November 24, 2014

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Counselors to be at middle school after student’s death

The suicide of a Durling Middle School student this weekend has grief counselors scheduled to be at the school Tuesday.

A 12-year-old boy hanged himself, according to Lorain County Coroner Stephen Evans. Clearview Superintendent Jerome Davis said he spoke briefly Saturday with the boy’s mother and offered condolences.

The suicide is the third in the county within a year involving a child. In October, a 16-year-old Keystone High School student in LaGrange committed suicide. In May, 14-year-old Parti Holland, a Sheffield Middle School student whose friends and parents said he was bullied at school, hanged himself.

“It’s all senseless,” said Montay Lind, who said her son and daughter attended school with the boy before they moved to Lorain Schools. “Something has to be done.”

Davis said Durling doesn’t have a formal suicide prevention program, but counselors can help students who are feeling depressed.

Clearview Board of Education member Danny Parsons said administrators and teachers care deeply about their students.

“It’s a traumatic blow to Durling, as it would be for any school district, to lose a child,” Parsons said. “Kids’ lives are very precious.”

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  • Kim

    This is so sad!!
    God bless this family!

  • Jen Koons

    I think all the schools should take this as a lesson to teach suicide prevention and change their policies on bullying. The bullies should be punished to set an example. Plus staff and families should stress to kids that telling an adult is good to do and those people be there for them.

  • Jamie Smith

    What a SAD story again. My deepest Sympathy and Prayers to this Family. If this child was bullied it needs to be addressed. Children this age can take the highs of life but not the lows. To be bullied is a crime and needs to be treated as one.

  • ripjonathan

    Rip baby boy we love n miss you so much :’(

    • beety

      So sorry for your loss. I hope this child wasn’t bullied by others who think it’s “cool” to degrade others. I pray for peace for the family and friends affected by this tragedy.