April 21, 2014


Ex-boyfriend allegedly ransacks woman’s Lorain apartment

LORAIN — A visit from a former flame resulted in an assault and the destruction of her possessions, a Lorain woman told police.

The woman said that she was home about 8 p.m. when she heard a knock at her apartment door. When she answered, she found her ex-boyfriend, Michael Kincaid, 29, of the 200 block of West Eighth Street, Lorain.

The woman told police that they had dated but had not been together since September. The woman told officers Kincaid had been in jail, and she was surprised to see him at her residence in the 700 block of East Erie Avenue.

Kincaid told the woman he stopped by to pick up a few items of clothing he had left behind from when they were dating. The woman retrieved the boxes, gave them to Kincaid and told him to leave. However, Kincaid set the boxes outside her door and came inside the apartment.

The woman told police that Kincaid became upset and angry with her and started to attack her.

She told police she was able to fight him off and pushed him out the door.

However, several minutes later, she said she heard Kincaid climbing up to her second-story balcony. At that time, the woman left the property and ran to her family on Andress Court.

The woman called 911 and told police that she did not want to return to her apartment because she was “so upset and afraid” of Kincaid. Officers arrived and searched for Kincaid, who had left the apartment and his property.

About an hour later, the woman called 911 again in reference to damage allegedly caused by Kincaid.

Upon arrival, officers said the apartment was in “complete disarray and things were smashed and broken everywhere.”

Officers observed a smashed glass china cabinet, and miscellaneous items inside were broken.

Additionally, all of her clothing was placed in a pile and doused with bleach.

“In the kitchen, (he) filled her sink with all her pictures of her children and burned them,” the report stated. “He also poured milk throughout the apartment. In the bathroom, (he) took all of (her) children’s papers and put them in the tub and turned the water on.”

Kincaid then allegedly smashed the TV with the baseball bat and broke numerous picture frames. He also knocked over a TV in the back bedroom and destroyed a binder of her school work and books.

The woman signed an affidavit for assault and was advised the report would be on file.

  • beety

    He sure got alot done to be gone before the cops showed up….

  • DonMega

    Buy a gun an he wouldnt of made it pass your door.

    • WTFnext

      I think you mean “past” the door. Not pass!