November 25, 2014


One arrested, one sought after drug raids in Lorain

Members of the Lorain SWAT team remove their gear at the police station after a pair of raids Tuesday. BRUCE BISHOP/CHRONICLE

Members of the Lorain SWAT team remove their gear at the police station after a pair of raids Tuesday. BRUCE BISHOP/CHRONICLE

LORAIN — During a search for a suspected heroin trafficker in Lorain Tuesday morning, police arrested the man’s girlfriend who allegedly was attempting to bury a bag of drugs in her yard.

Purity Mealing

Purity Mealing

Damian Robertson

Damian Robertson

Police were still searching for Damian Robertson, 39, who they believe has been trafficking heroin in Lorain. They charged Robertson’s girlfriend, Purity Mealing, 27, with possession and trafficking of cocaine and heroin about 10 a.m. at her home Tuesday.

Police executed a search warrant at Robertson’s apartment at 1204 W. 13th St. about 8 a.m. Tuesday following a two-week investigation into Robertson’s alleged drug trafficking.

Police couldn’t find Robertson but found a gun, scales, plastic bags, syringes and grinders, all of which they believe were used for trafficking drugs, after searching his apartment.

“These are numerous,” Lorain police Detective Tom Nimon said of the trafficking tools. “There wasn’t just one grinder.”

In addition to the tools and gun, police found evidence that Robertson may have been making crack or heroin in the apartment, according to Nimon.

When they were unable to find Robertson, police went to his girlfriend’s house about 10 a.m. There, they saw Mealing climbing through a window into her backyard, where she knelt down and attempted to bury a bag in the ground, according to Nimon.

Police confiscated the bag and found two handguns, a syringe, 15 grams of heroin and more than 70 grams of cocaine inside the house.

The gun found at Robertson’s apartment — a Hurst pistol — is commonly known as a “cop killer.” It’s a rare gun which police believe may have been stolen recently from Avon Lake, according to Nimon.

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  • Rebecca Knotts

    GET THIS TRASH OFF THE STREETS!!! Makes me sick!!! Waste of life!!

    • willlam

      If these two “makes me sick”, you better call a doctor. Because there are more drug dealers than these two,talking to you and walking past you every day,living in your hood,working where you work,going to your church etc,etc.

  • Bob Sweatt

    Her name is Purity. Now that is funny.

    • Jennifer Williams

      Purity was definitely a joke right? Her parents must be proud!

      • Jay

        you don’t know her so u cant say nothing about her !

        • Jennifer Williams

          Oh I do not know her but I do know how to read. She was arrested trying to hide guns and drugs by burying them in her back yard. Her boyfriend and her are KNOWN drug manufacturers and dealers. Sorry but Purity will be behind bars for a while.

  • John Davidson

    You could probably arrest half the people in Lorain for drugs.

  • CharlesMartel732

    “a Hurst pistol” The reporter must be talking about the FN Herstal pistol which fires a 5.7 caliber bullet which has been reported as capable of penetrating body armor and Kevlar helmets. Most reports I’ve read indicate that the projectile, when fired from a pistol, is not any more capable of penetrating body armor than a .22

    Anti-gun folks call it a ‘cop killer’ although I can not find one report of any cop killed with this handgun. But, when one has an agenda to push, facts are usually the first casualty. Perhaps we can chalk this one up to poor reporting.

  • formerlorainresident

    The CT definitely has this one wrong, but don’t hold your breath on a retraction. Why would they let facts get in the way of a “good” story.

    The pistol is not a “cop killer” , meaning it can penetrate a police officers body armor, the ammunition is. To penetrate armor requires an SS190 load, which has always been restricted and is shipped only from a U.S. Customs controlled warehouse, and only to military and law enforcement agencies. None has ever been available commercially. The only ammunition commercially available for this pistol is the 28-grain JHP and the 40-grain V-Max loadings. Neither of these loads is classified as armor piercing by BATFE.

    The antigun crowd not wanting me to own one is enough reason to add one to my collection. I can assure you, whenever I do need to travel through Elyria, I am always carrying a concealed handgun. Legally!

    • Zen Grouch

      The gun was developed in conjunction with a cop killer round that fits this and it’s companion pistol.

      That’s why some, other than Chronicle Telegram reporters who are out for a “good story,” refer to it as a ‘cop killer’ gun.

      So, if the quality of the reporting on this FREE site insults your intelligence so often, why in the heck are you here? I mean, you left Lorain in the dust, so why not forget you ever saw this site and go away?

      • formerlorainresident

        I did not leave Lorain “in there dust,”it became a crime-infested, academically challenged “dustbowl,” then I left.

        I must admit, I don’t miss the Dollar Stores and Check Cashing stations on every corner. The constant sounds of police sirens and the beautiful scenery found on streets suck as Reid Avenue, 28th Street or South Broadway.

        As far as the quality of reporting on this site, regardless of if it is free, or not, journalists have a responsibility to report accurately. I know my expectations may be a little unrealistic, given the reporters are probably products of the Lorain School system!

        So why am I here, as I mentioned in a previous post, simply for the entertainment value. Maybe I need occasional reinforcement that I made the right decision by leaving. People like you provide me with that assurance that my decision was the right one.

