November 26, 2014


Two arrested in series of home burglaries





LORAIN — Police made two arrests Friday of men they suspect are responsible for a series of home burglaries around Lorain and Amherst.

Around 6:30 p.m. Friday, police charged Shaun Kay, 29, and Christopher Harrold, 27, of Lorain, with aggravated burglary following reports of about 10 burglaries and attempted burglaries around Lorain in December.

Police started receiving tips and reports of home burglaries two weeks ago in the area south of Tower Boulevard and west of Oberlin Avenue in Lorain. Suspects stole guns, computers, jewelry and money.

When police started to receive reports of suspicious people offering to rake leaves or shovel snow in that same area officers began identifying the suspects. After working with Amherst Police who were investigating similar burglaries, police identified Kay and Harrold as the two responsible for the home invasions and burglaries. Kay and Harrold confessed to burglaries and were brought to Lorain City Jail where they are being held until their next hearing.

  • derp

    Is the neck tattoo a symbol of a degenerate?

    • Joe Smith

      So is their black Ninja T-shirts

  • Mark B

    Maybe they just looking for a toupee .

  • Frank Siegfried

    wonder if there are the two that broke into my house….would love to know.

  • therest_ofthestory

    Well Mr. Kay lived in the area and he’s currently on community control for a similar offense….

  • Dave Sommers

    The one has a crooked neck apparently.

  • Marion Unartel

    Makes me wonder if they broke in to two of our neighbors houses n 20th…hmm..Happy New Year to them. Instead of saying don’t drop your glass better tell them don’t drop the soap

  • DonMega

    I think they are Lovers.

  • beety

    Mr. Kay has a long history of opiate abuse..probably moved on to heroin by now. Birds of a feather flock together.

  • Frank Siegfried

    Can they get a list of the houses that these two robbed? Would love to see where they worked.

    • Lauren Kobida

      It’s listed on Lorain police site frank

      • Frank Siegfried

        Didn’t find it…is there a link??

  • The Great One

    The bald one came to my house a week ago or so. He had a snow shovel with him; glad I did not open the door and I listened to my instincts. The only way these people will learn their lesson is when someone pumps some lead in them. Time to get some heat!!!!!