November 26, 2014


Elyria police arrest carjack suspect

Jermaine McCullum

Jermaine McCullum

ELYRIA — A man who allegedly held another man up at gunpoint and stole his car was found and charged by police Tuesday.

Jermaine McCullum, 18, was arrested on an aggravated robbery charge about 5 p.m. at 119 Bohannon Court in connection with an incident earlier this month.

About 12:30 a.m. Jan. 5, Shamelle Craighead told police he was driving his girlfriend’s car — a silver 2005 Hyundai Sonata — and stopped to get gas at the Sunoco at 404 East Ave., Elyria.

Craighead left his keys in the car’s ignition when he went inside to pay for the gas and when he came out he saw a green Ford Expedition parked near his car, according to Elyria police Capt. Chris Costantino.

Police said a man whom they believe was McCullum got out of the Ford Expedition and walked up to Craighead as he returned to his car. He put a gun to Craighead’s stomach and got into his car, Costantino said.

Craighead ran for safety and the suspect drove the car away with the gas pump still in the car.

Police found the car parked on Middle Avenue later the same morning but couldn’t find the suspect, Costantino said.

An investigation led police to Wilkes Villa, where they saw a green Ford Expedition that looked like the one from the station, Costantino said. When they pulled over the vehicle and questioned the people inside, they found McCullum and determined that he was the suspect in the carjacking, according to police.

McCullum was taken to Lorain County Jail where he was being held on a $100,000 bond until a hearing at 1 p.m. today in Elyria Municipal Court.

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  • Mark B

    What is the point in spending the time , money and man power to arrest the guy when the court is just going to slap him on the wrist and turn him loos again ?

  • KillaMilla

    You know it’s funny how you guys always say “black” when most crimes are committed against other adults. Who are the victims of “white” crimes? Kids thats who!!!!

  • Naomi Kropp

    Good job epd

  • Gun toting cracker

    Wilkes Villa, once again is in the news. Just like Uncle Vic’s…..I didn’t read anything about calls to shut this place down. Public housing, Section 8, would the city be better with or without this place? How about putting a fence around the place, a gate, a couple of guards with a drug dog?

    Jermaine E. McCullum has no adult record, as being 18. As this is his first Felony, I would expect Judge Gary Bennett (assigned Judge) to be his usual, lenient, forgiving self.
    Follow this case and remember what happens in the weeks and months to come.

    This may be a case for Judge Bennett’s education or diversion program’s. From what I’ve seen in other cases here, good luck.

    Also, where’s the gun, and wouldn’t the driver of the green Ford be ‘accessory’ ? I’m thinking there is more to come with this story.

  • glevans

    I just have one question, how come every single time a black person gets arrested and the story hits the paper it takes all of 10 seconds for someone to comment “oh look another black guy getting arrested” but yet in the past 2 weeks alone I’ve read stories on this very website about 2 meth heads burglarizing houses on the west side of Lorain and nothing in the comment section about them being white. I’ve read about a white woman leaving her baby with a “friend” that she hadn’t even spoken to in 10 years and then forgetting where she left the kid, but yet again, nothing in the comments pointing out this was a white woman. There’s been probably 10 stories about the infant raping daycare worker and her kiddie porn loving fiancée and, yep once again, not a single comment about how these scumbags were white. And then just yesterday we had the story about yet another white pervert attempting to “buy” a 10 year old girl to keep as a sex slave….was anyone on the comment section pointing out his whiteness??? I guess the only thing that surprises me about this is that the “look a another black guy got arrested” commenters are able to pull themselves away from Fox “News” long enough to actually comment at all.

    • Lord Anoobis

      Well, I’m glad you were able to pull yourself away from one of your bleeding-heart liberal causes to give us your thoughts, glevans. Since you seem to have such concern for the blacks, I ask you to name me ONE place in this country heavily populated by blacks that does NOT look like a combat zone.

