ve had quite a few employers tell me that, so that’s concerning,” Gibbs said. “I’m not against helping people out to get back on their feet, but (the national) unemployment, the rates, have been coming down.”

Roberts said the idea that benefits make the unemployed want to work less is not true. Roberts said she regularly applies for jobs online and received two interviews for office work.

One was in Medina and the other in Lorain. Both jobs paid substantially less than her county job, but Roberts said she would’ve taken them if offered full-time work.

Roberts said the benefits she receives aren’t enough to live on and have forced her to use food pantries. Roberts said she may have to dip into the several thousand dollars she’s saved for retirement and apply for food stamps if benefits aren’t renewed soon.

If benefits aren’t extended next year and Roberts isn’t able to find work, she said she may have to take up the offer of one of her sons to move to Cincinnati and live with him and his family. Roberts said she’d prefer not to because she values her independence and doesn’t want to impose.

Meanwhile, Roberts said she continues to improve her computer skills and look for jobs.

“I want to work,” she said. “I want my job back at Children’s Services and then this would all be over.”

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  • WTFnext

    Im sorry, but unemployment benefits used to last 6 months and that was it. I think it should remain that way. There are people who have been collecting for years because of all of the extensions. It used to be when the unemployment was over, you applied for welfare. Of course it isn’t enough to live on, but it wasn’t intended to be a way of life. Unemployment is becoming the new welfare because it pays a little better. It simply isn’t right. I think anyone who ever collected unemployment and it ran out on them after 6 months should protest these extensions that people keep getting letting them collect for years.

    • grp61

      Democratic Progressive Liberals turn every thing into Welfare ! Good example is social security, it was designed for working people that paid into it, instead now children can collect it, illegal immigrants including Obama’s Aunt who never worked a day here in her life ! It won’t last much longer ! I can not wait to watch all the crazy liberals cry when it’s all gone !

      • turd

        Really? Bill Clinton put a max of 5 years for Welfare recipients. Something Reagan or Bush was incapable of doing.

        Wasnt that mentioned in your Fox news handbook? Say when is the last time a Republican President left office with a balanced budget and surplus?

        As for Unemployment thats something you pay into its not borrowed but dont let facts and logic ruin your reality, You seem to be doing just fine living in lala land

        • Pablo Jones

          The Republican congress put the cap on benefits, not President Clinton. He vetoed the change several times until it showed the poll numbers were in favor of it. The Republican congress actually balanced the budget by not increasing spending and by having an influx of dot.com money coming in prior to the bubble bursting.

          From 2004-2007 the deficit was being reduced from the highs of the dot.com bubble bust and 9/11. The last Republican budget had a 170 Billion dollar budget deficit. (The Republicans were thrown out for over spending). The next budget was a Democrat budget with a $400 billion dollar deficit that grew for the next 6 years.

          State unemployment isn’t something the recipients pay into it is paid by companies, a tax that goes up when there is high levels of unemployment. The extensions come from Federal funds which is tax dollars that the working people pay and those on it don’t.

          • Peggy Schaffer

            President George W. ruined the economy. I am still stuck in a underwater mortgage thanks to that moron. No, I didn’t buy a house I couldn’t afford. George W is the gift that just keeps on giving and giving.He ruined this country’s economy. People have a short memory.

          • Joe Sandor

            Good for you. Anyone that forgets history deserves to be underwater AND SUFFER. It was Dems in Senate and House that created the bank laws (Dodd and Frank), and Clinton signed the laws. Don’t you remember Dodd standing up in the Well and stating that everyone should have a home??? (I guess even they couldn’t afford it, including using “liar mortgages” to get the home.)

            It all comes down to Spin. Just like Dems say that Reps caused the Sequester when it was Obama that actually proposed it in the budget talks.

          • Joe Smith

            You are stuck in an underwater mortgage because you bit off more than you could chew, nobody forced you to sign those papers.You read them and then agreed to the terms. Don’t blame Bush for your own stupidity.

          • Pablo Jones

            Peggy, how did President Bush ruin the economy in your mind? What laws did he pass (or should I say sign) that ruined the economy? Who authored those congressional bills?

        • Mark B

          Obama-Da-Clown removed the welfare reform limits that were previously inplace. Now people can go back to being a career welfare recipient.
          If Unemployment is good for 1 year , most will not even look for a job till 10 months have passed.


          No, I believe the employer pays the unemployment insurance premiums, not the employee. Lala land, that is where the mythical budget surplus based on double counting, special math, and projected numbers lives. You reach back to Clinton, skipping Obama’s abysmal debt numbers, but hey, at least you didn’t blame Bush. I guess that is progress.

