May 23, 2016

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Water emergency could cause school closings

The ongoing water emergency in Lorain County could mean another day off from school for local students.

Columbia Schools will be closed Thursday because of water supply problems.

Other schools will wait to see if water service is restored in the morning before making a decision.

Avon City Schools Superintendent Mike Laub said on Wednesday the water department will update the school district on the water situation at 5 a.m. Thursday. If there is no water, the district will send an alert message and notify news outlets that school will be closed. If there is water, school will be open and there will be no message from the district.

“We understand that the uncertainty of not knowing until the morning makes planning difficult,” Laub said in a post on the district’s website. “Hopefully this message will enable you to put contingency plans in place if we do need to close.”

Keystone Local Schools posted a similar message on its website Wednesday evening, saying that if the water situation isn’t fixed by morning, there won’t be school.

“At this time we are assuming and hoping they will get it fixed, but will not be able to let you know otherwise until tomorrow morning,” the post says.

Avon Lake City Schools Superintendent Robert Scott said he will make a decision at 4 a.m.

North Ridgeville City Schools Superintendent James Powell said most of the district’s buildings are on the side of town that receives water from Elyria, and will be open on Thursday.

The only schools on the side of town affected by the water emergency are Lear North Elementary and the Kindergarten Education Center, and Powell said he will make a decision in the morning if those schools will be closed.

Information on Sheffield Lake schools was not immediately available.