November 26, 2014


Amid heroin epidemic, schools to hold awareness night

GRAFTON — Four area school districts, including Columbia, Midview, Keystone and North Ridgeville, are partnering with the Lorain County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services to hold a drug addiction awareness night at 6:30 p.m. Jan. 22 at Midview Middle School.

The goal is to help raise awareness on the issue of drug and alcohol abuse.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to host this important event,” Midview Middle School Principal John Brown said. “In partnering with several area services and school districts, we hope to bring attention to this very real issue faced by our community.”

The event comes on the heels of Lorain County Coroner Stephan Evans’ release of statistics showing that 2013 was a record-setting year for fatal drug overdoses in the county. There were at least 67 fatal overdoses from heroin, prescription pills or a combination of both in 2013, compared with 60 in 2012, according to Evans. There were 22 each in 2010 and 2011.

Evans has said the spike mirrors a trend in Ohio and nationally. As laws have tightened for prescribing pills, addicts have switched to heroin, which is cheaper and easily available on the streets. Evans said about 60 percent of deaths in 2013 involved heroin. In 2012, roughly 60 percent of deaths were from pills

Scheduled speakers for the upcoming event include Evans, pharmacist and Midview School Board member Janet Winslow, LCADA CEO Thomas Stuber, Judge Deborah Boros, Midview Schools Superintendent Scott Goggin and members of the Lorain County Sheriff’s Department.

Also speaking at the event will be Robby’s Voice President Rob Brandt. Robby’s Voice is a nonprofit organization that works to help prevent and deal with drug addiction by providing resources and tools for parents, students, schools and communities.

The schools plan to hold a second event in the near future, which will focus on supporting those who are fighting drug and alcohol abuse.

“Drug and alcohol abuse is something many individuals are struggling, with not only across the country, but in our local communities as well,” Midview Superintendent Scott Goggin said.

“This event provides us the opportunity to take our experience as educators and use it to inform and help those in our area. Our goal is to discuss the problem, bring awareness to it and hopefully educate one another on how we, as a community, can prevent drug addiction.”

  • Don

    Is nasal narcan available to parents and family member of known heroin users yet?

    • rudepplsuck

      If it was your child addicted to this garbage, would you want it to be?

      • It has to stop

        Stupid reply but then most of your post are.

      • Joe Smith

        Are you saying you would want your child to die if they were addicted?

  • Don

    I have worked in the prehospital medical field for over 26 years and have seen first hand the results of Heroin overdoses. The distribution and access to nasal Narcan is very useful and a priority when someone recognizes that a friend or loved one has overdosed. Communities should be active in requesting this form of opiate reversal medication to be used by family members. And yes rudepplsuck, if my child was using and I knew it, I would have this medication on hand!

  • rudepplsuck

    Thank Don, i actually have two teenage boys who are addicted to heroin and i get so sick of people coming on here and just being nasty about addicts. Putting them into one big group and saying things like they are worth nothing and just let them die. It makes me angry and that is why i asked that question because i would absolutely want the nasal narcan to be available to me and my family. I would do anything in the world to save them. The people who get on here just to be nasty and start arguments with others don’t know how they would feel if it was their child. That is all. Nice to finally see a comment from someone that has compassion for others.
    Also, i don’t typically respond to the ignorant comments on here “IT HAS TO STOP” so i don’t know why you feel my response was stupid. I wasn’t saying anything nasty. I was simply asking a question. Thank You!!

    • jz

      Your 1st comment was confusing and easy to misinterpret.

    • Zen Grouch

      Sometimes the message isn’t as clear as it should be, when a question is answered with another question.

      When you leave room for less than accurate interpretations, you bare some responsibility.

    • It has to stop

      Sorry, as jz stated your 1st comment was easy to misinterpret. As far as my second statement above sorry about that also. Glanced at the moniker and thought it was someone else. I also have a son who is a heroin addict. He has been clean for 6 months but having the narcan for the first responders is a great idea.