November 29, 2014


Chase Bank on Fairless Drive in Lorain robbed

A screen capture of a bank robbery at 2232 Fairless Drive in Lorain on Saturday afternoon. COURTESY FBI

A screen capture of a bank robbery at 2232 Fairless Drive in Lorain on Saturday afternoon. COURTESY FBI

LORAIN — Police and the FBI are searching for a man who robbed a bank with a handgun Saturday.

About 1 p.m., a Hispanic man wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and a black bandanna on his face walked into Chase Bank at 2232 Fairless Drive in Lorain.

According to police, the man was armed with a handgun, stole an undisclosed amount of money and fled the scene on foot.

Police are asking anyone with information on the man to call the Lorain Police Department at (440) 204-2100 or the Cleveland FBI at (216) 522-1400.

  • me101

    Thanks for the picture?!!

    • HankKwah

      Not much the bank can do. Can’t really ask the guy to pull down his bandanna and smile for the camera, and then thank him for banking with Chase. And if they don’t post the photo, folks have a stink wondering where the picture is.

      Maybe someone will recognize the jacket and the body shape??

    • badasslil1

      You would be surprised with the things people recognize in these pics. Maybe they saw him wearing that later in the day? You really never know, but it is well worth a try by posting the pic.

      • Joe Smith

        I would recognise that eyelash anywhere!

  • Don Grantzki

    The banks need to install exterior surveillance cameras which can aid in spotting any vehicle the thief may have driven.

  • Gun toting cracker

    It’s good to know the taxpayer funded security force is on the job. I’d hate to think that the banks should implement security measures that would cost the shareholders dividends.

    Why doesn’t anyone but me think this is a entitlement that has gone on way too long. Put it on the list with EBT, and Obama phones.

    Except the banks can afford the bills.

    • Tommy Peel

      You mean the phone program that Bush started?

    • Zen Grouch

      **Why doesn’t anyone but me think this is a entitlement that has gone on way too long.**

      Umm… maybe, because that mouse in your pocket has more sense than you give him credit for?

  • Gun toting cracker

    It’s good to know the Taxpayer funded security (Police,FBI) are on the job.

    Does anyone else see this as an entitlement to the large corporations? People complain about the poor and lazy getting entitlements.

    No one seems to care about these large corporations (banks) using taxpayer funded Police to offer security so they don’t have to implement better measures.

    Why pay for something when you can still get it for free?

    • formerlorainresident

      I have a better idea. Provide CCW training and a handgun to bank employees and give them a reward when they kill one of these scumbags.

      Maybe a years salary, a nice new car or a long vacation to an island of their choice.

      Maybe an explosive device, not a dye packet, in the bag so they blow themselves to shreds on the way out of the parking lot. You know, one that works with a detonator, so you can wait until they are safely away from innocent bystanders. At least blow off their arms. A little difficult for an armless person to commit any more crimes.

      But wait, that would be too cruel. The poor person might experience pain, and worse yet, experience a slow death as they lay on the asphalt bleeding out.

      As for taxpayer money being used to provide security, it is not. It is being used to do exactly what it is intended to do, catch a criminal. Banks pay taxes too, so why would we not expect the police to investigate crimes committed against them? They are not being paid to protect them.

      If a bank catches fire, should we not use taxpayer funded fire departments to put it out? Why not let it burn to the ground?

      The police do not provide security, they are called in after a crime and task with capturing the criminal and cleaning up the mess. If a resident pays no taxes, should they not receive police help? I can assure you that bank branch pays a lot more in taxes to support the police than most of the residents who live in the area surrounding that bank in South Lorain.

      • Zen Grouch

        **Maybe an explosive device, not a dye packet, in the bag so they blow themselves to shreds on the way out of the parking lot. You know, one that works with a detonator, so you can wait until they are safely away from innocent bystanders. At least blow off their arms. A little difficult for an armless person to commit any more crimes.**


        YOU are SERIOUSLY F’ed Up in the Head!!!

        …just a friendly reminder :)

        • formerlorainresident

          Not F’ed Up… DUDE….Fed up.

          Fed up with the scum that roam the streets and have absolutely no regard anyone other than themselves.

          So what do you suggest, make them stand in the corner for 20 minutes and apologize.

          • Zen Grouch

            I’m guesstimating that bank robbers make up about 0.001% of the general population, are the most apprehended criminals out there, and are committing crimes with a very low rate of injury to innocent bystanders.

            However, in your tortured mind, bank robbers are everywhere and the only way to deal with them is through high explosives in very public areas.

            That’s just plain crazy any way you try and sell it, Mary Ann…

          • formerlorainresident

            You should know, you were the cop! New Orleans if I remember correctly.

          • Zen Grouch

            …yeah, I wouldn’t trust that diseased memory either.

          • formerlorainresident


            I appreciate your concern for the safety of the public. Too bad you did not feel this way when you reported to duty in a drunken state as a police officer down in New Orleans.

          • Zen Grouch

            See… there you are with your false assumptions/delusions.

            I would show up at roll call sober…

            …I GOT drunk while on duty, Peggy Sue you silly girl.

        • formerlorainresident

          Hey Zen,

          Just a friendly reminder back at you.

          From yesterday, and you have the nerve to question my mental status?

          Ahhhh Zen, I see you are back.

          Wasn’t sure if I would ever hear from the drunken Ex-New Orleans cop ever again. Now I remember where I heard your name before.

          So Zen, tell me, tell us all, are you not the former French Quarter cop, the very one who drank “heavy and non-stop.” even while on the job? The one who felt “being drunk didn’t get in the way of the job, and in my case may have actually helped?”

          So Zen, is this really you? Please tell us that you would never betray the public trust in this manner, the very the public that was paying you to protect them.