        My loyalty to a city only goes so far. I value the safety of my family, the education of my children and the stability of property values over anything Lorain can now offer.

        So why are you still there? My guess is if the government handed you $1m, you would be out in a heartbeat. Would this not be the case?

        • Zen Grouch

          I’d have thought you’d be familiar with the concept of the rhetorical question by now.

          • formerlorainresident

            Unlike your question which you claim was rhetorical in nature, mine was not. So simply answer it.

            So what keeps you in Lorain? … Your love of the city? Your declining property values? Your desire to have your kids, if you have any, attend a school system with a “F” rating by the state? The high crime rate?

            By guess is it is your financial limitations. So what is it Zen? Be specific.

          • Zen Grouch

            You make faulty assumptions then build houses on ‘em.

            Why… because YOU drive a BMW and everyone else can kiss your shaved butt!

            I think I have the BMW thing worked out…

            It’s got something to the high suicide rate among dentists.

            This is due to the fact that many become dentists because they washed out of medical school. Click-Bang… bummer, ‘eh?

            Anyway, I have to wonder if BMW owners are more “entitled” and angry drivers than the average motorist, because even though they drive a well built German machine…

            …they still aren’t driving a Mercedes, and that eats away at ‘em.

          • formerlorainresident

            I welcome an intellectually honest debate. It is one of my favorite ways to learn.

            You can always tell when a person is losing a debate, it is when they try to diminish the argument of their opponent by calling the opponent a name that is subjective and unattractive. Sound familiar? Like your use of the words like “jerk.”

            Your rhetorical statements posing as questions are dishonest in themselves. If you want to make a statement, you should stand up like a man
            and do so. Don’t hide it in the form of a question.

            You can also tell you are losing because you constantly redirect the topic to another subject area, mistakenly thinking that you look better relative to the person you are debating. You constantly change the subject, while at the same time pretending to be refuting the original on-subject statements of

            While it may be true that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. But everyone is not entitled to their own facts or logic.

            Honestly Zen, you are really beginning to bore me. I thought I could hold an intelligent discussion, but you have proven yourself an unworthy opponent.

            Your latest ramblings bear this out. Can’t answer a simple question, but instead start talking about BMWs again? BMW is responsible for the high suicide rates among dentists? What is that all about? So one better sent you a life boat, because you are drifting far out into the ocean.

            As for Mercedes vs. BMW, we all have our preferences. I have owned several of both. I personally do not care for Mercedes vehicles. Just my preference, not a topic for debate, we all have our opinions.

            Though mine are based on actual ownership and thousands of miles behind the wheel of both. I can bet you never had a similar opportunity to own both, allowing you to make a first hand comparison. Your opinion is likely shaped on sterotyped attitudes, not actual ownership.

          • Zen Grouch

            You enjoy debate, because it’s a good way for YOU to learn?

            You really have no idea of how transparent you are to others, do you… very sad.

            As far as winning or losing goes…

            I would have to have a modicum of respect for you before breaking out the scoreboard or ruler in your case.

            OK, here’s a question that isn’t rhetorical…

            Why are you wasting so much time and effort writing to me?

            Is this a part of your learning process?

            Do you hope to change my mind about you being a total jerk?

            Or… and this is the one I’m betting on… I hit a raw nerve that you can’t ignore?

            It’s obvious you come to this site so you can feel better about your unexamined and miserable life, by poking at the uneducated paupers with a pointy stick.

            For a smart guy, you really are oblivious to what’s around you.

          • formerlorainresident

            Hmmm…..I cannot recall anytime I reached out to you initially, I am simply responding to your comments, directed at me, following my posts.

            See above as an example. I posted a comment, you lashed out at me. This seems to be a pattern. In the future, simply don’t reply to me when I express my opinion and we can all “just get along.”

            Honestly, I really don’t care what your opinion is of me. When you stereotype and name call, all you do is lose credibility.

            Passing judgement on a person because of the type of car they drive is a little ridiculous, don’t you think? Then trying to make this relevant in a discussion about a drug raid in Lorain is ludicrous. Then stating many dentists are medical school dropouts and somehow this translates into their high suicide rates which is related to a BMW? What does all this have to do with anything related to my post or the topic at hand?

            You don’t want to hear from me, simply don’t reply. We are all entitled to our opinions, but you really cross the line when you resort to castling people derogatory names because they don’t agree with yours.

          • Zen Grouch

            You must live in a world of assumptions of your choosing.

            I didn’t pass judgement on you because of the car you drive.

            I passed judgement on you and your bullying ways long before I learned that you drive a BMW.

            Lastly, I find it laughable that you post comments, and I lash out…

            **The CT definitely has this one wrong, but don’t hold your breath on a
            retraction. Why would they let facts get in the way of a “good” story…

            …Then trying to make this relevant in a discussion about a drug raid in Lorain is ludicrous.**

            …see what I mean?
            I didn’t think so.

  • willlam

    If it wasn’t for the bad guys,the police would be bored and they couldn’t wear their Swat clothes,body armor and banish big time assault rifles. The cops NEED these people. But they knew what they were getting into when they(cops) signed up for the job. Police are assaulted daily! That’s why I went to college,instead of making little money and taking such big risk trying to deal with the bad guys. My hat is off to law enforcement!