November 21, 2014


Attorney plans run for Matt Lundy’s seat

Brendan Macklin

Brendan Mackin

AVON LAKE — The field of candidates vying to replace state Rep. Matt Lundy, D-Elyria, is getting crowded.

Attorney Brendan Mackin, son of former Avon Lake Municipal Court Judge John Mackin, is the latest to announce that he will seek the seat that Lundy must vacate at the end of the year because of term limits.

Running as a Democrat, Mackin will face Elyria City Councilman Marcus Madison, D-5th Ward, in the primary.

The only Republican to announce his candidacy is North Ridgeville prosecutor Nathan Manning, son of state Sen. Gayle Manning, R-North Ridgeville, and the late Lorain County Prosecutor Jeff Manning.

Mackin had previously run for county prosecutor but was defeated in the 2004 Democratic primary by now-county Prosecutor Dennis Will, for whom he later worked.

Mackin, who is married with one son, previously worked as an assistant prosecutor in Cuyahoga County. He is prosecutor and assistant law director for the city of Stow and also is a major in the Ohio Army National Guard.

“Mackin will work to promote economic growth and business development; a fair relationship between labor and business; and support law enforcement and veterans,” a news release said.

Mackin could not be reached for additional comment Tuesday.

Lundy has announced that he will try to oust Lorain County Commissioner Tom Williams, a Republican who is seeking a second term.

  • Suzan Smith

    The Ds are in full attack mode for control of Ohio!! Please, look and listen too all the candidates in the race before you vote. Politicians think you spend more time buying a car than deciding who you vote for – in fact, they count on that!!

    • Bob Owens

      How’s this Kasich thing worrking out for you? Ohio is 47th in job creation now. And where is Jobs Ohio in the Avon Lkae Ford job losses?

      • Conservator440

        Very well, thanks. Ford is Re-Tooling for new pick up trucks. Something they actually MAKE money on.
        How’s that hope and change working for you?? How’s that transparency thing working for you? How’s that you can keep your health plan working for you? How’s that NSA spying on everything you do working for you? How’s that ………(insert Democrat administration lie here) working for you????

      • Suzan Smith

        That’s just it. Rs & Ds bi-partisan partnership is not working for any of us.

    • Conservator440

      To quote an infamous former Secretary of State—what difference does it make?? As long as they are a Democrat, far to many of the sheeple here will continue to run down the D list on the voting machine. That gave us Obama and the rest of the jokers that have stagnated Lorain County for nearly a century. No one votes against their meal ticket.

      • Suzan Smith

        While that may be true for Lorain County, and I agree that it is, the R & D bi-partisan partnership has been working to set the stage for O for many decades. He may be firing the shots, but bi-partisanship continues to load the ammo.