November 22, 2014


Man pleads not guilty to September shootings

Terrell Fennell

Terrell Fennell

ELYRIA — An Elyria man who was charged with multiple shootings at Paul’s Beverage Warehouse and Red Roof Inn pleaded not guilty Thursday at Lorain County Court of Common Pleas.

Terrell “ToodaB” Fennell was arrested in South Carolina in October after fleeing the city following shootings on Sept. 20 and 22. Police said no one was hurt in the shootings, but parked vehicles were struck in each incident.

Bond was continued for Fennell, whose pre-trial hearing is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Monday before Common Pleas Judge Mark Betleski.

  • Mark B

    Really , some one who goes around shooting things up is let out on bond , will the judge be held responsible if this guy kills someone while out on bond ?

  • Gun toting cracker

    Fifteen entries from 2011.

    Judge Gary Bennett had Terrell 6 times for operating a motor vehicle without a license. He just goes out and does it again.

    It gets better.

    Judge Lisa Graves had him 5 times in 2013. 2013CRA03040 possession of Heroin, Cocaine, and weapons under disability. All felonies, this guy is still running the street. Judge Graves soft on crime, or is this a way of creating revenues for the Court?

    2013CRA03099 Felonious assault: Weapons under disability, 2 more felonies, Judge Graves,,,,,,

    She must like the guy. Now he’s back shooting the place up. I won’t call these Judges negligent, to the point they are, themselves a danger to the public.

    This guy should never have got to South Carolina. I don’t think 15 years would be too much for this career criminal.

    Anybody else?

    • Mark B

      If this was the Judge in Oberlin Court he would of been doing a long prison sentence a long time ago. Elyria Judges are way to soft on crime. Unless you have a job and they can extort lots of money from you , then they stick it to you !

      • Mike Litoris

        They have to keep Elyria populated SOMEHOW…

  • WouldntYu Love ToKno

    Thts my homie smh

    • It has to stop

      Was. At least for the immediate future this pinhead is going to be bunked with Bubba who is going to teach him a different kind of lovin…..

      • Gun toting cracker

        Just what he needs is more education, to share with a unsuspecting public.