November 22, 2014

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Car dealership employee bitten by customer’s spider monkey

VERMILION – An employee at a local car dealership was treated at the hospital after he was bitten by a customer’s spider monkey Wednesday.

Jack Bialer told police he was working at Pat O’brien Chevrolet on 4545 Liberty Ave. on Wednesday afternoon when Jacob Ruehlman came in to the shop with his brother and his pet spider monkey “Brody.”

Bialer was told he could pet the monkey but when he reached through the window, the monkey smelled his hand and then bit his thumb, drawing blood.

Police questioned Ruehlman, who said he didn’t have an exotic animal permit but the monkey had been given a rabies vaccination at a veterinarian in Missouri, which was later confirmed with the veterinarian.

Bialer drove himself to Mercy Regional Hospital to be treated for the bite and police told Ruehlman that he needed to find a facility to quarantine the monkey for three days.

See Friday’s Chronicle-Telegram for more on this story.

  • Jennifer Williams

    Wow the monkey has to be quarantined for 3 days? Hmm what about the exotic animal fines people are supposed to get when they do not have a permit?

  • onesears

    Bad monkey! maybe its needs a spanking…

    • Bob Sweatt

      Man you beat me to it. LOL

  • Deirdre Kewer Herbert

    Unfortunately people think these types of animals are cute or adorable and want to touch the animal. Shame on the owner for having the animal out in the public and shame on the owner for not being responsible and getting the animal registered and have a permit. The down side is monkey bites can pass on diseases that can be fatal to humans when transmitted.

  • cPaul T. Knott

    Dealership in trouble for monkey business

  • amherst

    this monkey came into my job the owner had it in a backpack cage…put the monkey where it belongs! CANT MAKE A MONKEY A PET