      • nonviolent

        The blacks????? -Lord Anoobis

        Well said Glevans! Unfortunately, ignorance and racism go hand in hand. No need to comment further.

      • Kelvin Gray

        So you on that crap again. Not a question, just an observation.

    • Mike wowk

      I agree that race should be left out of it, but to be fair sure weren’t many people praising the virtues of the white people committing crimes. 99% of the I assume white comments are all for giving the max sentence or even more to the white offenders. We have a rainbow of colors of scum in Ohio LOL

    • stop ur whining

      The article says nothing about him being black…His mugshot (the picture that gets taken after you are arrested for BREAKING THE LAW), which the chronicle always includes (white, black, brown or yellow) is how you know he is black.

      I assume the point you are ATTEMPTING (but failed) to make is that “why does it always have to be the big bad black man”

      I will explain:

      1. While people of color make up about 30 percent of the United States’ population, they account for 60 percent of those imprisoned.

      2. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, one in three black men can expect to go to prison in their lifetime.

      3. African American youth have higher rates of juvenile incarceration and are more likely to be sentenced to adult prison.

      Stereotypes are always based on some sort of reality.

      • glevans

        You might want to read a little closer there. I made no mention of the article mentioning he was black, I was referring to the commenters on this site that always make it a point to bring race into the discussion every time a black person gets arrested. And please make no effort to reply to this. This is the only response I’ll make to a coward that is too afraid to attach his real name to his racist thoughts and must hide behind an internet alias. That goes to you too, “Lord Aboobis”

        • stop ur whining

          Of course people are going to bring up that he is black. Blacks commit a majority of the crime.

          So i am racist because facts support my statement that stereotypes do not come out of thin air?

          I’m a racist bc 30% of the population creates 60% of the crime?

          Or am I a racist bc 1-3 blacks will spend or has spent time in prison?

          Or am i a racist bc i talk about it?

          I’m not racist, far from it. Your problem is denial and the black community’s problem by and large is a gigantic lack of pride and personal responsibility.

        • Razorback Twou

          A boob is a breast.

  • Mark B

    Live by the gun , die by the gun , it wont be but a couple few years and we will read about this kid being killed just like the one who was killed a week or so back . You want to play with guns and be a wanna be gangsta , you number will soom come up also. Its just a matter of time !

  • Dairy Queen

    I’m willing to bet all this guy gets its court supervised release.

  • Kelvin Gray


  • Kelvin Gray

    Damn shame this kid made such a bad decision in committing this crime. From what I’ve read not only was it pointless, he didn’t get anything out of it because he abandoned the car. So the real question should be why even commit the crime in the 1st place?

    • It has to stop

      Good question. Sounds like after his poor decision he panicked (pulled away with the nozzle still in the car) and decided to abandon it or did it on a dare from his equally stupid friends in the SUV.

      • formerlorainresident

        Make not mistake, this was planned, not an impulsive act which was committed on the spur of the moment.

        When you are an 18yo, out at 12:30am and carrying a gun, I cannot help but to believe you intend to commit a crime. He put a gun in someone’s stomach.

        This was not a case of taking a vehicle for a joy ride, simply because the opportunity presented itself. It was not some type of prank, it was a crime and he is a criminal.

        Poor judgement yes, but he still needs to be held accountable for his actions and pay his dues to a society which is fed up with this type of behavior.

        Contrary to what is stated above, he did get something out of it…a criminal record and hopefully a long prison term.

        Did I mention he was carrying a gun?

        Did I mention he was carrying a gun?

        Didi I mention…you get the point!

        • It has to stop

          There are a lot of idiots out at 12:30 carrying guns with the intent to commit a crime, then there are the morons with guns at that time with no clear plan other then to do something stupid in the spur of the moment. Either way these morons/idiots have made a life changing decision that not only affects them but more so the victims.

        • It has to stop

          Surely you are jesting in hoping a long prison term. You know that’s not going to happen. Slap on the wrist and on your way young man.