November 28, 2014


Police say witnesses not cooperating in assault investigation

OBERLIN – Police said witnesses have not cooperated with an investigation of an assault at B McK’s Public House in December in which a man went to the hospital with severe injuries.

The alleged victim, Robert Smith, was a member of Oberlin POWER, which stands for Providing Oberlin with Efficiency Responsibility.

POWER is a grassroots organization with a mission to increase the energy efficiency of homes in Oberlin, according to its website.

Smith was discharged from  MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland this week after being transferred there from Mercy Allen Hospital on Dec. 21 with brain bleeding and fractures to his face.

Police Lt. Mike McCloskey said officers haven’t had a chance to speak with Smith yet, due to his condition.

The investigation has proved difficult, as witnesses at the bar refused to cooperate with police, according to a police report.

Officers were called to B McK’s, located at 38 South Main St., at 12:27 a.m. Dec. 21 after receiving an emergency call regarding a fight. An officer observed a man being restrained behind The Feve as he was yelling that “some people knocked a man out,” according to the report.

Smith was later found in an alley near B McK’s, and he was unconscious with severe injuries.

Officers spoke with the witness at The Feve, who told police he could identify the assailant. He walked over to B McK’s but did not identify the person and later disappeared as the officer returned to check on Smith, police said.

Several witnesses in the bar told police that Smith had been trying to dance with all of the women at the bar and was intoxicated, but the witnesses refused to identify the assailant.

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  • oldruss

    I suppose the bartender, along with B McK’s Public House’s regulars, is being uncooperative too?
    Shut the place down. Apparently, B McK’s Public House is a public nuisance, and it’s clientele are dangerous to the public in general. The Feve is a local college hang-out; having this kind of criminal activity so close to the Feve is simply not acceptable.

  • Jamie Smith

    Wow… You just hate to hear of anybody beaten so severely for ANY reason. A Person or Person’s who would do this is VERY dangerous to the public and needs to be locked up with the true Badboys. Oberlin doesn’t need people like this walking Our streets. If Witness’s and/or Employee’s at B Mck’s don’t come forward and tell the truth then CLOSE THE PLACE DOWN< ASAP…!!!


      So put a business owner out of business, other employees out of work, and lessen the tax base of a city because the customers and/or the one employee tending bar may or may not have seen anything and even if they did, choose to exercise their right to not participate in the investigation? News flash for you, if “people like this” aren’t at BMcks they will still be walking your streets or drinking in another of your bars. Close it down, brilliant………..

      • Heath J

        Because banning something is an instant fix, didn’t you know?

        Remember when they banned alcohol? It worked great!

        Oberlin Morons.

        Some drunk jack@ss got thumped. Think of it as instant Karma.

  • Zen Grouch

    If you’re drunk, stupid and bother every woman a the bar, chances are someone is gonna teach you the meaning of the word *NO!*