November 28, 2014


Elyria City Schools closed because of power outage

Classes are canceled today for all students of Elyria Schools due to a major utility failure.

Electricity is out at Elyria High School and the ripple effect is the loss of breakfast and lunch to all students in the district, said Amy Higgins, district spokeswoman.

Elyria High is home to the district’s central kitchen, where all meals in the district are prepared. More than 60 percent of students eat meals provided by the district.

Repair persons are at the high school assessing the problem, Higgins said. As of yet, there is no timetable for when the power will be restored. The power outage is only at Elyria High School; nearby residents are not affected.

The districtwide closure does not pertain to students who attend Lorain County Joint Vocational School or Early College. Busing will be provided for those students.

Elyria Catholic High School posted on Twitter that it is not affected by the utility problem and will be open today.


  • Heather Sorg

    I think they failed to let the crossing guards know, I saw a couple on the way to work this morning.

    • It has to stop

      Maybe they still have to be there in case there were some family’s that did not get the notice and sent their children on their way?

  • oldruss

    This is a prime example of how centralization of operations can have unintended consequences, and not for the better. Better that each school have the capacity to function independently; just as each school district should function independently and not be compelled to adopt state or national standards. The Five-Year Plans created by Moscow rarely produced the desired results; which should have been a lesson for the rest of us.

    • Chris Schneider

      I forgot, being fiscally responsible as a school district and soviet Russia are the same thing. How could I forget.

      • oldruss

        I suppose it might be less expensive to make all the breakfasts and all the lunches at one place, and then transport them to all of the various schools in the district. But, I have to also suppose that if this were such a fiscally responsible concept, that all the school districts would adopt it. Better yet, let’s pool our resources and have all the school districts in the county prepare breakfasts and lunches for all the schools in the county in one central location. Let the central kitchen manager plan the menus, too.

        Penny wise and pound foolish.

  • Anthony Sweeten

    They should of held classes and just worked with local pizza shops and restaurants to have food provided. No need to cancel school for this.

    • Jared Donnelly

      Absolutely ridiculous.

  • brenda

    How are they suppose to use the restroom AND wash their hands?? Mmm ??

    • Bill

      The power outage was at EHS. All the other schools closed due to not being able to feed the children. They could use the restroom and wash their hands just fine.

      • Erica Hall

        so do they have school tomorrow? just curious

        • brenda

          Not sure keep an eye for the evening paper n watch the news. But if I here anything I’ll be sure to let you know. You all have a blessed day.

      • brenda

        How do you know, have you been to any of the schools to find out?

        • Guest

          No Brenda I haven’t been to the schools. I simply read the story where they said the outage is at EHS.

    • brenda

      From what I’m reading they have power outages also. Let’s just continue to pray that all the schools can fix what is going on. And besides I wouldn’t want a cold lunch thats supposed to be hot, n you’re going to put up your money to feed thousands of children. So glad mines are grown but I do have grandchildren and great niece’s n nephew’s. But believe at some point in the day they do have school with their parents. Stop graping n try that you may see that it is kinda of fun to interact with your family.