November 22, 2014


Commissioner Tom Williams to seek re-election

Tom Williams

Tom Williams

Lorain County Commissioner Tom Williams officially announced his re-election bid Wednesday.

Williams, 38, a Republican, took office in 2011. In a news release, Williams wrote that he has been a “fiscal watchdog” in his first term challenging wasteful spending and cronyism.

Williams said he had challenged county judges to reduce their budgets, helped with the county’s consolidation of 911 dispatching and reduced the cost of the St. Joseph’s Community Center bailout for taxpayers. Williams, of Amherst, said he has sought greater consolidation of services between communities and tried to increase transparency among the commissioners.

Williams, who earns about $77,000 annually, said in an interview that he has raised about $15,000 for re-election and hopes to raise $60,000. Williams is facing Democrat Matt Lundy, a 53-year-old longtime state representative from Elyria who took office in 2007 and whose term expires at the end of 2014.

Lundy is leaving the Legislature due to term limits. Lundy said he has raised about $20,000 and hopes to raise between $50,000 and $75,000.

Williams said he can work better with state Republicans, who control the House of Representatives and State Senate, than Lundy, a frequent critic of Republican Gov. John Kasich and his administration.

Lundy disagreed.

“Spending seven years in Columbus I know how Columbus operates,” Lundy said. “I don’t believe he has that experience or knowledge.”

Williams has frequently feuded with fellow Democratic commissioners Ted Kalo and Lori Kokoski, but said many registered Democrats countywide have told him they like having a Republican on the board to increase balance. Williams said its realistic to believe he can win in heavily Democratic Lorain County, saying he defeated then-state Rep. Joe Koziura, D-Lorain, in 2010, a former Lorain mayor.

Williams said being one of the few elected Republicans in the county is an asset. “I’ve been able to reach out to Columbus on behalf of the Republican side to in order to get things that benefit Lorain County that my fellow commissioners don’t have the ability to do,” he said.

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  • GreatRedeemer

    Just what Lorain County needs 3 D’s if he loses? Ill grant it’s hard to get the necessary second vote when its being blocked over party or belief but something needs to change.

    We continue to waste hundreds of thousands of dollar out at
    the airport all under this pretense that we can’t close it because of the
    loans. Fine, make the fees break even for the facility. You pay a professional
    FBO to manage the airport, why is there no expectation that the airport can’t
    be revenue neutral to the tax papers that don’t use it.

    • William

      I know this is an old post but I would like to add one thing. It seems Cordes is running the Airport . They are not renewing or extending leases of hangers and condos under the guise that they are not sure the Airport will stay open. How can that be if they are still getting federal grants from the FAA to help maintain it therefore they must keep it open unless they pay millions back to the FAA. So why in they world do they complain about the airport losing money when at the same time they will not renew or extend leases which helps make money.

  • DR.X

    hes got my vote ! we need to get the other 2 idiots out!

  • JoyceEarly

    Tom has done a phenomenal job and deserves his seat! He has my vote.

  • skipsailing

    Let’s see how much money the unions give Lundy. That’s the way to works. The unions help get Democrats elected and then those Democrats “negotiate” new union contracts. How is that supposed to improve our finances? Are we supposed to become Detroit?

    • therest_ofthestory

      That’s not necessarily the case! Take a look at Joshua Thornsberry and Greg Argenti. If you haven’t been reading the paper lately, there’s an ongoing situation with labor and the dems.

      • skipsailing

        Sorry but Joshua Thornsberry’s web page show endorsements from several unions. I have a hard time believe that this guy would bite the hand that fed him.

      • skipsailing

        Greg Argenti had no problem displaying his union endorsements, just like Thornsberry.
        If they take union money to get elected, the union owns them. Unions like to get a decent return on their investment. They don’t give away campaign money for nothing.

        • Joe Smith

          SHouldn’t be able to buy votes

  • It has to stop

    Come on sheep of Lorain County, quit voting for the “D” or “R” behind the name. Mr Williams has proven over and over to be an excellent steward of our funds despite one commissioner who goes around with her boyfriend in her jammies to beat up ex boyfriend and the other commissioner who’s own business goes bankrupt fighting Mr. Williams the entire way.

  • Bill

    Correct me if I am wrong, but if it wasn’t for Tom Williams then we would have an emergency tax hike shoved down our throat after the last levy was voted down. This has already happened before when there were 3 democratic commissioners who refused to listen to the voters, 2 of who are currently serving now. You need to have some kind of stop gap in place and Tom is that person. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to him at the fair this year and he will have my vote along with my family.

  • Jefferey

    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I voted for him the first time but after he refused to take a pay cut I will not vote for him again. If he was really serious about saving the county money he would have done all things possible to take that pay cut when he first became commissioner.

    • stillsleepyeyes

      I don’t hear Lundy taking a pay cut?????

    • It has to stop

      He wasn’t able to take the pay cut due to a pending divorce. By state law none of them are able to take a pay cut. After Kalo brought this up without discussing it with either of his fellow commissioners and even upsetting his fellow democrat they decided to donate a percentage of their pay. Mr. Williams was unable to due to the reason listed above. I have no doubt without that obstacle he would have.

  • Jamie Smith

    Wow…Who in there right man would vote for Mr. Williams over Matt Lundy… Mr. Williams is a trouble maker in his seat. He is not proud of Lorain County as he doesn’t allow his name to be posted with the other Commissioners at Lorain County JFS and The Airport etc….Be wonderful to have Matt Lundy as our new commissioner as he is a proven successful Man and he is proud of Lorain County….My Vote and I hope your’s is for MATT LUNDY.

    • Tamra Tury

      Trouble maker? More like a babysitter with two spoiled children to deal with if you ask me. Tom Williams has fought to save us money and no one has worked harder to bring businesses to Lorain County. Having pride in our county has nothing to do with why he doesn’t have his name on a sign either. You vote for whomever you like but I’ll vote for the best person for the job..and that is TOM WILLIAMS!

    • oldruss

      Commissioner Williams doesn’t just go along with the two Democrats, and if he stands up for the taxpayers against the tax and spend Democrats, all the better. “Who in there (sic) right man (sic) would vote for Mr. Williams over Matt Lundy(?)” I would guess a lot of taxpayers will.

    • stillsleepyeyes

      The two places that can’t even support their self………………won’t want my name on it ether…………………….

    • Bill

      As with someone else on this thread let me educate you Jamie. The reason he doesn’t have his name plastered all over the place like the other 2 is that there is a cost associated with doing that and he prefers not to pass that cost on to the taxpayers. When you had the 3 “D’s” running this county they took a perfectly good and aesthetically pleasing sign down at the airport to put their names on it at a cost to the taxpayers. Does that show pride in Lorain County? No, it shows the arrogance they have always shown to the taxpayers with no regard whatsoever to who pays the bills.

    • Joe Smith

      If you don’t blindly go lockstep with the others you are a troublemaker? We need more troublemakers then.