October 20, 2014


Lorain County Commissioners split over vote for president

Tom Williams

Tom Williams

Ted Kalo

Ted Kalo

ELYRIA – For the second year in a row, Lorain County Commissioner Tom Williams has lost out on a chance to serve as president of the Board of Commissioners.

The role instead went to Commissioner Ted Kalo, who served as president last year, during a split vote at the commissioners’ organizational meeting today.

Williams, the lone Republican on the board, argued that it was his turn to serve as president, a job he was skipped over for last year.

Traditionally, the position has rotated among the commissioners, but last year Kalo and Commissioner Lori Kokoski snubbed Williams after accusing him of making the board appear divided.

Kokoski, who nominated Kalo to be president again this year, said that she felt her fellow Democrat was doing a good job. When Williams complained, she said that he has a tendency to bring up issues at board meetings without giving her and Kalo advance warning. She also said Williams had dropped her as a friend on Facebook.

Williams said he stopped being friends with Kokoski on the social media site in December 2012 after a series of personal attacks by those close to the Democratic commissioners. He also accused Kalo and Kokoski of doing the bidding of Lorain County Democratic Party Chairman Anthony Giardini.

“I understand you take your orders from Giardini,” Williams said.

Both Kokoski and Kalo denied that was the case.

“That’s so far from the truth,” Kokoski said.

Read Tuesday’s Chronicle for more on this story.

  • luvmytoaster

    Wah, wah – he dropped me from facebook! These Democratic commissioners are a joke!

    • jz

      Making a mountain out of a mole hole over the facebook stuff is as petty as the facebook stuff some of you are pointing out. The article also states that “Williams said” he dropped her. As a journalist why is that even news?

  • stillsleepyeyes

    And the puppet master gardwennie still has control of the strings……………K&K got to go………they can’t make decisions on there own………..

  • GreatRedeemer

    What difference does it make. The two Dems would not vote for anything presented by Williams.

  • Flavia Martens

    All three of them are disgraceful. We need a clean sweep at all levels of county government.

  • Arnea98

    Ted, you’re a crook. If you all knew him in his bar days. Ridiculous!

  • Robert Ives

    Time for Lori and Ted to step down!

  • Tamra Tury

    I noticed that the two K’s had nothing negative to say about Tom Williams job performance. Nope,its all just me me me. Tom Williams has proven himself and he will have my vote. The other two can’t be gone soon enough as far as concerned.

  • Christine Camarillo-Winrod

    What an utter embarrassment we have in Lorain County. Commissioner Williams “isn’t my friend on Facebook” is now a reason to vote against Williams serving as Board President? What a joke!! Good grief! Let’s vote Williams in for 4 more years!!!

  • formerlorainresident

    County Commissioners are responsible for overseeing budgets and spending the money. But the president, Kalo, himself has a history of failure in his personal business.


    • stillsleepyeyes

      And still hasn’t paid his bills…………………..but I bet he doesn’t lose any sleep over it………..just runs up his bills and moves out of town……….lol

    • jz

      Making decisions on how to spend what has become limited tax revenues due to the economy is quite different from running a carpeting business. I have no knowledge as to how or why the business went down other than it is one of many that have done so with he current economy. If he ran Wickes Lumber would that not be similar? They also went out of business. Overseeing budgets and what you call “spending money” is very different when as a commissioner he is really “allocating money” while deciding where are the priorities. If you are gonna criticize off of someone’s personal life then Williams also is human and has his, which really has little to do with any of their performances as commissioner.

      • stillsleepyeyes

        Well then I guess ted “allocated” his money in the wrong places in his personal life just as he is doing now in his government life………the only difference is when he runs out of money in his government life he just asks for more…………..cuts services to affect the public until he gets his way…………..unlike his personal life to where he runs his bills up and doesn’t pay them…………..then he moves……………….and yes when your are in the public sector…………..all skeletons are counted………..especially by the media………….

  • It has to stop

    Seperated at birth?

    • stillsleepyeyes

      Ted’s twin brother…………I knew I seen him before.lmao

    • Denise Caruloff

      …omg.. at 1st thought the picture ws in bad taste..but then I went up to ted’s picture …How did you find that picture…I laughed…my bad…sorry.

      • It has to stop

        That’s Jeeb’s from Men in Black. Ted’s long lost brother.

  • Anthony Sweeten

    They did the wrong thing last year and instead of correcting it this time the 2 dems just added to their mistake. You know damn well that if it was two republicans who did this that there would be this big investigation and inquiry into the two board members conspiring against the third. The democratic chairman would be yelling and screaming about the unfairness of it all but as its a republican being wronged oh they do not see any wrongdoing. So next election lets vote 2 new members in either 2 republicans or 2 independents that lean conservative and see how things shake up.

  • oldruss

    Rotating the chairmanship would seem to be the fairest way to handle this politically difficult issue; but no, the Democrats use their muscle to get their way. After all, Lori got unfriended on Facebook, and you just can’t let that kind of thing go.

  • Michelle

    Bahahaha!!!!! Mr.Williams, it might be a good idea to become Facebook friends? Instead of reading about Kokoski in Cops and Courts with all her boyfriend stories, you could instant message her. Kalo could always use an ear with all his financial problems, IM him. The two K’s could use some great advice from you!

    Tomorrow’s Headline “Williams is now Keeping Up With The Kardashians!”

  • stop ur whining

    They all whine, bicker and act like children. Get rid of all of them, Lorain County is not getting any better so i think a change is in order.

  • HankKwah

    She also said Williams had dropped her as a friend on Facebook.

    And there lies the reason that the dems hate the Republicans. All these differences, but at the base of them all, no longer FB friends.

  • Bill

    Pajama biting boyfriends and a bankrupt buffoon and now hurt feelings over a Facebook un-friending but yet you idiots of Lorain County keep voting the 2 K’s in. All because of the D behind their names.

  • Denise Caruloff

    omg…dropped from fb…really???? now I have heard everything…good grief…. He also accused Kalo and Kokoski of doing the bidding of Lorain County Democratic Party Chairman Anthony Giardini. LOL….AND THE BEAT GOES ON TOM…

  • mike

    Really???? We have a county commissioner crying cause he didn’t get his turn to be president and the other two crying cause they were defriend on facebook

    how old are these commissioners>……Eleven years old maybe??? Cause they act like 6th graders

  • formerlorainresident

    I think we should all “friend” Lori on her Facebook page so she doesn’t feel so lonely.

    • John Davidson

      If we became Lori’s friend we would probably loose all our other friends.

  • Stan K

    IMO Kalo, Kokoski and Williams should all be removed from their positions.They are all an eyesore on Lorain county and the political system.It’s time these “losers” pack it up and allow someone else to direct lorain county.It Is obvious these idiots only have the capacity to play kids games.

  • Peter Aldrich

    Funny how my comments about the Puppetmaster disappeared. Tony, CAN YOU NOT HANDLE THE TRUTH. Going to kick anyone else out like you did Mark Stewart? I will not say what I think of you Tony, as I at one point respected you. Than I found out you are just like the old days. I respected Papa Joe. He was at least open minded. Can’t say same for you……………

  • fortheluvof

    Please re-elect the three stooges so the whole county looks like the representation.