      • Barbara Radke

        And wouldn’t it be nice if we got exactly (prorated of course) what we paid into SS? That plus the interest (minus fees for maintenance) that we paid in? We would live a little better.

        • Pablo Jones

          People in their 20s and 30s will get less money from SS than they put in, that is actual dollars not adjusted for inflation. They would be better off if that money were just put into a savings account, and much better if it were invested in a broad market index fund.

          Here is something to think about as well. The people that get the most from SS need it the least and those that get the least need it the most. Rich white women, many didn’t work and are collecting from their spouses collect the most since they live the longest. Poor black men on the other hand have the shortest life expectancy and collect the least and don’t get back what they put in. If we had individual accounts that money could be pasted on to their families.

          • BITTERCLINGER36

            Race injected into this? So following your lead, should white people, specifically white women get less than the law says they should while black people, specifically black men get more than the law says? So it isn’t equal treatment people expect, rather special treatment. Whatever point you wanted to make gets lost as soon as you attempt to use race.

          • Pablo Jones

            Unfortunately you see race and automatically think it is an issue about race. The issue is the flawed concept of SS. You have groups of people who don’t contribute to it collect large sums of money and other groups that contribute to it and don’t get much back. The statistics show rich white people live longer than poor minorities, so the correlation is SS favors those that live longer and punishes those that live less. And the party that says they want to stick it to the rich and protect the poor doesn’t want to change SS.

          • BITTERCLINGER36

            How long do rich non-white people live? Also how long do non-rich white people live? Don’t Asians live linger than whites, shouldn’t they get their beni’s cut, you know to be fair? And I think something like 90% of the population was white when a liberal democrat instituted social security so if it is set up to hurt minorities blame them.

          • Pablo Jones

            Well it seems you are entrenched in your beliefs of SS and don’t want to change it. Are you one of the beneficiaries that receives more than they contributed and don’t want that to change? While the people in their 20-30 will get back less and a dollar for every dollar they contributed? I’m not for reducing payments for anyone. I’m for setting up private accounts (even if only a portion of SS gets placed into the initially). These accounts would be turned over to the families on their death (or rolled over into their account). This would benefit the people that pay into SS their whole lives and die 3 years after they start collecting. It would also benefit the younger generation because it will allow them to keep more money than what SS will currently pay them.

  • ExVaultDweller

    Well, I am here to tell you that I was both on unemployment when it only lasted 6 months and when I received extensions during the Obama administration. It was a blessing for me when it lasted through those extensions. Some people do not have job security like others who are blessed in that category.

    • Joe Smith

      Any handout is a blessing for one person and not for the persons who had to pay the money out. 2 way street

      • SniperFire

        The only reason this works is that the people who pay the money out aren’t even born as of yet. Owebama and the neo-Stalinists will stick our grandchildren with a total of $22 Trillion in insurmountable debt by the end of his failed term.

  • Mark B

    How many times has Obama-Da-Clown stated that he was going fo focus on jobs with a laser point , and he Hired a Jobs Zar and huffed and puffed about how he was going to creat jobs. Just like with everything else its all lies , he is only interested in furthering his political agenda, he could care less about the american people.

    • turd

      How many Jobs Bills has the Republican House brought forth?
      If you paid attention to how your government works you would know it has to go through the house then the senate then signed.

      Welcome to 6th grade politics.

      • Pablo Jones

        While that is normally the case, it doesn’t seem to apply any more. President Obama has made multiple changes to the law, or chosen which laws he wants to enforce. He has even said if Congress won’t act I will. The Republican house has actually passed lots of bills, they just don’t go any where in the Senate.

      • Joe Sandor

        Turd, Think for yuourself for a change!
        Republicans have passed fifteen (15) jobs bills in the House, and the Senate has yet to act upon them. Reid will not even bring them to a vote. Now, how many jobs bills havew the Dems offered passed?

    • Pete

      Hey Mark, replace that stupid title(Obama-da-Clown) and replace it with the Presidents (plural) of the United States! Everyone of them makes that same promise with the same results.

  • SniperFire

    ‘Because they are usually spent rather than saved, unemployment benefits have traditionally been seen as an “automatic stabilizer” on the economy. The U.S. Department of Labor found that every dollar in benefits spent had a $2 “multiplier” effect on the economy.’

    Well, sheeeeeeet man! Why not put everyone on unemployment if we buy into that Leftist tripe!

