November 23, 2014


Weather delays Chronicle-Telegram delivery

Because of the weather, the majority of the Chronicle-Telegram delivery routes were not completed this morning.

For customers who did not receive Tuesday’s newspaper today, it will be delivered tomorrow along with Wednesday’s edition.

If you do not receive a Tuesday paper with tomorrow’s delivery, call our circulation department at 440-329-7200.



  • Vicki H

    I think you should reward those carriers who DID deliver! That is one tough job!

    • Jamie Bryner

      thank you Vicki h I delivered mine and froze my butt off doing so had no idea we had a choice….and I agree totally for the ones who were out there lol

  • Della Marie Roig

    I was also out there doing papers too ,an had 2 pairs socks on 2 pairs of pants an still was freezing