June 27, 2016


Man who dumped garbage in Elyria yard found guility

David Huhn

David Huhn

ELYRIA — A Lorain man who dumped garbage on a homeowner’s front lawn was fined Thursday.

David Huhn, 43, was found guilty of littering and depositing garbage by Elyria Municipal Court Judge Lisa Locke Graves. He was fined $250, but $125 of the fine was suspended, according to personnel in Locke Graves’ offices, and a 30-day jail sentence was suspended for good behavior for two years.

The case dates to a July 24 incident when Elyria police were called to the home of a West River Road, North, couple who reported coming home to find a large amount of trash dumped in their driveway. The garbage included household items and a number of hypodermic needles.

The mess was taken away two days later by Elyria Sanitation Department workers with the help of three vehicles including a backhoe, Bobcat and garbage truck.

The upset residents found a piece of paper with an address on it that led them to a home where they found a dump truck parked in the driveway.

Huhn, who was identified from the address written on the scrap of paper found by the couple, told police at the time he believed he was dumping trash on an empty property.

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