  • Unemployed1955

    Republicans have been against job programs for as long as I can remember and Republicans have been against unemployment extensions also. Unemployed Workers over 50 years old have a hard time finding a job and are unemployed a year or more are not at fault. The employers are looking to hire the workers that are 25 to 45 years old according to the U.S Department of Labor. 12-26-2013

    • Pablo Jones

      Against job programs? Is there a jobs program that would have turned this economy around? Which bill would have improved the economy that the Republicans have voted against? They voted for stimulus and continuing resolutions, unemployment extensions, jobs for teachers, jobs for police and firemen. The only thing they have been against is amnesty. So please tell me what bill would have improved things for America if only the Republicans didn’t block it.

      By the way unemployment for 25-54 year old people is 6.2%. Unemployment for 55 and up is 4.9%. Seems like it is easier for those over 55 to find jobs than below. Maybe those over 55 are too proud to take jobs they feel are beneath them.


      • turd

        Yep, and how many jobs bills has the Republican House put up in the last 5 years?

        Case Closed

        • Joe Smith

          4) H.R. 1230—Restarting
          American Offshore Leasing Now Act: H.R.
          1230 would require the Department of the Interior (DOI) to auction offshore oil
          and gas leases in the Central and Western Gulf of Mexico, as well as in an area
          off the coast of Virginia. The bill would help to reduce energy prices and
          promote job creation by expediting offshore oil and natural gas exploration in
          the Gulf of Mexico and the Virginia coast.

          1) H.R. 872—Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act:
          The bill would amend the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act
          (FIFRA) to clarify that the Administrator of the Environmental Protection
          Agency (EPA) or a state may not require a permit under the Federal Water
          Pollution Control Act for the application of pesticides regulated under
          FIFRA. By removing duplicative requirements, the bill would reduce
          overlapping and unnecessary regulation on pesticides that are already
          regulated, thereby reducing costs to both farmers and small business owners.

          6) H.R. 1231—Reversing President
          Obama’s Offshore Moratorium Act:
          H.R. 1231 would require that each five-year offshore oil and gas leasing
          program offer leasing in the areas with the most prospective oil and gas
          resources, and would establish a domestic oil and natural gas production
          goal. The bill would essentially lift the President’s ban on new offshore
          drilling by requiring the Administration to move forward on American energy
          production in areas estimated to contain the most oil and natural gas resources.

          7) H.R. 2021—The Jobs and Energy
          Permitting Act of 2011: H.R. 2021 would eliminate needless
          permitting delays that have stalled important energy production opportunities
          off the coast of Alaska. The bill would also eliminate the permitting
          back-and-forth that occurs between the EPA and its Environmental Appeals
          Board. Rather than having exploration air permits repeatedly approved and
          rescinded by the agency and its review board, the EPA will be required to take
          final action – granting or denying a permit—within six months.

          10) H.R. 1938— North American-Made
          Energy Security Act: H.R. 1938 would direct the President,
          acting through the Secretary of Energy, to coordinate with all federal agencies
          responsible for an aspect of the President’s National Interest Determination
          and Presidential Permit decision regarding construction and operation of
          Keystone XL, to ensure that all necessary actions are taken on an expedited
          schedule. The bill would promote job creation and energy security by
          ending the needless delay of the construction and operation of the Keystone XL

          16) H.R. 2433—Veterans
          Opportunity to Work Act: H.R. 2433 would create or modify programs
          that provide employment and training services to veterans and service members
          separating from active duty. The bill would also make changes to programs
          that offer home loan guarantees, ambulance services, and pension payments to
          qualifying individuals. Among other things, the bill would provide up to 12
          months of Veterans Retraining Assistance to no more than 100,000 unemployed
          veterans that enter education or training programs at community colleges or
          technical schools to prepare them for employment in an occupational field that
          is determined by Department of Labor to have significant employment

          17) H.R. 674—To amend the Internal Revenue Code of
          1986 to repeal the imposition of 3 percent withholding on certain payments made
          to vendors by government entities:
          H.R. 674 would permanently repeal the imposition of 3 percent withholding on
          certain payments made to vendors by government entities. Currently, the
          imposition of the 3 percent withholding is set to take effect on January 1,
          2013. If the 3 percent withholding tax were implemented as scheduled,
          government entities would be required to withhold 3 percent of payments to persons
          providing property or services to the government. For example, on an
          invoice for $20,000 the government would pay the business $19,400 and withhold
          $600 as a preemptive tax. These added costs would almost certainly
          translate into fewer private-sector jobs and higher costs for the government
          and taxpayers.

