November 22, 2014


Weather Update: Lorain County under Level 1 snow emergency

Trucks battle blowing snow and freezing winds on Route 58 at Route 303. BRUCE BISHOP/CHRONICLE

Trucks battle blowing snow and freezing winds on Route 58 at Route 303. BRUCE BISHOP/CHRONICLE

Lorain County Sheriff Phil Stammitti has issued a level 1 snow emergency for Lorain County until further notice.

The level 1 snow emergency means roadways are hazardous, and drivers are advised to drive with extreme care.

Drivers are encouraged to avoid driving until the weather situation improves, if possible.

A memo released by the sheriff’s office on Jan. 2 describing what each level entails can be found below.

Updated list of events and businesses closed because of the weather.


  • Tom

    Lets get this thing boosted to level 3 so i can go home from work! And hopefully no one gets hurt.

    • Michael

      Good luck with your car starting. At 1:23pm it is minus 1 and mine, which I drove about 9, grumbled for a bit. These temps take their toll on batteries, oil (thickens), other fluids (my power steering didn’t feel like it for about 30 seconds). Good luck!

      If you get a break before quitting and your car is close, go run it for a few minutes. The oil warms up quicker than it cools back down.

      Used to deal with this in Anchorage Alaska Dec-Feb.

      BTW, what good the salt did is being undone by the temps. The melt is now freezing, so busy roads are still icing.

    • Phil Blank

      They said on Channel 5 last night that its so cold, your antifreeze would no longer work.
      Cracked engine block is what you’ll likely have if parked outside.

      According to NOAA weather the states along the Gulf of Mexico have a Hard Freeze Warning. Expect damaged crops and the price of citrus to go up.

  • Phil Blank

    Why not do like the mayor of Indianapolis did?
    He banned all driving in the city.
    Just think, if you are a cell phone tech, if there is a problem at a inter-city tower, you ‘must’ go fix it and there is no traffic to deal with.

  • ZX3

    -9 at 5 pm my Jeep thermometer said driving home here in Lorain.