November 26, 2014


Surveillance photos from armed robbery released


The FBI has released photos of the suspect in an armed robbery at CommStar Credit Union in Lorain. COURTESY PHOTOS

LORAIN — The suspect in an armed robbery at CommStar Credit Union remained at large Thursday.

Police and the FBI are investigating the incident, which occurred at 4:49 p.m. Wednesday at the CommStar Credit Union, 5609 W. Erie Ave.

bank robbery suspect 2Surveillance photos released Thursday show the suspect, described as a white or Latino man about 30 years old, 5-foot-5 and wearing black clothing, including a mask.

The man, armed with a pistol, herded three employees and two customers into a bathroom before robbing the credit union, according to police spokesman Capt. Roger Watkins. No one was injured.

Reward money is available for information leading to the identity and successful prosecution of the suspects. Tips can remain anonymous and may be provided to the Lorain Police Department or the FBI.

  • Guest

    Cudo’s to the Commstar CU Staff for doing what they needed to do, and no one got hurt!

  • ched

    TTL no one got Hurt. Hope they catch this idiot, and FAST!

  • Kelvin Gray

    Oh my gosh. Here we go again. More white crime in Lorain County. I don’t think I can handle this. The whites are taking over everywhere now, even in the robbery department.

    • jz

      FYI. The article states Latino suspect. Your comment is ridiculous.

      • Joe Smith

        I am surprised the media isn’t calling him a white hispanic

      • Kelvin Gray

        Really? I my be wrong but I’d swear it stated WHITE OR Latino. Here I go being a product of the public “proof reading” system again. Are they absolutely sure it wasn’t a black man? I’m just saying.

        • jz

          Sorry. I missed part of the sentence where it said white. I can,t figure if you are being sarcastic or not with the whites are taking over stuff.

  • Gun toting cracker

    Gentlemen, lets not focus on race here and play into the Liberal agenda. It’s a crime issue, not a race issue.

    I would also like to point out that banks, with all their hidden fees and expenses, shouldn’t be permitted any more to use taxpayer security (FBI, Police). to get cash back, given away with just a note.

    Granted in this case a weapon (gun) was displayed, banks resist using security measures that would curb armed robberies.

    The policy of “give robbers what they want, and they will go away” cost taxpayers millions every year.

    Once banks lose this taxpayer funded benefit they will figure out how not to let robbers out of the front lobby with trap doors.

    • starbright

      i agree to much money being invested in the crimes and on top of that were still paying for these idiots once there in jail… i think they should be handed a bill when its all said and done…