        • Pablo Jones

          The question is not how many bills the Republicans have created in the house, it is how many has the Democratic Senate acted on?

    • SniperFire

      ‘Unemployed Workers over 50 years old have a hard time finding a job and are unemployed a year or more are not at fault.’

      They are if they voted for Democrats. Companies are scared to even interview peeps over 40 much less 50, and minorities, for fear of discrimination lawsuits. But I am betting you are a big fan of ‘jackpot justice’ being used to ‘stick it to the man’, aren’t you? Can’t have it both ways.

      • Zen Grouch

        **They are if they voted for Democrats.**

        You’re saying if you didn’t vote for Obama and know the secret handshake when you go in for a job interview you’ll have no problems with being over 50?

        …I guess that makes as much sense as everything else you’re spewing.

        • SniperFire

          No, I didn’t say that. But you’ve never been accused of being bright or capable of following a discussion around here.

          • Zen Grouch

            **They are if they voted for Democrats.**

            So what were you trying to say when you typed the above?

            OK… I’ll admit you mentioned nothing about a secret handshake.

            But what is it exactly that separates those who are unemployed and over fifty… who voted Democrat from those who voted Republican.

            You stated the way they voted is the defining factor, so what is it?

            …don’t worry, I won’t hold my breath for a plausible explanation of your drivel.

    • bpbatista

      yes, Republicans are against government “jobs programs” that do not create jobs. We are in favor of private sector growth and prosperity that create real jobs and real wealth for everyone.

  • bpbatista

    Hey Sherrod, instead of extending unemployment benefits, which even Paul Krugman admits increases unemployment, why don’t you enact some policies that create jobs. Start by repealing Obamacare. Then reduce taxes and regulations. Then fewer people will need unemployment benefits for less time.

  • Unemployed1955

    Pablo Jones you have been in the land of Republicans for too long!

    For those over 50 and unemployed, the statistics are grim. While unemployment rates for Americans nearing retirement are lower than for young people who are recently out of school, once out of a job, older workers have a much harder time finding work. Over the last year, according to the Labor Department, the average duration of unemployment for older people was 53 weeks, compared with 19 weeks for teenagers.

  • stop ur whining

    I have a hard time defending those on unemployment. In my life i have been up and down. I have been fired from jobs, and had my position eliminated and never did i have to file for unemployment. I have always been able to find a new job asap. Now, none of the stop gap jobs were anything i would have called a career, but i was still earning a wage and paying my bills while i searched for something with a future.

    Times are tough and people are doing more with less but at the same time, people are still succeeding. The fact is that if you want it bad enough it is there for you, the problem is that all too often people claim to want it while complaining that life isn’t fair. BREAKING NEWS: life has never and will never be fair and to think otherwise would be foolish.

    I educated myself and spent 2 years working 80 hours a week at terrible jobs to pay off debt and set myself up for success. Never once did i complain that life wasn’t fair, not once did i give up. Today i have a great job with a great future. I have ZERO debt and am smart with my money.

    TOO many people today just want someone to take care of them, too much passing the buck. Perhaps if one knows they are going to run out of money they will make extra effort to go get a job. Whenever i lost a job i panicked, i could not / would not be able to sleep. It would make me sick. At the same time i have friends who would get canned and they all said the same thing. “i will just file for unemployment”

    That is how a safety net turns into a crutch.

    • willlam

      Why were you fired from JOBS? You ‘edumacated’ yourself……LOL. That explains everything.

      • ekwaykway

        Out trolling again my dear William. Guess you need some attention?

      • stop ur whining

        What is with the hate William? I am not, and will never be embarrassed of whom I am and how I got where I am today. I did educate myself, can you say the same? What is your highest grade completed, High School, Bachelors, MBA? The fact that you are mocking me points to the problem in this country. I am the American Dream. I started with nothing and built something and I am mocked for doing so. What do you do William? What is your net worth?

        It has been my finding that those who mock and hate do so because they have peaked in life and have nothing remaining. Underachievement breeds hate for those that invested in their futures and persevered.

  • Heath J

    Playing receptionist isn’t skilled labor. If you want to be paid more, learn a skill past answering a phone. Anyone with a pulse can do that.

    • Sean MacNair

      You need more than a pulse to redirect calls, take messages, page people not answering their phones, and dealing with the assholic public that insists that their needs are the only ones worth pursuing at that moment. Not as easy as it sounds.