          You would never violate your oath in this manner, would you? Did you drive your patrol car around while drunk? Did you ever pull your firearm while under the influence? You know just carrying one in an impaired state is a crime, not unlike many of the criminals in your own hometown, the ones we see on these pages everyday and whom you constantly comment on.

          If so, you have lost what ever little credibility you may think you have on this forum, or any other. Credibility has as one of its components, trustworthiness, which it is now obvious you do not possess.

          Your rantings, which you have admitted have at times been composed while under the influence, have been derogatory and at times crude toward Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, Women, Government Workers, and worst of all, BMW drivers. Is there any group of people you do not hate?

          And we wonder why criminals have no respect for the law? Your behaviors have done nothing but erode public respect and trust, and damage public confidence in law enforcement, which only serve to hurt efforts to make the community safer.

          If you are the same Zen, then you are a despicable, hatred-filled human being and a stain on the profession of law enforcement. Your racially offensive, often incomprehensible rantings, are an embarrassment.

          So, is this the same Zen? Please Zen, say it ain’t so.

          • Zen Grouch

            You remind me of Mark Chapman…

            You act like you got a crush on me…

            …but on the other hand you’d probably shoot me in the face with a .32, given the chance, since you can’t have me in your own creepy way.

            **NO means NO, Dorothy!**

          • formerlorainresident

            Seriously, you continue to initiate conversation, but in your twisted mind I am chasing you?

            I post a comment and there you are, time and time again.

            Face it Zenny, you have lost. Name calling may make you feel better, but at this point you are only embarrassing yourself further.

            The deal is this; you ignore me, I ignore you. Let’s see if you can do it this time. First one that “blinks” loses.

          • Zen Grouch

            I ignore most of your pompous chest thumping posts…

            …but when you talk about doling out high explosives to bank tellers in the hopes of blowing up the bad guys, I’m sorry, I can’t resist responding.

            While YOU seek out all you can about me, for who knows what perverted reasons (sexual self gratification I suspect), then whine on about your latest find, like a proud alley cat with a dead mouse in it’s food hole. Repeating yourself, until even you find yourself bored.

            As far as any deal that involves me ignoring the crazy s*** you’re posting goes…

            NO F****** WAY, CYNTHIA!!!

            In the words of our fearless leader, “Bring ‘em ON!”

          • Zen Grouch

            **First one that “blinks” loses.**

            Is that some kind of code you use in public restrooms, George Michael?

            Sorry, Zen’s straight and doesn’t play that game…

        • formerlorainresident

          Or maybe this one from earlier today. Just another “friendly reminder” to the people here of exactly what tiype of person you are:

          Zenny, Zenny, Zenny;

          No assumptions, just stating the facts. I live in a “world of assumptions,” but you make such a ludicrous statement, as people who drive a certain brand of car are “jerks.” Talk about making assumptions. Really?

          Interesting that I am the “stalker”, however I have never INITIATED any response to any of your comments, unless you first made some ridiculous response to something I posted. So, who is following who?

          I have a solution, you refrain from your impulsive behaviors to respond directly to my posts, and I will not have to answer your replies. I bet you can’t do it, can you? I have made this request previously, but you always feel compelled to come back. Like a stalker.

          Based on your previous rantings, where you stated you write while impaired, I cannot help but to think this is the case more often than not.

          You have posted more than1150 comments on Discus, but others are the ones who have nothing better to do than spend their time here. A little hypocritical don’t you think? You have probably made more posts to this site than anyone, but accuse others, not just me, of spending too much time here. Really?

          Honestly Zenny, you are not the most agile athlete in the mental gymnasium. You say you think I have a “crush” on you? No, I just enjoy “crushing” your asinine comments. In fact, when I saw a photo of that monkey, Brody I think his name was, I was taken back as he does look a lot like you. Not kidding, very similar facial features. Kind of a separated at birth thing.

          So, you cannot dispute any of the comments I made above disclosing the type of person you really are. You once again go back to bringing up something as irrelevant as a BMW? Really? Looks like you lost this one Zenny!

          Above you state that you did not criticize the Ford workers who were drunk at work. But then you go on to say the union protects these workers and this protection was the “mentality that shut down the Lorain plant.” Sounds like a criticism to me. Does this not imply that these drunk workers in some way brought this plant closure upon themselves?

          In my opinion, you are a disgusting human being. You spew hatred for everyone, including Blacks, Mexicans, Asians and Women. This is well-documented and not open for debate. Do you like any group of people?

          Why are you so unhappy in your life? I always thought the Zen philosophy was one of tolerance toward others and inner peace. Even your name is hypocritical.

          You have been “outed” for the type of person you really are. You are disingenuous and really have no credibility when it comes to being critical of anyone. You are simply a name-caller, who resorts to this tactic when you have lost a debate, for a lack of facts. We all know your type.

          So did you feel guilty taking taxpayer money while working drunk? Responding to and driving to emergencies while under the influence? Breaking the law and carrying a weapon while impaired? Or is it more important what kind of car I drive? Do you feel any remorse?

          Debating you is like “playing chess with a pigeon – you knock over all the pieces, defecate on the board, and then fly back to you flock to brag about how you won.”

          Yes Zenny, we all know your type. And no, this is not an “assumption,” but rather a fact based on your own behaviors.

          Goodbye Zenny.

          • Zen Grouch

            **So, who is following who?**

            According to an e-mail from Disqus it is you who decided to follow me.

            Then you blather on about the drunken cop thing that’s in an ancient blog, like you hit pay dirt in your own brilliant and delusional way.

            Good thing I didn’t post the cop on acid story there. You’d probably soil yourself, then take to finger painting in your favorite medium.

          • formerlorainresident


  • Mike

    but, but, but, the sign said not to bring a gun into the bank. how could this happen.