November 29, 2014


Elyria man critical after stabbing at New Year’s Eve party

ELYRIA — A city man was critically wounded after being stabbed in his home around 11:40 p.m. Tuesday.

Bradley Fussi Sr., was stabbed 14 times, according to his girlfriend, Brittney Groves. Fussi, 36, was in critical condition Wednesday night at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, where Groves said he was in a medically induced coma. Two men and a woman were arrested around 7 a.m. Wednesday in connection with the stabbing, according to police spokesman Capt. Chris Costantino.

Groves said Fussi was ejecting an uninvited man, whose nickname is Tex, from a New Year’s Eve party at Fussi’s home at 637 W. River Road N., off Lake Avenue. Groves said Fussi knows the man casually and initially allowed him to stay, but the man was drunk and became obnoxious.

As Fussi was escorting the man out of his home, another man and a woman, who Costantino said are friends of Tex, arrived in a Ford Explorer and a fight broke out, according to Groves. Groves said Tex began fighting with her and Fussi intervened.

After Fussi intervened, Groves said Tex’s male friend stabbed Fussi.

“They tried to kill him,” said Groves, 21.

Groves said she dragged Fussi back into the home after the stabbing, and Tex and his friends fled in the Explorer. Groves said the couch she laid Fussi on quickly was covered in blood. “The last words he said before he passed out and quit breathing on me was, ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I love you,’” Groves said.





Costantino said suspect Christopher L. Robinette is nicknamed Tex and resembled the man Fussi ejected from his home. Robinette is known to associate with alleged stabber Roy Evans Jr. and suspect Amanda Kelly.

The three were arrested at Evans’ and Kelly’s home in the 100 block of Phillips Court about a half-mile from Fussi’s home. Costantino said police knew Robinette often hung out at the Phillips Court home.

“Between patrol and detectives, everybody did an outstanding job,” Costantino said.



Evans, 34, and Robinette, 31, of the 600 block of Garfield Avenue in Elyria, were each charged with felonious assault and were being held without bond at the Lorain County Jail on Wednesday night. Kelly, 26, was charged with obstructing justice and was being held in lieu of a $10,000 bond.

Evans and Robinette have a history of violence. Evans’ criminal record includes convictions for felonious assault and vehicular assault. Robinette’s record includes two assault convictions.

Kelly has convictions for disorderly conduct, persistent disorderly conduct and failure to control. Evans, Kelly and Robinette are due in Elyria Municipal Court today.

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  • Larry Crnobrnja

    Since rehabilitation doesn’t seem to work for these fools, how about a public execution?

  • Gun toting cracker

    Evans and Robinette have a history of violence…. Blame the Judges for not keeping them in jail…Judge Lisa A Locke Graves let him slide for Assault back in ’12 for $100. It still hasn’t been paid yet… No bench warrant for unpaid fines… There are a total of 48 entries in the Elyria Courts records alone. Why is this Judge still sitting? Is this how citizens of Elyria want their career criminals treated? You get what you vote for.

  • Gun toting cracker

    Roy Evans comes back not as violent with 12 entries on the record books. There are no violent crimes on his record, in Elyria. No Judge assigned to his newest case yet.

    • Kristi Eaton

      Roy is a very nice kind person i have known him since i was sixteen its not like him to act like that something must of been wrong cause he is about his family i know that for a fact so with tht said u guys dont know him he hasnt been in trouble in years and for the drugs lmbo. He dont do no heron crack coke meth or any sort of the such like some ppl. I know js maybe u guys shoud know he never was addicted to drugs never had to get help

  • Nicholas Tripphahn

    Sounds good to me Larry. That was my friend they stabbed. I wanna see both of those pos. heads on a stick! And they should be charged with attempted murder. WHY ONLY felonious assault they TRIED TO KILL my friend. And that is attempted murder!!!!!

    • Barbara Radke

      I wondered myself why not attempted murder? Seems fairly evident that was the intention.

    • Larry Crnobrnja

      14 stab wounds sounds like attempted murder to me.

    • Brenda

      I know there are children in that house, are they ok?

      • jennifer

        That’s what I’m wondering! That’s my daughters step brother

  • bigmacky

    get the bleach out – the gene pool needs sanitized

  • Kortney Davis

    I want to see Christopher aka tex do life in prison his assault in 2012 was on me with a gun he is a danger to society

  • DR.X


  • Mark B

    I have to agree , stab some one once and maybe felonious assault , stab someone 14 times and it is more than assault. Clearly this should be attempted murder. The judges need to stop putting this trash back on the streets. This is one of the main reasons it is not safe in Elyria.

  • jennifer

    Where the hell was Bradleys young child during all this?? Little Bradley is my daughters step brother!!!!

  • DarkwingDork

    I knew Christopher when he was a kid, he got the nickname Tex because he grew up in Houston. It’s a shame things ended up this way, he was a smart kid, he just had a crappy childhood due To his home life and fell in with the wrong crowd.

    • proccw

      that is just an excuse! people make decisions on their own. he is a grown man now and he could make better choices in his life but obviously that is not what he chooses to do. therefore you play you pay. nobody to blame but himself.

      • Jodi Asberry

        im so angry about this whole situation i know quite a few people who have had much higher bonds for non-violent petty crimes that just goes to show why lorain county has become such a violent place to live people can get away with stabbing a man in his own home over 14 times and they get low bonds and petty charges clearly they tried to take his life lets just please pray that Brad pulls through and they do not succeed in their attempt to murder him

        • It has to stop

          The girl is being held on a 10k bond for obstruction. The other 2 thugs are being held without bond.

          • S.A.

            That would mean the article would’ve had to have been read and paid attention to

          • aa

            Hmm well the whole story is def not out yet but im sure in time it will be two sides to every story no one likes being choked just saying sorry this happend this way glad everyone is ok the people there kno what really took place

          • blahhhhhh

            Known Facts of the case: Tex wanted more drugs and was really drunk…Brad and Brittany refused to sell cause it was close to the ball dropping and cause new people were ariving…Tex got loud and started cussing and threw a bottle in the house…Brad escorted Tex out by the throat and basically beat him up…Tex called Roy and Mandi for a ride and to say he didnt score no Herion yet he felt brad cheated him out of money somehow…Roy and Mandi show up demanding their part of the money spent from Brad…Mandi yelling from the van and Roy in the grass…Another fist fight and choking…Brad gets stabbed 14 times…Tex, Roy, and Mandi flee. My question is when is Brad and Brittany gonna be charged for there part in that nights events. Its not right that 3 people are being charged while 2 others broke the law and just because one of them was stabbed he doesnt get charged as well. And FYI I am friends with all of them and are only stating what everyone else is afraid to ask.