      • Joe Smith

        Someone who can’t handle the above doesn’t deserve to be supported unless they are mentally handicapped

      • Heath J

        Even if I spotted you that one, it’s still hardly $18.00 per hour plus .gov benefits worthy pay.

        If it was, she wouldn’t have sat around waiting for this job to come back, there would be plenty of places willing to hire her.

  • Joe Sandor

    Liberals want to support folks on the taxpayer’s backs. PERIOD. Too many people hold and/or only apply out for jobs/pay they made before unemployment. If folks need the money, go to work at Walmart or Mickey-D’s. If it isn’t enough money, get a second job!~ Most of us have had to do this sometime in our career. It is time for those on unemployment. The short-term coverage, before the 2008 Federal extension, should be ample. The Constitution never promised a high paying job. It also never promised happiness, just the pursuit of one.

    • Sean MacNair

      Technically the Constitution never promised the pursuit of happiness either. That was the Declaration of Independence.

  • Donmega

    Paper routes are looking real good about now.

    • Rtgh123

      Right. Many papers are only issuing a paper edition a few times a week so I’m sure a paper route would be very lucrative.

  • Suzanne Runals

    There are pros and cons to every government program. I don’t believe people are treating unemployment benefits as welfare. I am 52 years old and this is my first time on unemployment. My benefits are also running out and I have looked extensively for employment with no luck. Yes I have interviewed and sometimes twice for a job but no success. I was a manager and I want to take a lower position with less pay but when I apply for lower positions I am asked why and the interviewer thinks I won’t stay long if they hire me.
    All honesty you can no longer collect for two years or longer I can only collect through another 5 months if the government approves the extension. I sure hope they do or I am going to loose my phone service and internet ; which by the way I need to have in order to find a job.

  • Jason M. Schmidt

    Rampant unemployment and cyclical career changes will become increasingly prevalent as industries implement new technology. I can foresee the typical fast food worker being replaced by machines/robots in the not-to-distant future. I’d suggest adjusting your skill set to be the one implementing these changes rather than being the one replaced by them.

  • Mark B

    Think the job market is bad now , wait till they force minimum wage up to $15.00 an hour . Thank the Libtards for the poor job market , its only going to get worse.

  • bigmacky

    unemployment went down from 105 weeks to a paltry 99 weeks – I mean who could sit around for just less than 2 years? wonder why the rate is so high? that absurd length of benefits, lack of real jobs (outside of service type jobs) jobs that used to drive America – manufacturing, textiles – these jobs were farmed out overseas to cheaper labor and materials – who’s fault is it? we can point fingers at the D or R parties but they both failed us – this used to be the greatest nation in the world – now? ehhh not the greatest – sorry to say – I don’t know which is but this grand country of ours needs a big political enema – flush out the stale content politicians who are out for their friends and let’s make this country truly great again – and no I don’t have the answers but I don’t believe Washington DC does either. either we can continue to point fingers and blame everyone else – or we can do something about it.

  • DR.X


    • ekwaykway

      Hi Mr. GRINCH

  • John Boy

    Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions for employment. I will always consider Lorain County and Elyria home, but I had to move to support myself and my family. I would have loved to stay in the area, but there wasn’t a job that could support my family to the style of living that I had become accustomed to and enjoyed. If this ever happened again I would move in the future as well.
    I believe in helping people that need help, but at some point people need to help themselves and be responsible for yourself. I won’t even get into what people who are on government assistance think of as entitlements now (i.e cell phones, cable television, internet service) that is a different topic.


  • ekwaykway

    We need to issue pistols and bullets to all unemployed people with instuctions to kill all family members first and themselves last so they don’t screw it up. Last and lastmost this will solve the problem. That not being said, remember to video the massacre and post it on FaceTube!

    • John Davidson

      What kind of a$$ are you?

      • ekwaykway

        Same kind of a$$ you are moron.

        • willlam

          You post unorthodox comments just to get attention,right? What’s wrong? Mommy not giving you any love? NO loving wife and kids? Please tell us your problems.

          • ekwaykway

            My sweet William. I merely expressed the feelings of many on this message board in a humorous, tounge in cheek manner I might add. But if you fail to see the humor my race baiting friend thats understandable. In answer to your query, I’am lonely at times, have no family to comfort me, alas I’am doomed to responding to your post. I’ve been exposed! :-o

          • ekwaykway

            What do you mean by unorthodox? This about religion or something? My mom is deceased if you must know. Anything else?

  • ekwaykway

    I learned my lesson never to post humorous sarcasm on this message board again!